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七年级英语试题 2013-11-18


第一部分 听对话,回答问题。

1.Who is Amy?


B. C


2.Which boy is Dick?



. C


3.What’s Simon good at?





4.What are the students doing now?




5.How does Li Ping like his English? C




. C.

6. Whose books are these?

A. Kitty’s. B. Sandy’s. C. Millie’s.

7. Can Mary speak English?

A. Yes, she can. B. No, she can’t. C. Yes, she is good at it.

8. Where is the mother going?

A. To the shoe shop. B. To the book shop. C. To the clothes shop.

9. How much are the things?

A. 10 yuan. B. 20 yuan. C. 40 yuan.

10. Is the desk heavy or light?

A. Light. B. Both. C. Heavy.

第二部分 听对话或短文,回答问题。


11.What is Amy’s library like?

A. Small. B. Big. C. Beautiful.

12.When is the library open?

A. From 8 am to 5:30 pm. B. In the morning. C. In the afternoon.

13.How many books can Amy borrow once?

A. One. B. Two.

C. Three.

1 七年级英语试题第 页


14.What does Millie often do at weekends?

A. Go on a picnic. B. Visit a museum. C. Read in the reading room.

15. How often does Millie visit a museum?

A. Once a month. B. Twice a month. C. Twice a week.

16. How often does Tommy go on a picnic?

A. Once a week. B. Twice a week. C. Once a year.


17. A. Two B. Three C. Nine

18. A. By bike B. On foot C. By bus

19. A. Playing the violin B. Playing the piano

C. Playing the guitar

21.A. In the park B. At the zoo C. Over a river

22.A. Twice a month B. Twice a year C. Once a week


24.A.Chinese and English B.English and history C.Maths and History

25.A.Playing games B.Playing the guitar C.Playing volleyball 听第四篇短文,回答第26-30题。

26. How old is Tony?

A. 12. B. 13. C. 14.

27.What does he like doing?

A. Meeting old people. B. Doing sports. C.Sleeping.

28.How often does he go running?

A. Every day. B. Every week. C. Every Tuesday.

29. What can’t he do?

A. Swimming. B.Roller-skating. C.Skating.

30. What is Tony like?

A. Sporty. B. Hard-working. C. Unfriendly.

2 七年级英语试题第 页

二、单词辨音 选出每题中划线部分读音不同的单词(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分) 三、选择填空 从下列每题所给的选项中选出一个最佳答案(共 20小题;每小题1分,满分10分)

football . I like playing

A. a; the B. a; / C. a; a D. /; /

37. Sunday is the

A. first B. one C. seventh D. seven

38. The students are .

A. good; good B. good; well C. well ; good D. well ; well

39. —that in Chinese? —Sorry , I can’t.

A. say B. talk C. speak D. tell

40. Oh, it’s time breakfast . Let’s go to havebreakfast.

A. for; / B. to;/ C. for;a D. to ;a

41. —Happy birthday! Here’s a present for you. —.

A. Thank you B That’s right C. The same to you D. OK

42.—Daniel, I will go to the shopping mall to buy some food.

—It’s cold today. Please a coat.

A. wear B.put on C. be in D. have on

43. —to borrow a book from the library? —.

A. want; is B. want;does C. wants;does D. wants; is

44. —Could I have stamps? —Sorry, I don’t haveA. some; any

A.from; to B. any; any C. some; some C.in; at

D. any; some D.at; in D. we

45.There is a football match B.between; and 46. —Is Mr. Li your teacher? —Yes. He teaches A. you B. our C. us

B. Do; No, I don’t

D. Are; Yes, I am 47. — you a member of the Football Team in your school? —. A. Do; Yes, I do C. Are; No, you aren’t

—Many times a day.

