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( )1.下列字母中全是元音字母的是_____.

A. a e B. i f C. b d D. u k ( )2. Mom, ______ my teacher, Miss Li.

A. she’s B. he’s C. this is D. I’m ( )3.—Good morning, Marie! —__________.

A.Nice to meet you, too. B.Hello!

第1页 C.How do you do? D.Good morning! ( )4.—__________.

—I’m fine, thank you.

A.Nice to meet you. B.How are you?

C.Good afternoon! D.How do you do? ( )5.—____you Kate?

—Yes, I______. And this ______ Sally.

A. Are, are, am B. Am, is, is C. Are, am, is D. Is ,am, are ( )6.—Welcome to China! —__________.

A.Thank B.Welcome C.Thank you. D.That’s OK! ( )7.—____, are you Kangkang? —Yes,I am .

A.I’m sorry B.Excuse me C.Thank you D.How are you ( )8.—Is Kangkang from Canada? —_______________.

A.Yes, he isn’t. B.No, she isn’t. C.No, he isn’t. D.He is. ( )9.—________are you from? —I am from the UK.

A.Where B.What C.How D.Why ( )10.—火警的电话是多少? —__________.

A.seven two one . B.two one nine C.one one nine D.one two zero ( )11.—______ are they? —They are Jim and Tom.

A.Who B.What C.How D.Where ( )12. —Hi, Lucy. Your skirt is very nice. —___

A. Yes, it’s nice. B. That’s OK. C. You’re right. D.Thank you. ( )13.—How do you do? —__________.

A.Nice to meet you , too . B.Hello !


C.How do you do ? D.Good morning ! ( )14. —Thank you very much. —__________.

A.I’m OK. B.Hello !

C.That’s OK. D.Good morning ! ( )15.—Who is that?

—______ is Michael.

A. He B. This C. That D. His ( )16.—_______ name is Sam. in Class 6.

A. His, He B.His, He’s C. He’s, He’s D.He’s, His ( )17.—Who is the girl? —_______ Marie.

A. She’s B.He’s C.They’re D.Are you ( )18.—I’m Cathy Green . Green is my ______ A.full name B.family name C.given name D.first name ( )19.—__________ he ? —He is Jim ..

A.What’s B.Where’s C.Who’s D.Why’s ( )20.—What are those? —____ are cakes.

A. That B. These C. It D. They Ⅳ.完形填空(共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)

Hello! 1 name is Li Ying. I’m twelve. I’m from Kunming. Now I’m in Beijing. No.14 High School. I’m 2 Class Five, Grade One.

I’m Number 4. Miss Gao 3 my English teacher. She is 4 old teacher. I have(有) a pen, a ruler and two 5 in my pencil-box(文具盒). Liu Ping is in Grade One, too. She is 6 Guangzhou. She is my good 7 . We are in 8 same class. Now she 9 at school. I think(认为) she is at home(在家). Look(看)!That is a 10 , but it is not my book. ( )1. A. I B. My C. Your D. Me

( )2. A. from B. to C. not D. in ( )3. A. is B. are C. am D. be ( )4. A. a B. an C. good D. /

( )5. A. buses B. desks C. schoolbags D. pencils ( )6. A. in B. to C. from D. but ( )7. A. friend B. teacher C. student D. mom 第3页 ( )8. A. these B. the C. an D. a

( )9. A. is B. isn’t C. are D. aren’t ( )10. A. eraser B. ruler C. pen D. book Ⅴ.阅读理解(共5小题,每小题2分,共10分)


Hello! I’m Michael. I’m twelve. I’m from America. My telephone number is (010)9627—6929. This is my mom. Her name is Mary. She is from Canada. This is my dad. His name is Steve. He

is from America,too. And this is my friend, Li Ming. He is thirteen. He’s from China. His telephone number is (010)9267—6979. 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。

( )1.---Where is Michael from? ---___________

A.Canada B.America C.China ( )2.Michael’s telephone number is________

A.(010)9267—6979 B.(010)9267—6929 C.(010)9567—6929 ( )3._______is from China.

A.Li Ming B.Mary C.Steve ( )4.---How old is Li Ming? ---______________

A.He is 12 B.He is 20 C.He is 13

( )5.Which of the following sentence is TRUE?(下面哪个句子是正确的) A.Michael’s mom is from Amercia. B.Li Ming is Michael’s friend. C.Steve is from Canada.


1.Is Mr. Lee your teacher? (做肯定回答) _______, he _______.

2.She is from Japan.(对画线部分提问) _______ ______ she from?

3.He is from Guangzhou.(变为一般疑问句) _______ ______ ______ Guangzhou? 4.Are those oranges? (改为单数句) Is ____ ____ orange?

5.They are Kangkang and Jane.(对画线部分提问)

________ are _______?


Ⅶ. 按要求完成下列(A)(B)各题(共10小题,每题2分,共20分)

(A)根据情景从方框中选择恰当的句子补全对话。 ---Excuse me, are you Tom?

---Yes, I am. ___1___

Li Ming: Hello, What

Jane: I

Li Ming: I am eleven. How 7 are you?

: Jane: I

级 Li Ming: What class are you 9 ?

班 Jane: I

---My name is Li Qiang. __2___ ---No, I’m not. ---___3___ ---I’m from England. ---__4___ ---It’s 68003214\ ---Welcome to Beijing. ---___5____ (B) 根据平时阅读积累补全对话。 ’s your 6 ? ’m Jane. ’m eleven, 8 (也). ’m in Class Four, 10 Seven. Ⅷ.书面表达(10分) 假如你是李涛,请依据下列表格信息写一篇介绍你和汤姆的小短文。 (不少于30词)

参考词汇:his (他的) ;friend(朋友) 第5页


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