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一、 词海拾贝

1. 去购物_____________ 2. 对??有益________________ 3. 太多 ___________

4. 一些水果____________ 5. ??怎么样_____________ 6. 对??有害__________

7. 许多_____________ 8. 健康的食品_________________ 9.有点儿____________

10. 保持健康____________ 11.在家__________ 12. 做某事很重要_______________

13.水果汁____________ 14. 好主意_____________ 15. 饮食__________________

二、 基础精练

1. 根据句意及首字母提示写出单词

1) My mother doesn’t like eating meat, but she likes v__________ very much.

2) We drink w______ every day.

3) Too much c__________ is bad for you.

4) B______ and chicken aren’t vegetables. They’re meat.

5) We often have m_______ and eggs for breakfast.

6) T________ are my favourite food.

7) The food is d________. I like it very much.

8) It’s very i__________ to learn English well.

9) I don’t like the s________ food. It’s bad for our health.

10) Please r_________ to close the door.

2. 把下列单词分类

potato, beef, carrot, tomato, water, chicken, milk, juice, orange, apple, fish, coffee, cola, bean, tea,

Fruit:__________________________________________________________________ Meat:__________________________________________________________________ Vegetables:______________________________________________________________ Drink:__________________________________________________________________

3. 用所给词的正确形式填空

1) Juice and water _____( be ) our favourite drinks.

2) The Smiths like ________ ( China ) food best.

3) Let’s _____ ( go ) swimming after school.

4) How many ________ (potato)are there in the basket.

5) Daming has got five _______ ( apple ) in the bag.

6) Mum has got some _________ ( milk ) in the fridge.

7) There _______ ( be ) lots of meat and vegetables on the table.

8) Jim hasn’t got ________ oranges but he has got ________ ( some ) bananas.

4. 根据汉语意思完成句子

1) 早上我们吃好的早餐。

We have a good ___________ _______ the morning.

2) 我们不应该吃太多肉。

We shouldn’t _____ ______ ______ meat.

3) 可口的鸡汤对我们的健康有益。

__________ chicken soup _______ ______ _______ our ________.

4) 吃合理的食物,保持健康。

_______ the right food and _______ ________.

5. 按要求完成句子

1) Chocolate is good for us. (改为反义句)

Chocolate _____ ______ _____ us.

2) We have got some apples in the fridge. (改为一般疑问句)

______ you ______ ______ apples in the fridge.

3) Why not go shopping for some orange juice? (改为同义句)

______ ______ going shopping for some orange juice?

4) She has got two sisters. (改为否定句)

She ______ _____ two sisters.

5) There are many apples in the bag. (改为同义句)

There are ______ _____ apples in the bag.

6) There is some cola and candy in the fridge. (改为否定句)

There _______ ______ cola ______ candy in the fridge.

7) Meat and fish are healthy. Too much meat isn’t healthy. (合并成一句话)


8) Amy’(就划线部分提问)

______ ______ Amy’s favourite food?

9) Daming has got some oranges.( 改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)

_______ Daming ______ ______ oranges?

_____, he _______.

10) (对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ people eat for breakfast?

6. 用there be 和have got 填空

1)—How many tomatoes ______ ______ in your fridge?

—Only four.

2)—Tony,_______ we ______ any cheese at home?

—Sorry, we _______ _______ any.

3)They _______ _______ some friends here. They feel happy.

4)________ _______ some beautiful flowers in the gardon.

5)_______ ______ any pictures in the book?

7. 单项选择题

( )1)Fruit ____ vegetables are healthy food, _____ candy isn’t healthy food.

A. or; and B. or; but C. and; and D. and; but

( )2)Today I am ______ tired, so I want to rest.

A. a bit B. a bit of C. a few D. a kind of ( )3)I have got ______ beef and ______ vegetables.

A. many; much B. a lot of

C. some; any D. much; a lot of

( )4)There aren’t ______ tomatoes but there is _____potato.

A. any; a B. some; an C. some; a D.any; an

( )5)______ is important _______ healthy.

A. It; stay B. It; to stay C. That; stay D. That; to stay

( )6)We have _____ lunch at _____ home.

A. the; the B. a; a C. a; / D. / ; /

( )7)Water is a healthy drink _____ cola is my favourite drink.

A. but B. and C. or D. with

( )8)The Whites _____ carrots in the fridge.

A. has got some B. have got some

C. has got any D. have got any

( )9)I’m very thirsty(渴的). Would you give me some _______.

A. water B. chocolate C. bananas D. vegetables

( )10)— Have you got ______ water?

—Yes, I’ve got ______ water. I haven’t got _______ juice.

A. some; any; any B. any; some; some

C. any; some; any D. some; some; any

三、 补全对话

A: 1.____________ your favourite food?

B: My favourite food is candy.

A: Is it 2._________ food?

B: No, it isn’t. It is unhealthy food.

A: What’s your favourite 3.__________?

B: I like juice best.

A: That’s good. It is a( an) 4.__________ drink.

B: Yes, It is good for our health.

A: Have you got any juice here?

B: Sorry, I 5.__________ got any juice here.

Module 4 介绍健康食物和饮料

Meat and fish are healthy food. Noodles and rice are healthy food too. Fruit and vegetables are healthy food, but hamburgers and candy aren’t healthy food. Juice, water and milk are healthy drinks, but cola isn’t a healthy drink.


四、 语法

Have/ has got 意为“某人拥有”, 其中have和has要依据主语的情况而变化,当主语是第三人称单数时要用___________,其他情况用______________。Have和has能和主语缩写,分别缩写为“_________”和“_________”。Have/ has got 的否定形式是在have/ has 后直接加not,常缩写为________和________。Have/ has got的一般疑问句形式是把_________提至______。

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