A. How many times B. How often C. How long

A. Sounds great

A. under

A. they

A. about; at

A. Me, too B. Yes, I would C. No, I don’t D.How soon D. That’s right D. on D. their D. for; at D. No, I’m not 49. —Would you like to come to my home to have supper with us? —! 50. —Who’s the girl a white dress? —She is my sister. B. in C. at B. them B. for; with C. it C. about; with C. Yes, of course 51.— Can you see the baskets on the table? —Oh, yes. Look! There are some eggs in . 52. —Do you use QQ to chat?—Yes. We often have a chat the NBA games my friends. 53. —I really love this e-dog, Hobo. It’s so lovely. —B. Yes, it is 48. —Eddie is hungry all the time . does he walk to his bowl ?

3 七年级英语试题第 页

54. —Look at my new dress! What do you think of it? — Beautiful. A. All right . B. Let me see.

C. It looks good on you. D. How much are they?

55.Mille chats with other students. She has no friends. She has to stay at home.

A. often B.seldom C.always D.usually


Mrs Green is going shopping in a new shopping mall. She is going to buy . She is looking for it. Now she is in a very big clothes shop.

She is looking one of the sweaters in the shop and she likes it very much. And there is a young man near her. Mrs Green wants to try the sweater. So she asks the young man, “ Excuse me, are you going to serve(接待) I want a sweater .” The young man is and says, “ I’m sorry, I serve you.” Mrs. Green says, “ Of course you can. That’s your .” The young man says, “ It’s not my job. I want too.” Mrs Green feels very .

56. A. a dress B. a pair of shoes C. a pair of trousers D. a sweater

57. A. up B. after C. at D. to

58. A. asking B. singing C. standing D. dancing

59. A. for B. out C. in D. on

60. A. you B. me C. him D. us

61. A. happy B. surprised C. pleased D. afraid

62. A. don’t B. do C. can D. can’t

63. A. sweater B. shop C. job D. clothes

64. A. a sweater B. a T-shirt C. a shirt D. trousers

65. A. angry B. happy C. sorry D. sad

五、阅读理解 阅读下列短文,根据短文内容选择最佳答案。(共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)


Bob is happy. He is at a new school, and the other students are friendly. “ Hi, Bob!” They say. But some students say, “ Hi, Peter!” Bob doesn’t understand. He asks another student, “ Why do some students call me Peter?”

“Oh, that is easy to answer,” the student said. “Peter was a student here last year. Now, he goes to a different school. You look like Peter. Some students think that you are Peter.”

Bob wants to meet Peter. He gets Peter’s address(地址) from a student and goes to Peter’s house. Peter opens the door. Bob couldn’t believe his eyes. He looks really like Peter! Bob and Peter have the same colour eyes and the same smile. They have the same black hair. They also have the same birthday.

Bob and Peter find out that they are twin brothers. They both are adopted(领养) by two different families. Soon after the boys were born, one family adopted Bob, and another family adopted Peter. Bob’s family never know about Peter, and Peter’s family never know about Bob, either.

66. Bob doesn’t understand why __________.

A. he is happy B. he goes to a new school

C. some students call him Peter D. he is named Bob

67. Another student tells Bob that __________.

A. students like Peter B. he looks like Peter

C. Peter is a good student in that school D. Peter likes his studies very much

68.How does Bob feel when he sees Peter?

A. He feels very sad. B. He is greatly surprised.

C. He feels that Peter is very funny. D. He is very angry because they look the same.

4 七年级英语试题第 页

69. What is not mentioned(提及) about Peter and Bob?

A. Their eyes have the same colour. B. They have on the same clothes.

C. They have the same black hair. D. They were born on the same day.

70. Bob and Peter _____________.

A. live in different countries and have different parents

B. live in the same family and have the same parents

C. live in different families but have the same parents

D. know they are twins before


A lady has a problem with her daughter

My daughter Maria is a girl of nine years old. She is in Grade Four. Every evening we get into homework battles(争执).Three afternoons a week, she has activities (net-ball, singing) after school and by when we get home, homework is the last thing she would like to do. The other two days, she gets home early and we argue(争论)about whether she should do her homework right after school, or if she should have some time to rest and play first. When Maria at last sits down to do her homework, she seems to want me there helping all the time. I do want to help her, but I'm sure that she is going to need to be able to do it on her own. And in fact, most of the time, I have other things to do. It seems that children these days have much more homework than we did, and some of it is really beyond(超越) their abilities(能力). As you can see, I'm really worried about homework and I really don't know what I should do. Any ideas?

