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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit5 Topic1 Book 8》复习练习题

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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit5 Topic1 Book 8》复习练习题(无答


一..根据汉语提示完成句子。 1. Look! Kangkang ( 摆放餐具)with his mother. 2. They find a way to ( 与某人和解)each other.

3.Beijing Opera used to (受欢迎)with old people.

4. On the night of April 15,Jack and Rose (落入)the sea with many other people. 5. (最后) ,Rose was saved, but Jack died. 6. Beijing Opera after 1790.(形成)

7. The father was lonely and often became angry (因为) the noisy of children. 8. I hope (一切顺利) 9. They their player.(骄傲) 10. Maria taught the children to sing lively songs to (使他们振作起来)

二. 单项选择。

( )1. —How much did you ____ buying the new bike?

—Three hundred yuan. A. pay B. cost C. spend th( )2. —Mike felt sad because he failed his exam yesterday. —I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s ____. A. cheer him on B. cheer on him

other children felt ____.

A. falls into; frightening B. fell into; frightened C. fall into; frightening —I’ll ____ in twenty minutes. Thank you. A. call on her A. to come to A. no B. ring her up C. ring up her B. come to B. not C. comes C. none ( )4. —Tom, Jane wanted you to call her. C. cheer him up ( )3. Some children were skating on the ice happily. Suddenly one of them ____ the water and the ( )5. Ann will not be able ____ your birthday party because she has a temperature. ( )6. Jack wanted to get a ticket to Titanic, but there was ____ left. ( )7. Kate’s grandmother lives in a house____, but she doesn’t feel ____. A. lonely; lonely B. alone; lonely C. lonely; alone A. in the end; pride in B. in the end; proud of C. in end; proud of A. feel

A. good

B. feels B. well C. to feel C. good idea ( )8. He entered PeKing University____. The people in his village are ____ him. ( )9. —What’s the matter with Tom? He seems ____ sad. —His pet dog died. ( )10. —Shall we go hiking this weekend? —Sounds ____. ( )11. —Michael has a temperature, so he isn’t able to come. —____ A. I’m sorry to hear that. B. I’m disappointed. C. Good luck. ( )12. —You ____ very happy this afternoon. Why?


—Because we are going to spend the evening at Lily’s house. A. taste A. for B. sound B. to C. look C. with C. the largest cities

( )13. Your mother prepared delicious food for us yesterday. Please say thanks ____ her. ( )14. New York is one of ____ in the world. A. he largest city B. the large city ( )15. —What ____ news! —Yes, all of the children were ____. A. excited; exciting B. exciting; excited C. excited; excited

三.完成对话。 Kangkang: Hi! Jane: Very well, thank you. You look excited.

Kangkang: Guess what! My father and mother want to invite your parents to go to the movies. Maria; Really?

Kangkang: The Sound lf Music. Jane: Oh, It is one of my favorite movies.

Kangkang: This Saturday. And we can spend the evening at my house. My mom will prepare some delicious food for ua. Michael: Wow! I’m so happy. Please says thanks to your mom.

四.综合填空 根据短文内容,选择适当的词语填空

Electric bike (电动自行车)riders may need licenses(执照) next year Nowadays we can see more and more electric bikes in the street. Electric bikes are easy ________________. They run fast and make no ____________. So they become very popular in many big _____________in China.

But the electric bikes also ____________ more traffic accidents. So China plans to make a new rule _______the electric bike riders. If an electric bike is ____________ than 40 kg and can go __________ than 20 kilometers an hour, its rider must get a license. It means riders have to pass driving tests before they ride their electric bikes on the road.


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