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Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball Section B 2a–Self Check

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Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball?
Section B 2a–2c

Ms. Yang


we you you they

? 第一人称
复数 单数

? 第二人称
复数 复数

? 第三人称

She/he/it/ this/that/Eric …

Talk about these sports.
play play play play play play basketball volleyball ping-pong tennis baseball soccer

good interesting fun relaxing boring difficult

Let’s ….

That sounds …


Find the sports words in the unit. Write them in the correct column. 从本单元找出有关体育运动的词
[z x x k 学科网]

2a Find the sports words in the unit. Write them in the correct column.

Things I have two basketballs a soccer ball a volleyball three ping-pong balls a ping-pong bat…

Things I don’t have baseball bat tennis ball baseball…

Read the survey results in a school magazine 2b and answer the question. 阅读一份校刊的调查结果, 并回答问题:Who has a soccer ball?


2c Who do you think says these sentences? Check (√) F for Frank, G for Gina or W for Wang Wei. F G W 1. I play ping-pong with my classmates after class. 2. I have soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs and baseballs. 3. My brother has a soccer ball but I don’t. 4. I only watch sports on TV. 5. Soccer is not easy for me. 6. My brother and I are in the same school. √ √ √ √ √ √


3a Write more questions about sports equipment. Sports Survey 1. Do you have a soccer ball? ( ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t. 2.Do you have a basketball?
( ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t.

3.Do you have a ping-pong bat? ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t. ( 4.Do you have a volleyball? 5. Do you have a baseball?
( ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t.
( ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t.

6. Do you have a tennis ball? ( ) Yes, I do. ( ) No, I don’t.

3b Exchange books with a partner. Answer his or her

questions in 3a. 与同伴交换课本,回答对方在3a的问题



1. List all the sports you know. Write what you think of them.
volleyball soccer tennis ping-pong basketball … interesting relaxing boring…

Your opinion
fun, difficult


2. Complete the questions and answers.
Does your mom 1. A: have a baseball bat ? B: Yes, my mom has a baseball bat.
2. A: Do you have a volleyball? B: Yes, I do


Does your father 3. A: have a soccer ball ? B: Yeah, my father has a soccer ball. Does your teacher 4. A: have a basketball ? B: No, she doesn’t. My teacher has a tennis ball.

句子的构成: 主语(人称代词或名词) + 谓语(动词) +宾语(名词) He has a sister.
人称 第一人称 第二人称 第三人称 单数 I You 你 He/she/it 复数 We 我们 You 你们 They 他们

A quiz Ⅰ.根据提示,写出正确的句子。 1. 咱们去踢足球吧。(play, soccer)

Let’s play soccer.
2. 我的朋友不玩电脑游戏。 (not,play, computer games)

My friend doesn’t play computer games.

3. 你的儿子喜欢体育吗? (son, like, sports) Does your son like spor

ts? 4. 我喜欢运动,但是我不做运动。(love,
but, them) I love sports, but I don’t play them. 5. 你有球棒吗? (have, baseball) Do you have a baseball?

6. 我没有电视机。 don’t have I ________ ________ a TV.
7. 琳达放学后常做运动。 plays sports Linda often _______ _______ after school. 8. 我们踢足球吧。 Let’s play ________ ________ soccer. 9. 那个故事听起来很有趣。 sounds interesting The story ________ very ___________. 10. 放学后,我和同学们一起打乒乓球。 After class ________ ________ I go to school at seven.

Ⅲ. Fill in the blanks with have, has, don’t or doesn’t. has 1. I _____ a book and he _____ a pen. have have 2. My grandparents _____ a color TV. don’t But they _____ have a computer. has 3. Cindy ____ a sister. doesn’t have But she__________ a brother.

has don’t 4. I _____ have a computer. But Tom _____ one.

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