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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit4 Topic3 Book 9》复习练习题

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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit4 Topic3 Book 9》复习练习题(无答


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1.What are you going to be when you ______________(长大)。

2.Let’s work hard to make our dreams ___________( 实现)

3.But I ________science__________dance.(以…相比更喜欢..).

4.The film __________________(根据改编) a science fiction story.

5.Scientists are still___________( 搜寻)more information about Mars.

6. _________________(上交)your questions to your teacher 7.Mars goes around the sun _________________( 相隔 )about 228 million kilometers.

8. ____________(将有)a wonderful movie this Saturday evening. 9.We _________(将能够)do anything that can be done.

10.It_____________(看起来像 )a red and orange ball.

Ⅱ、单项选择 ( )1.Half a month _____ since I came to Beijing, I miss my students very much.

A.have passed B.have past C.has passed

( )2.It is said that an old man lives on the _____ island _____.

A.alone; alone B.alone; lonely C..lonely; alone

( )3.To make our city more beautiful, rubbish _____ into the river.

A.needn’t be thrown B.mustn’t be thrown C..may not throw ( )4.The baby should _____ at home.

A.be taken care B.be taken care of C.take care

( )5.My son is too fat, so I have to _____ his food and drink.

A.save B.limit C.affect

( )6.Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone is quite a good book. It’s worth _____.

A..reads B .to read C.reading ( )7.Your car _____ be put here. Please put it over there.

A.can’t B.can C.may

( )8.Scientists are doing experiments in order _____ the Mars soon.

A.to explore B.explore C.that explore

( )9.There _____ a man-made planet in space.

A.will be B.is going to have C.has been

( )10._____ the help of the Internet, news can ______ every country of the world.

A.Under; arrive B.With; reach C..With; get


( )11.Students__________their hair when they are at school.

A.are not allowed to dye B.don’t allowed to dye C. aren’t allowed to dying

( )12.A:Did you go to Jim’s birthday party?

B:No, I__________. A.Haven’t invited B. am not invited C. wasn’t invited

( )13.The cruel boss was made________child laborers.

A.paying for B.pay for C.to pay for

( )14.I prefer to stay at home rather than_______out on such a hot day.

A.going B.to go C.go ( )15.If you want to be a _________,you should master some basic performing skills. A.driver B.director

Ⅲ、补全对话 A: Hi, Mary. There will be an exciting movie next Sunday evening. 1 B: Sure. ?

A: .It’s about life on Mars.

B: Is it interesting?

A: Yes. People can visit planets like Mars by spaceship. B:

A: Yes. There are houses, hospitals, cities on Mars in the movie. B: How exciting! A: Do you think man can live in space one day? B: I hope I can live there one day.



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