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一、 听句子,选出正确答语。每道题读两遍。

1. Does your mother watch TV in the evening ?

2. Would you like to play soccer with us?

3. What’s your favorite subject, Mary?

4. You look very nice in the dress!

5. Why do you like computer science?

二、听对话,选出最佳答案。每段对话读两遍。 1. W: Excuse me, where is the post office?

M: It’s across from the station.

2. W: Look at the photo of Jack.

M: Oh, it’s a nice photo. What is Jack doing?

W: He is flying a kite. 3. W: Excuse me, is there a bus stop near here?

M: Yes, there is. Go along this road , turn right and walk on. Then turn left at the second crossing, and you can see it.

4. W: Are you writing a letter?

M: Yes, I’m writing to my parents.

W: Do you often write to them?

M: About once a month.

5. W: Is there a sofa in your study?

M: Yes, there is. It’s near my desk.

W: What’s on the desk?

M: There is a lamp, a computer and some books on it. 三、听短文,将下列活动按先后顺序重新排序,并将其标号填写在题号后的横线上。短文读两遍。

Jim is an American school boy. He usually gets up at ten past six. At a quarter to seven, he has breakfast with his parents. After breakfast, he goes to school by car. Classes begin at eight. He has four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. He has lunch at school . After school he takes the subway home. Keys:

听力部分 一. 1-5 BABCC 二. 1-5BACBA 三. 1-5CEABD



一. A. 1.suway 2. quiet 3. upstairs 4. restaurants 5. talking B. 1. once a week 2. on the street 3. kind to 4. service center 5. Of course 二.1-10 ADDCC ADDBB

三. 1.are children 2. is having 3. aren’t working 4. How often 5.is also

四. 1. walk to 2. how long keep 3. at the back of 4. on Saturday 5. What’s There’s

五. A. 1.live 2. neighbors 3.to help 4.looking 5.one

B. 6.-10 FDGEA


七. A.1-5 FFFTT B.6-10 BADAC

八. I Love My School Life

My school life is very interesting. We begin our classes at eight o’clock every day. We have many subjects. They’re English, math, Chinese, biology and so on. After school, we often play football and basketball. Look! Some girls are singing in front of the classroom . And some boys are playing football on the playground. I like my school life very much.


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