71. The woman's daughter is_______.

A. four years old B. six years old C. eight years old D. nine years old

72. Maria doesn't have any activities after school for _______ afternoons.

A. two B. three C. five D. seven

73. Maria wants to_______ first when she gets home early.

A. do her homework B. play netball and sing C. have supper D. have a rest and play.

74. The woman thinks that her daughter should do her homework_______.

A. by herself B. with the mother C. with the father D. with the classmates

75. Can you guess where this passage is from?

A. A diary(日记). B. A newspaper. C. A novel(小说). D. A story.


Zhang Lin is a middle school student. He is a good boy. Uncle Wu lives next to him. Uncle Wu has no child and can’t see anything. He works in the factory (工厂) near Zhang Lin’s school. He goes to work at 7:30 in the morning and comes home at 4:30 in the afternoon. Zhang Lin walks to school at 8:00 in the morning and comes home at the same time as Uncle Wu in the afternoon. On weekdays Zhang Lin gets up early to take Uncle Wu to the factory. After school he takes him home. On Sundays Zhang Lin helps Uncle Wu clean the house and do some cooking. Uncle Wu thanks Zhang Lin very much. He says, “Zhang Lin is a good boy. He is like my son.”

76. On weekdays, Zhang Lin gets up early to A. go to school

A. weekdays B. run B. Sundays C. take Uncle Wu to the factory D. cook C. Mondays

B. do homework

D. go to sleep D. weekends 77. Zhang Lin doesn’t take Uncle Wu to the factory on 78. Zhang Lin helps Uncle Wu . A. do the housework C. go to school

5 七年级英语试题第 页

79. School is over at .

A.3:30 B.4:30

C.5:00 D.7:00 80. Which of the following is right ? A. Zhang Lin likes Uncle Wu’s son. B. Zhang Lin is Uncle Wu’s son.

C. Zhang Lin looks like Uncle Wu’s son. D. Zhang Lin is like Uncle Wu’s son.

六、句型转换 (共10空;每空一词,每空1分,满分10分) (划线提问)

Nancy come from? (划线提问)

times a day do you walk to your bowl ?

83.Eddie likes maths best.(同义句)

Eddie’ is maths.


the today? (划线提问)

How Daniel go dancing?

七、词汇运用 用所给词的适当形式填空,每空不限一词。(共10空;每空1分,满分10分)

(fly) kites.

87.I hope to travel around the world. I hope my dream (come) true.

88.He likes music. Listening to music can make him (happy).

89.Amy (enjoy) watching ball games but she doesn’t play them.

90.The basketball is those (hero). Pass it on to them.

91.Do you know how (have) fun in your free time?

93. Lily with her parents (be) from the USA.

94. It’s my grandpa’s 八、任务型阅读 请根据材料内容,按照要求完成各题。(共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)

Hello, boys and girls. Let me tell you something about our art room. In our school, there is an art room. It is clean.(1) big and desks are small. There are three balls and five boxes on the big desks. On the small desks, there are eighteen pencils and fifteen rubbers. There are thirteen pictures and a poster on the wall. We are very happy in the art room.

96. 将(1)处下划线的句子翻译成中文。


98.回答问题:What’s on the small desks?

99.在文中找出与所给句子意思相近的句子。We have an art room in our school.


6 七年级英语试题第 页

九、缺词填空 根据短文内容及首字母提示,补全空格内单词,使短文完整、通顺(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)

her grandparents and parents in Jiangyan.

he is very strong. students. Liu Mei’s grandparents stay at tea with their friends. In ,they watch TV .

at this school.


根据下面的 信息,以My school 为题,写一篇作文,要求包括信息中提及的所有内容,需适当发挥。做到语句通顺,条理清楚。字数60左右, 可适当加以发挥。

密封线内请不要答题 My school ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

7 七年级英语试题第 页





8 七年级英语试题第 页



第一部分 听对话,回答问题。

本部分共有10道小题,每小题你将听到一段对话, 每段对话听两遍。在听每段对话前,你将有5秒钟的时间阅读题目;听完后,你还有5秒钟的时间选出你认为最合适的备选答案。

1. W: Who’s Amy?

M: The girl with long hair.

