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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit4 Topic3 Book 8》复习练习题

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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit4 Topic3 Book 8》复习练习题(无答


一、 汉译英



9.宫殿___________10.西部____________11重__________________1 2.吨____________


17.把…看作__________18.巴黎________19.世界闻名的_________20.坟墓___________ 21.百万____________22.民族__________23.部分______________24.不久前__________

二、 根据汉语提示,完成下列句子

1.People all over the world __________roses ______(把…看作)a symbol of love .

2. ___________ ________ ______ _______(过去曾经有) a lot of tigers in the forest .

3.The bridge is _________ ________ _________(由…组成) the stones .

4.We can _______a lot about history and knowledge ________(从…中学习) stamps .

5.The old house is dangerous . These workers are ___________it ________(拆毁).

6._____________ _________ (按照) the timetable , the next train gets in at 9:30.

7._______ ______ _____(从那时起),he came back home and lived with his parents .

8.Please _________the pieces (碎片)of the photo _____________(把…连接在一起).


( )1.The song was very popular _______.

A.in the 1990 B.in 1990s C.in the 1990s

( )2.—They didn’t go swimming yesterday, did they? —_______ I saw them skate in the park.

A.Yes, they did. B.Yes, they were. C.No, they didn’t.

( )3.There _______ some forests here ten years ago. But now we can see nothing.

A.used to be B.used to have C.is used to be

( )4.—How much do you _______? —69 kilos. A little lighter than before.

A.weight B.weigh C.heavy

( )5.The students think English is very important, so they try _______ it well.

A.learn B. learning C.to learn

( )6.—_______ is Leshan Grand Buddha? —It is 71 meters tall.

A.How wide B.How long C.How tall

( )7.His mother ordered him ______ his homework .

Afinishing Bfinishes C to finish

( )8Your father had breakfast at home this morning , _______?

Adoesn’t Bdidn’t he C didn’t you

( )9.There are few apples in the box,_______?

Aare there Baren’t there C are they

( )10.Li Hang is good at English . He often finds great pleasure ______English. Aof speaks Bto speaking C in speaking

( )11.I don’t think she will agree with you ,_______?


Awill she Bwon’t she C does she

( )12.The Great Wall of China is about 4 000 miles _________. Along Bwide C high

( )13.Let’s go to the park,__________?

A will you B shall we C do you

( )14.When the workers made Emperor Qin’s Terracotta Warriors , they used ____ models .

A lovely B live C love ( )15.Taiwan _____ in the east of China . It is one part of China .

A stand B lie C stands

( )16.This book _______five units.We are learning Unit 3 now .

A makes up B is made up of C makes up of ( )17.---How wide is the river ?---It’s about ________.

A 12-meters wide B 8 meters wide C 12 meters –long ( )18.It _____a lot of money _____a house as big as that . I can’t afford it . A takes ; to buy B took ; buy C took ; buying

四、 情景交际

Kangkang:Hi, Michael ! It’s a nice day , isn’t it ?

Michael : _____________________. What are you going to do today ?

Kangkang :Mm , there are some old city walls near Beijing Railway Station .


Michael :That would be great ! By the way , did you visit Emperor Qin’s Terracotta Warriors ? Kangkang : Yes , I did . I visited them last week .

Michael :______________________________________? Kangkang :Sure . They are one of the greatest wonders of the world .

Michael :______________________, do you know?

Kangkang : Qin Shihuang , the first emporer of China , ordered his men to make them . Michael : There are many treasures in Qin Shihuang’s Underground Palace , aren’t there ? Kangkang :_______________________. However , many people believe there are lots of treasures

there .

Michael : Thank you ! I hope I will go there some day .


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