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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit5 Topic2 Book 8》复习练习题

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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit5 Topic2 Book 8》复习练习题(无


班级_________姓名__________ 座号__________


1.She is crying in the bathroom because she did badly in the English exam. she ________ (对…要求严格)herself.

2.He___________(对…生气)the driver because his car hit his brother.

3.Now he still misses his brother, but he ________hate the driver__________(不再)。

4.Qiqi is____________(一样可爱 )I。5.How time________(fly)!

6. We can’t ____________(习惯)the weather here because the wind is always strong.

7. ____________(别着急). You’ll be OK. 8. He refused_______(play)soccer or go to the movies with his friends

9. She is ____________(处理)her father’s business very well. 10. I’ll help you, ____________(即使)I don’t sleep for a night.

11. Jeff almost _____________(发疯)when his elder brother was killed in a car accident.

12. I ______really___________(对…感到担心)her. 13Thank you for___________(tell) me. 14.________________ (在…帮助下) my teachers and classmates, I’m getting used to the life here.

二. 单项选择。(30分)

( )1. —There is ____ with my watch, so I don’t know the time.

—Let me have a look.

A. something wrong

C. wrong something

A. as; than B. anything wrong D. wrong anything C. than; as D. as; so ( )2. The weather in Beijing is not ____ good ____ that in Hainan. B. so; as

( )3. —Why does Jane feel so upset?

—She failed the exam and she has no friends ____.

A. talking A. why B. talking with C. to talk C. because D. to talk with D. what ( )4. The little girl felt upset ____ her pet dog died. B. because of

( )5. His mother gets up at 6:00 a. m. every day. She is used to ____ early to make breakfast for the family.

A. get up B. getting up

C. gets up D. got up ( )6. The soft music sounds ____. We are all listening ____. A. beautiful; carefully C. moving; careful

B. beautifully; carefully D. happily; careful ( )7. The baby ____ cry ____ when he saw his mother come in. A. doesn’t; longer B. doesn’t; more C. doesn’t; any more D. didn’t; any longer

—I don’t think so. Helen often makes mistakes.

A. careful B. carefully C. more careful D. more carefully

( )9. —Beth is __ shy girl that she is always afraid ___ in public.

1 ( )8. —I think Helen studies English as ____ as Lucy.

—I think she should talk to her friends first.

A. a such; speak


A. Though


三.完成对话 B. But B.feels C. Because C.to feel D. / D.feeling ( )12.It’s normal________sad when something happens to us. B. such a; of speaking C. a so; speak D. so a; of speaking ( )10. ____ Mr. Zhang gave us some good suggestions, we still didn’t deal with those problems very

Jack is making a hotel reservation.

Clerk: Good morning, Greentree Hotel. _________________________________?

Jack: Good morning, I want to make a room reservation.

Clerk: OK, we have rooms with a bathroom, TV, fridge and air conditioning.

Jack: ___________________________________________?

Clerk: A standard room with two single beds costs 100 yuan and a room with one single bed costs 80


Jack: Ok, I want to book five standard rooms with two single beds and one room with one single bed. Clerk: __________________________________________? And how long do you plan to stay?

Jack: I will arrive at your city on April, 25, three nights.

Clerk: ___________________________________________________?

Jack: Certainly, my name is Jack and my phone number is 0598-6543210.

___________________, is your hotel far from the railway station? Clerk: Not very far, it will take you about fifteen minutes to get here on foot Jack: OK, thank you.

Clerk: You are welcome.


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