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What were you doing when the UFO arrived第一课时

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Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived?导学案

第一课时 Section A (1a-2c)


New words: UFO, barber, bathroom, alien, kitchen, bought, land, got, while Key phrases: get out, take off

Key sentences: ⑴.—What were you doing when the UFO arrived?—I was cooking dinner in the kitchen.

⑵—What was he doing when the UFO arrived?—He was sleeping late when it arrived.

二、学习重难点:◆重点 掌握过去进行时态的用法。◆难点 掌握when和while的用法。


.仔细观察下面的对话,用“_____”标出对话中所出现的时间,并补全句子. A: What were you doing at 9 o’clock last night? B: I was doing homework. C:_________________________________(我正在打扫我的房间). A: What were you doing when your mother came back yesterday?

B:I ______________________________________(我正在讲电话).




1. The boy was walking down the street when the UFO landed.

2. The girl was shopping when the alien got out.

3. While the boy was walking down the street, the UFO landed.

4. While the girl was shopping, the alien got out.

总结:When 与while: 都是 “ 当……的时候”, 但如3.4句,后接的动词用过去进行时,多选用___________; 而后接的动词用一般过去时态时,用_______.



1)理发店__________________ 2)在图书馆前边3)做饭4)做奶昔打电话6)洗完澡出来7)理发


10 ) 起飞________________________11)电视台___________ 12)报警_________________13)沿着街走____________14)睡过头___________

II Matching 1a


Task 1 Listening & speaking. (1b& 1c)

Task 2 Listening & speaking(2a-2c)


1、写出本课的主要语法结构:过去进行时构成__________________________ 具体用法:过去进行时表示在_____________某一时间内___________或___________的动作。和一般过去时的区别:

2、本课的when 和 while 的用法:

(1)when 引导的从句时态多为______________和___________

(2)while 引导的从句时态多为_________________.

3、arrive, get和reach的区别。三者都有“______________”之意,但arrive表“到达某地”时,后面必须跟介词________或____________; get后跟地点名词时要加介词_________; reach

home/there=reach home/there


I.用when和 while填空

1.My mother was doing the housework______I was doing my homework.

2._____________my father came back, I was watching TV.

3.____________he went out, it was raining.

4.____________Tom was cleaning his room, the telephone rang.


1.The alien________ the UFO when I saw him. A.was getting out B.was getting out of C.is getting out of

2.What______you__________at this time yesterday?A.did, do B.are, doing

C.were, doing

3.________Tom was playing computer games, his father came in. A.When

B.While C.Until

4.—Where is Mr Brown?—He is___________. A.at the doctor B.at the doctor’s

C.at doctor


后则可直接跟地点名词。如:get to home/there=arrive Beijing=_______________/_________温馨提示:get

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