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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《unit7 Topic1 Book 7》复习练习题

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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《unit7 Topic1 Book 7》复习练习题(无答



1.十二月 2.二月 3.十月 4.千 5生日

6.计划 7.宴会 8.第五 9. 第二十 10.千 11.运动

12.是(are过去式) 13.单独的 14.日期 15.庆祝

16.第三十 17.礼物 18.圆 19特别 20.惊奇

二,根据句意及汉语提示填空。 1.Michael is (谈论)his favorite star with Kangkang after class.

2.—Where you ?(出生) —I was born in Fujian. 3.My friends want to (举办生日晚会)for me.


Mrs. Brown born on May 22nd,1976. Tomorrow is her birthday. Mr.Brown and his daughter, Mary, are planning it.Mary would like to a special dinner.Mr.Brown wants to buy a beautiful light blue dress Mrs.Brown. He wants to buy a birthday cake and some candles. That would be a surprise for Mrs. Brown.

四,单项选择。(15分) ( )1.—_____ is your brother’s birthday? —His birthday is _____ July 19th.

A.What; in B.When; on C.How; for

( )2.—What’s the month between September and November? —It’s _____ .

A.January B.March C.October

( )3.We read “2008” _____ . A.two thousand and eight B.two thousands and eight C.two thousands and eighty

( )4.—_____ you at school yesterday? —No, I _____ at home.

A.Was; was B.Were; were C.Were; was

( )5.— _____ —It was August 1st.

A.What was the date yesterday? B.When was yesterday? C.What day was it yesterday?

( )6.— _____ is your teacher’s desk? —It’s about 140 centimeters long.

A.How far B.How many C..How long

( )7.The boy is only _____ and today is his _____ birthday.

A.nine; nine B.ninth; nine C.nine; ninth

( )8.—What do you use the computer _____? —I use it to study English.

A.to B.at C.for

( )9.—Here is a birthday present _____ Jane. —That will be a surprise _____ her.

A.of; to B.for; for C.about; for

( )10.Mrs. Brown wants _____ a new dress _____ her daughter.

A.to buy; to B.to buy; for C.buying; to ( )11.---How many days are there in February? ---There are days.

A. thirty B. thirty-one C.twenty-eight ( )12.Monday is the day of a week. A.second B.last C.first


( )13.My mother a new computer me.

A. finds;for B.gives;for C.buys;for ( )14.My family moved to Xiamen July,1996.

A. at B.in C.on ( )15.--- is it today ? ---It is Thursday. A.What B.What day C.When

( )16.—Could you ride a bike when you were 5 years old?


A.Yes, I could. B.Yes, I couldn’t. C.No, I could

( )17.—Who went to the park with you yesterday? —Li Lei _____ .

A.does B.did C.do

( )18.I went to visit the Great Wall _____ the summer holidays.

A.at B.of C.during

( )19.It is very cold outside. You’d better _____ warm clothes.

A.to wear B.wear C.wearing

—_________do you want to buy, madam? —That's all. Thank you.

A. What about B. What else C. Why not

五,情景交际。(10分) A: Jane, 1

B: I was born on October 10th, 1993.

A: Oh, tomorrow is October 10th. It’s your birthday. 2 B: My mother wants to have a birthday party for me. Can you come to my party tomorrow? A: Of course. 3

B:My pleasure, I’m glad you cab come.

A: 4

2 ( )20.

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