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八年级英语 (满分120分,考试时间100分钟)


1. ( )---_______do you have an art festival in your school? ---Once a year.

A. How long B. How often C. How far D. How soon

2. ( )They decided ____________ by bus.

A. to go to there B. to go there C. going there D. going to there

3. ( )---Do you often go to the gym? ---No. ________. I don’t like sports at all.

A. always B. never C. sometimes D. usually

4. ( )---I often have hamburgers for lunch.

--- You’d better not. It’s bad for you _____ too much junk food.

A. eat B. to eat C. eating D. ate

5. ( )---Do you know the ______of the exam? ---Yes, I got an A.

A. result B. time C. place D. name

6. ( ) My sister is _________ taller than I.

A. little B. more C. a little D. very

7. ( )---Are there any oranges in the bag? ---Yes. But only _______. A. few B. a little C. a few D. little

8. ( )---Hey, Tina. _____are you going for your vacation?

--- Hmmm. I think I’m going to shanghai.

A. How B. Where C. When D. Why

9. ( )They enjoyed ___________ very much.

A. to swimming B. swam C. swimming D. to swim

10. ( ) ---How often are the Olympic Games held? ---_____four years.

A. Every B. Each C. In D. For

11. ( )He must _____ his sister with her math.

A. try help B. trying to help C. trys to help D. try to help

12. ( )--- Are you ______ from America? --- No, none of us.

A. both B. all C. any D. either

13. ( ) -----Jack, is there __________ in today’s newspaper?

----- No, nothing.

A.anything important B. something important

C. important anything D. important something

14. ( ) The woman is ______ fat because he eats ______ junk food.

A. much too, too much

C. too much, too much B. much too, much too D. too much, much too

15. ( )Which one is ________ , football or basketball?


A. more popular B. popular C. popularer D. much popular


One day a woman walks __1__ a hat shop. The boss smiles and says, “Good afternoon, madam.”

“Good afternoon.” the woman answers. “There is a green hat __2__ red flowers on it in your __3__ . .Will you please take it out of there?

“Yes, madam,” the boss says, “I’m happy to do that __4__ you.” Usually women look at a lot of __5__ before they buy one, and the boss gets very tired. “Good,” he thinks, “I can sell this hat very __6__ today.”

“Do you want it in a box or __7__ your head, madam?” he asks.

“Oh, I don’t want it,” she answers. “I __8__ want you to take it out of your window. I pass your __9__ every day, and I don’t like to __10__ the ugly(丑) thing there.” ( ) 1. A. to

B. into

C. at C. have

D. by D. of D. table D. help

D. hats D. late D. must D. shop

( ) 2. A. with B. has ( ) 4. A. to B. for ( ) 5. A. clothes ( ) 6. A. quickly ( ) 8. A. really ( ) 9. A. park

( ) 3. A. door B. wall

B. shirts

C. window C. about

C. trousers

C. cheap

B. dear

( ) 7. A. from B. in

B. car

C. on

C. can C. see

D. with

B. only

C. room

( ) 10. A. look B. read


D. watch


A young boy was playing with a ball in the street. He threw(扔)it too hard and it broke(打破)the window of a house and fell(掉)inside. A woman came to the window and shouted(大喊) at the boy. The boy was afraid and ran away. But he still wanted his ball back. A few minutes(分钟)later. The boy came back and knocked(敲)at the door and said, “My father is going to come and repair(修理)your window soon.”

After a while, a man came to the door with tools(工具)in his hand, so the woman let the boy take his ball away.

When the man finish repairing the window, he said to the woman, “Please pay ten dollars.” “But aren’t you the father of the boy?” the woman asked, looking surprised(惊奇). “No,” he answered, looking more surprised, “Aren’t you his mother?” 1. ( ) The boy lost his ball because _____. A. the ball fell into the woman’s garden B. the ball broke the window of his house


C. the ball broke the window and fell into the woman’s house

D. he went through the window of the woman’s house

2. ( )The boy ran away because _____.

A. he was afraid of the woman B. he had to ask his father for help

C. he didn’t want his ball back D. he had to look for his friends

3. ( )The boy came back again because _____.

A. he father will come soon B. he wanted the ball back C. the woman was his mother D. a man would come to repair the window 4. ( )The woman let the boy take his ball away _____.

A. because she thought he was honest(诚实的)

B. because he came back and repaired the window

C. because she thought the man was his father

D. because his father repaired the window

5. ( ) Which of the following is RIGHT?

A. The boy was the son of the man. B. The man was the father of the boy.

C. The woman knew the man was the father of the boy.

D. The man thought the woman was the boy’s mother.


Cindy, Jerry and Mary are giving their opinions about a good friend.