2. W: What’s Dick like?

M: He’s tall and thin.

3. W: What’s Simon good at?

M: He’s good at playing volleyball.

4. W: What are the students doing now?

M: They’re having a geography lesson.

5. W: How does Li Ping like his English?

M: He dislikes it at all.

6. M: Millie,are these books yours?

W: No, they are Sandy’s.

7. M: Can you speak English, Mary?

W: Yes ,I can. But I’m not good at it.

8. M: Mum, my T-shirt is too short?

W: OK, let me go and buy a new one for you.

9. M: Oh, you buy so many things. How much are they?

W: The pencil-box is ten yuan and this bag is ten yuan, too.

10.W: I’m sorry I can’t carry the desk.

M: Oh, it’s too heavy. Let me help you.

第二部分 听对话或短文,回答问题。



M: Do you have a library, Amy?

W: Yes, we have a big library.

M: Really? When is it open?

W: It’s open from 8 am to 5:30 pm, but the reading room is only open in the afternoon.

M: Do you often read there?

W: Sure. There are all kinds of books in our library?

M: How many books can you borrow once?

W: Two.


M:What do you like to do at weekends, Millie?

W: I like to visit a museum.

M: How often do you visit a museum?

W: About twice a month. What about you, Tommy?

M: I like to go on a picnic with my family.

W: How often do you go on a picnic?

9 七年级英语试题第 页

M: About once a week.

W: That’s great.


Ms. Yuan is our English teacher.She comes from Dongshan. She lives 9 miles away from our school. She goes to school by bus. She always wears a smile on her face. She is good at playing the piano. She plays well. She practices playing every day.


Nancy and Nick would like to have a picnic this coming Saturday.They have a picnic with their families twice a year. They fly kites and play games in the park,too.They always have a good time.


Hi,I’m Lili. I’m 13. I come from Taizhou. I study at No. 1 Secondary School. I study Chinese,maths, English, history and so on. I’m good at English and history. Playing the guitar is my hobby. I practice it for an hour a day. 听第四篇短文,回答第26-30题。

Tony is my friend. He is fourteen years old. He likes meeting new people and doing sports with them. He can play basketball and table tennis very well. He can’t play football well, but he likes watching football games on TV. He can run fast. He goes running or jogging almost every day. He goes to the gym every week and plays ball

games there. His favorite sport is basketball. He is interested in swimming and skating, too. He goes swimming in summer and skating in winter. He can’t roller-skate. He is learning roller - skating now. He really enjoys doing sports.



1-5 BABCA 6-10 BACBC 11-15 BABBB 16-20 ACCBC 21-25 ABCBB 26-30 CBABA

二、单词辨音 31-35 CBBBB

三.选择填空 36-40 BABAA 41-45 ABCAB 46-50 CDBAB 51-55 BCACB

四.完形填空56-60 DCCDB 61-65 BDCAC

五.阅读理解66-70 CBBBC 71-75 DADAB 76-80 CDABD

六.句型转换 81.Where does 82. How many 83.favourite subject 84. What’s;date 85. often does


86.flying 87.will come/comes 88.happy 89.enjoys 90.heroes’ 91.to have 92.dancing 93.is 94.ninetieth 95.has



97.are; eighteen

98.There are eighteen pencils and fifteen rubbers.

99.In our school, there is an art room.

100.Let me tell you something about our art room.


101.happy 102.with 103.on 104.but 105. her 106. to 107. drink 108. evening109. buildings 110.study


My school

My name is Li Mei. I’m 13 years old. I study at No. 9 Middle School. I’m in Class 8, Grade 7. Our school is not very big, but it’s very beautiful. There are many trees and flowers in our school.We have a library in our school. We often read books and magazines in the reading room.We can borrow books from the library. Our teachers are very kind to us . We like them very much.We play tennis ,volleyball, swim or do many other activities after school.

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