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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit5 Topic1 Book 7》复习练习题

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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit5 Topic1 Book 7》复习练习题(无答



A 单词汉译英(16分)

1、大门________ 2、总是 _________ 3、飞机 __________ 4、火车 ___________

7、有时 ________ 8、很少 __________ 9、从来没有 __________ 12、美国人的 ________ 13、平日 _________

14、图书馆 ___________15、音乐 ___________ 16、听 ___________ 17、两次 _________ 18、开始 ____________

19、一会儿 ________ 20、第一____________

B 根据汉语意思完成下面句子。(14分)

1、Michael comes to school (步行)

2、Li Xiang often (骑自行车)to school.

3、They often (打篮球) and so on.

4、They usually (做他们的家庭作业)

at school and ___________________________ (看电视) at home。

5.It’s time to _______________________ (上课)


( )1.The Browns usually drive to the park on Sundays. But today they go to the park_____ .

A.on feet B.on foot C.by foot ( )2.Bob often _____ his _____ after supper.

A.do; homework B.does; homework C.begin; homework

( )3.The boy likes playing _____ soccer very much.

A.a B.the C./

( )4.—_____ does he meet his friends?—_____ a month.

A.How often; Twice B.How long; Twice C.What time; Two

( )5.—What do you usually do _____ weekdays after school?—I usually play football.

A.in B.at C.on

( )6.Mr. King sometimes _____ the subway home.

A.take B.taking C.takes

( )7.—What does Fang Yan do in her free time?—She often goes _____.

A.swimming B.swim C.to swim

( )8.—What time do you usually go to bed?—_____ about a quarter to ten.

A.For B.At C.In

( )9.Zhao Lin _____ to Beijing by train often. He usually goes by plane.

A.doesn’t go B.doesn’t goes C.don’t go

( )10.— _____ do you usually come to school?—By bike.

A.How B.What C.How often

( )11.— What time do you get up _____ weekdays?—I get up _____ about six o’clock.

A.in; at B.on; at C.at; at

( )12. It’ time lunch.

A. to B. have C. for

( )13. His bike is new. What about ?

A. your B. you C. yours


( )14. — does the math class finish? —At about 5 o’lock. A. How

B. How often

C. What time

D. Where

( )15. She goes to work by plane . She _______ to work .

A. by plane B. flies C. fly


A:Hi, Wang Li!(1) _________________________________ B:I always get up at about six o’clock.

A:The early bird catches the worm. How do you usually go to school? B:By bike. But sometimes I go to school by bus.

A:(2)_________________________ , where does your mother work? B:She works in a factory. She makes shoes. A:(3)_______________________________________ B:She usually goes to work by subway. A:(4)____________________________

B:She has lunch in the factory. It takes her too much time to come back home for lunch. A:Oh, it’s time for class. B:Let’s go. Ⅲ.完形填空。(10分)

On Sundays, Li Lei gets up at six thirty. He has 16 at eight. Then he helps his mother 17 the housework. At ten he leaves 18 and goes shopping 19 . At about eleven o’clock he

comes 20 home.

( )16. A.food ( )17. A.in ( )18. A.home ( )19. A.by bike ( )20. A.for ( )21. A.cook ( )22. A.to have ( )23. A.plays ( )24. A.work ( )25. A.sees

B.breakfast B.on B.house B.by a bike B.to B.cooking B.having B.is playing B.homework B.looks

C.lunch C.with C.room C.by the bike C.back C.the cook C.have C.takes C.housework C.is watching


D.from D.classroom

D.by his bike D.from D.the cooking D.has

D.is taking D.supper



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