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2013八年级上册英语unit8 how do you make a banana milk shakeSection B 1

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头脑风暴: the food in the correct basket. Put 1. milk 2. tomato 3. teaspoon 4. popcorn 5. yogurt 6. salt 7. apple 8. onion 9. dumpling 10. shake 11. juice 12. meat 13. cup 14. porridge 15. watermelon 16. mutton

2. tomatoes 3. teaspoons 7. apples 8. onions 9. dumplings 10. shakes 13. cups 15. watermelons
1. milk 5. yogurt 11. juice 4. popcorn 6. salt 12. meat

14. porridge 16.mutton

How do you make popcorn?

First, put half a cup of corn into the popcorn machine. Next, turn on the machine. Then, pour the popcorn into a bowl. Finally, put some salt. You can eat it.

How do you plant a tree? First, dig a hole. Next, put the tree in the hole. Then, put the soil back. Finally, water the trees. It’s OK now.

What’s your favorite food? My favorite food is hamburger. What about you? I like sandwiches best.

Can you make sandwiches?

Sure. I can make sandwiches.




piece n. 片;块;段
e.g. I need a piece of bread. 我需要一片面包。








Make a list of things you like in a sandwich.

In my sandwich I like bread, butter, tomato, lettuce, turkey ____________________________________ and onion ____________________________________

How do you make a sandwich?

bread two pieces of bread

a piece of butter turkey 火鸡肉 turkey slices 火鸡肉片

Let’s make a turkey sandwich.
Take a piece of bread.

Put some lettuce on the bread.

Put two teaspoons of relish on the lettuce.

Put three slices of chicken on the relish.

Put another slice of bread on the top.

1b Ask and answer questions with a partner. Find out what he / she
likes in a sandwich. A: Do you like lettuce in a sandwich? B: Yes, I do. A: Do you like tomatoes? B: No, I don’t.

Listen and circle the words you 1c hear.

Listen again. Write the ingredients 1d in the order you hear them. First butter tomatoes onion lettuce cheese


Finally another piece of bread

Tell your partner how to make 1e your favorite sandwich. First, put some How much butter on a piece of butter? bread.

About one spoon.

2a What kind of traditional food do people eat on special holidays in China?
What do you eat on New Year’s Day?

What do you eat on Dragon Boat Day? What do you eat on Mid-Autumn Day?






1. traditional adj. 传统的;惯例的 e.g. Dumplings are traditional Chinese food. 饺子是传统的中国食物。 2. autumn n. 秋天;秋季 e.g. Leaves turn yellow in autumn. 秋天到,树叶变黄了。

3. traveler n. 旅行者;漂泊者;游客 构词法:travel (动词) + er →traveler (名词)

e.g. A traveler is asking Jack the
way to the train station.


4. celebrate v. 庆祝;庆祝 e.g. How did you celebrate Spring Festival this year?

你们今年怎样庆祝春节的? 5. mix v. 混合;融合 e.g. Mix the sugar with flour.

6. f

ill v. (使) 充满;装满 e.g. Please fill the bowl with water.
请把碗装满水。 7. cover v. 遮盖;覆盖 n. 覆盖物;盖子

e.g. Please cover the table with clothes.

8. sever v. 接待;服务;提供 名词: service 服务 e.g. Mrs. Blown serves us with apple milk shake. 布朗夫人用苹果奶昔招待我们。 9. temperature n. 温度;气温;体温 e.g. The temperature is very low today. 今天气温很低。

2b Read the article and number the pictures [1-5]. 4 3 1



2c Read the article again answer the following questions. 1. Where do people celebrate Thanksgiving? In the United States. 2. When do people celebrate it? It is always on the fourth Thursday in November.

3. Why do people celebrate it?

People celebrate it to give thanks for food in the autumn and also remember the first travelers from England who came to live in America about 400 years ago.

4. How do people celebrate it now? By having a big meal at home with their family. 5. What is the main dish of the Thanksgiving meal? Turkey.

Here are the instructions for 2d making a turkey dinner written in a different way. Put them in order. Write First, Next, Then and Finally.

_____, serve it to your friends with some

_____, put this into the bird. _____, cook it at a very high temperature for a long time. _____, put everything you need together in a large bowl.

1. 再综合阅读制作火鸡宴的过程,掌握制 作的步骤。 2. Put everything you need together in a long bowl. “将所需的所有东西放进一 个长碗时里”,可知这是第一步。 3. Put this into the bird. “将这些东西放进 火鸡中”可知这是第二步。 4. Cook it at a very high temperature for a long time. 在高温中加热很长时间。

4. Serve it to your friends with some
other food. “和其他一些食物一起来

招待你的朋友们。” 可知这是最后一
个过程。 因此,答案为: 1. Finally 2. Next 3. Then 4. First

What do you think is the most special day in China? Answer the following questions.

1. When is this special day? 2. What are the reasons for this special day? Do people give thanks for anything on this day? Do people remember anything or anyone on this day?

3. How do most people celebrate

this day?
4. Is there any traditional food? What are the main dishes? 5. Can you make these dishes?

1. It’s Dragon Boat Day. 2. In order to remember the famous poet Qu Yuan. 3. People eat zongzi and have boat races. 4. Yes, there is. The main dishes are zongzi. 5. Yes, I can.

1. Read the passage after class. 2. 选择一个你熟悉的传统食物, 用英语描述一下它的制作过程。

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