Cindy: I think a good friend should be honest(诚实的). That’s more important than any other thing and is where a good friendship starts. If a friend isn’t honest, he may lose his friends’ trust.

Jerry: I think a good friend has to be generous. Here“generous” doesn’t mean he has to give his friends his lunch money or his clothes. It means he should share(分享) his ideas and feelings with his friends. In fact, his friends can know him better in this way.

Mary: In my opinion a good friend should understand(理解) his friends. When there’s something wrong between him and his friends, he must put himself in his friends’ place and think more for his friends.

6. ( ) What does the underlined sentence(句子) mean?

A. To be honest is the most important. B. To be honest is as important as other things.

C. To be honest is not so important. D. Honest people get more things than others.

7. ( ) Jerry would like to make friends with people who ______.

A. give him lunch money B. know him very well

C. tell him their ideas and feelings D. give him some clothes

8. ( )Mary thinks friends should ______.


A. visit each other often B. go to more places to play C. understand each other D. help each other do more things

9. ( )Which of the following is TRUE?

A. They are talking about what they think a good friend should be.

B. They are talking about money.

C. They are talking about clothes.

D. They are talking about trust.

10. ( ) What’s the best title of the passage?

A. My friend. B. Trust is the most important.

C. Opinions about a good friends. D. Being generous is the important.


Why is 2004 a special year? Because it is a Leap Year(闰年).

What’s so special about that? Well, we have a Leap Year every four years. And it has 366 days, not the usual (通常的)365. In a Leap Year, we have 29 days in February, while in a usual year we have only 28 days.

Why do we have a Leap Year? We have a Leap Year so we can keep the calendar (日历)in step (一致)with the seasons. The calendar is a kind of clock for the year. But how long is a year? A calendar year is 365 days. But a true year is 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds long. That’s the time it takes the earth to go around the sun. So every four years we have one more day, and we put it at the end of February, the shortest month of a year. Then we have a Leap Year.

11. ( ) How often can we have a Leap Year? A. Every year B. Every February C. Every four years D. Every two years

12. ( )What is a calendar? It’s a kind of clock _______.

A. for the year B. for Leap Year C. for the usual year D. for the calendar

13. ( )It takes the earth ________ to go around the sun.

A. a day B. a year C. a little longer than 365 days D. 365 days

14. ( )Which is the shortest month of the year?

A. February B. March C. May D. June

15. ( ) Mary was born on February 29,1972. Now she is 32. How many birthdays has she had? A. 32 B. 16 C. 8 D. 4

( D )

Fast food is becoming popular all over the world. Many people like fast food restaurants. Teenagers enjoy meeting their friends there. They can eat, listen to music and talk. Adults like these restaurants, too. They enjoy fast service.

China is developing its own fast food industry(工业,产业). Some restaurants can provide a bowl of noodles within two minutes. Fast food is a part of 4

everyday life for many people.

根据短文内容判断正( T ) 误 ( F )。

( ) 16.Fast food is becoming popular all over the world.

( ) 17. Teenagers like meeting their friends in fast food restaurants.

( ) 18. China has its own fast food industry.

( ) 19. Adults like fast service.

( ) 20. Fast food is a part of everyday life for all the people.


1.Bill goes swimming _______________ ( one) a week.

2.Annie says Sally is the ________ (kind) person in the world.

3.China is becoming ____________ (strong) and ____________ ( strong).

4.Which is ____________ ( good ), this one or that one?

5.Jim is _____________ ( friendly) than Tom..

6.My brother is as _____________ ( serious ) as me.

7.My mother wants me _____________ ( eat ) healthy food.

8. He is one of the_________(friendly) people in the class.

9.We ____________ ( play ) basketball yesterday afternoon.


1.Susan went to China three years ago. (改为一般疑问句

_________ Susan ____________ to China three years ago ?

2.Tom is always at home on Sundays. (改为否定句)

Tom is _____________ at home on Sundays.

3.He didn’t buy anything.

He ___________ _____________.

4.Tina is the same age as Tara.

Tina is _________ ________ as Tara.

5.My father is thin. My mother is thinner. (合并为一句)

My mother is __________ ___________ my father.。

六、根据所给情景,完成下列对话,每空一词。(10分) A: 1 that ?

B: That’s Sam. A: 2 you know him ?

B: Yes, he’s my good friend. A: Why 3 you like him ? 4 looks so strange (奇怪的) B: 5 he’s funny . He can talk like our teacher. A: 6 is he 7 ?

B: He’s outgoing and friendly 8 others.

A: But I don’t like a boy 9 so long hair.

B: It’s not important. I think he’s 10 best student in our class.


七 书面表达(15分)




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