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【学习目标】能读懂和介绍学校的一天。 【学习重点】一般现在时结构。 【学习难点】时间介词短语的使用。 【学习过程】 一、自主学习 (一)课前预习

1.Write phrases.

起床__________________________吃早饭_____________________________ 上学__________________________ 开始上课___________________________ 休息__________________________吃午饭______________________________ 上两节课_______________________ 回家________________________________ 看电视_____________________ 吃晚饭______________________________ 做作业_______________________ 上床睡觉_____________________________ 2.时间。

在8:30_______________________ 在上午8:30____________________________________ 在11:00______________________ 在下午2:15_____________________________________ 在周二________________________ 在周二晚上_____________________________________ 在周五早上____________________ 在今天下午_____________________________________ 在今天上午____________________ 在上午_________________________________________ 在下午________________________ 在晚上_________________________________________ 在工作日________________________在周末_________________________________________ 在春天__________________________在中午_________________________________________

在操场___________________________ 与某人交谈____________________________


1.Learn the words and expressions.

2.Read the passage and put the pictures in order.(Act.1) 3.Listen and match the time with the picture.(Act.2) 4.Fill in the form as quickly as possible

5.Read the passage and check the sentences true or false.

I have breakfast at 7:00 in the morning. 2. I go to school at 8:30. 3. I play football at 11:00.

4. We have meat and rice with vegetables or hamburgers at 12:30. 5. Lessons finish at 3:30.

1 No pain,no gain.不劳无获。


6.I do my homework at 10:00 in the evening.

6.Underline the correct expressions.(Act.3)

9. Do you have ______ (晚餐) at half past six in the evening? 二、用所给的单词的适当形式填空。

1. She ____ (go) to bed at nine o’clock. 2. You ________ (not go) home.



3. She _______ (watch) TV in the evening. 4. He gets up and ___ (have) breakfast.

5. _______ (lesson) start at half past one in the afternoon.

6. We do our __________ (homework) in the evening.



1. I go to school at 8:30. (就划线部分提问)_____ __ you __ to school?

2. She gets up at half past six. (改为否定句)She ______ ___ up at half past six. 3. In the morning, we have a break. We play football. (用and把两个句子连起来) In the morning, we have a break ___ ____ _______.

4. We start lessons at nine o’clock.(一般疑问句 ___ you ____ ______ at nine o’clock? 5.They do the housework in the evening.(否定句)They _____ __ the housework in the Evening.

2.Work in pairs. Talk about your school day.

三、成果检验 (一)达标练习

1.Look at the timetable and talk about your lessons.

e.g. I have English at eight o’clock. I don’t have music at eight o’clock. 2.Join these sentences with and then.(act.6) 3.一、根据汉语写单词。

1. The matches ______ (结束) at half past nine. 2. We _____ (不) live in New York. 3. Sam likes _____ (做) housework. 4. The book show _____ (开始) at nine.

5. On Saturday we watch TV __ (或者) play games. 6. After having two lessons, we have a ______ (休息). 7. We have meat and rice ____ (和)vegetables.

8. We have lunch in the ________ ____(餐厅) at half past twelve.


BWrite a short passage called My School Day. ○

Hi! I’m XXX . I am a … I go to school at … get up…go to schoolstart lessons…have lunch

go home… do my homework… have dinner… go to bed… XRetell the passage. ○


2No pain,no gain.不劳无获。

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