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the end of Module 4 unit 1

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Module 4 Healthy food
unit 1 We’ve got lots of apples
Liu Dan----Hefei No.50 Middle School


Let’s enjoy watermelon grapes apple bananas pineapple lemons pear orange

cabbage peppers potato beans onions tomato carrot

chicken beef fish mutton

cola coffee tea juice milk

Let’s game
Put those cards(卡片)of food and drink into different boxes. (apple, orange, pear,
pineapple, watermelon, lemon, banana, grapes, carrot, potato, tomato, cabbage, beans, pepper, chicken, beef, fish, milk, cola, coffee)






fruit apple orange pear pineapple watermelon lemons banana grapes

chicken fish

carrot potato tomato cabbage beans pepper

milk cola water coffee

Let’s learn
I have got (有,拥有)some apples. I have got some milk. I haven’t got (没有)any oranges. I haven’t got any tea. We have got some bananas. we have= we’ve Have we got any chocolate? 有..吗? Yes, we have. No, we haven’t.

Listen and choose
Choose what Betty and her mother have


apples beans beef carrots chicken coffee cola

juice milk oranges potatoes tea tomatoes water

Listen for T or F


1. Tony and his dad have got lots of apples.

has any F 2. Tony ’s mother hasn’t got some coffee.


3.Cola is bad for Tony. good

Listen for answers

Tony ’s family

Tony ’s family

has got
Food Chocolate, apples

hasn’t got
Meat, chicken, oranges orange juice, coffee, cola, tea

Let’s practise

Talk about with your partner about what you have got and haven’t got. A: Have we got any apples? B: Yes, we have. A: Have we got any fish? B: No, we haven’t. A: Have we got any eggs? B: Yes, we have. But we haven’t got any meat and drink. A: OK, let’s go shopping for some meat and drink.

? 1. write more names of food and drink. ? 2. make a shopping list for your parents.

Thank You!
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