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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit4 Topic2 Book 8》复习练习题

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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit4 Topic2 Book 8》复习练




1、机器人___________ 2、科学家___________ 3、出现___________4、盘子_________

5、形势___________ 6、修补_________/ _________ 7、机器__________

8、卡车_____________ 9向,朝___________ 10、行星_________

11、信息___________ 12、物体___________ 13、汽球___________

14、真实的__________ 15、字典____________ 16、无用的__________



1、 Robots can_______________________ (代替)humans to do hard or boring work.

2、People often ___________some man-made objects such as kites or balloons


3、I want to travel to many countries,___________________,(例如)America and England.

4、We didn’t get your better for a long time. Please___________________(写信给)me soon.

5、The sports meet ________________a beautiful song.Children were very happy.(以、、、开始)

6、When you speak English,you should __________________________________your


查找 _______________ 寻求 ______________ 醒来 _____________________

等等 _________________ 在---花费 _______________ 接通(电源)________


( )1.—Kangkang, can I borrow your bike? —_______

A. I’d love to. B. Thank you. C. Sure.

( )2.—Excuse me, Maria. These are new words. Can you help me _______ in the dictionary? —Certainly.

A. look it up B. look up it C. look for them ( )3. I was doing my homework _______ my father was reading newspapers.

A. what B. whether C. while

( )4.—We can use QQ to chat online. —Really? Could you please show me _______


A. what to do B. how to do C. when to do

( )5. When the little boy fell into the water, many children tried to _____ help.

A. call for B. find out C. call on ( ) 6.The man______Mr. Zhang. Because he went to Shanghai yesterday.

A. must be B.can’t be C.may be ( )7.The students on the island(岛屿) feel excited. The boat is coming ___them.

A. in B. from C. toward

( )8. The poor man was walking to the house when he saw __ UFO last night. 1

A. a B. an C. the

( )9. Pens are helpful to humans. Students use pens for _______.

A. write B. writes C. writing ( )10. He likes reading very much. He ________much money_______the books.

A. takes ; to B. cost; on C. spends; on

( ) 11.If you don’t ______electricity()the TV won’t work.

A. get into B. plug in C. put into

( ) 12.---I’m not sure _____he will come or not tomorrow.---Really? I hope he can


A. if B. whether C. why

( )13. Your father will come back ______two days.---Great!I’m glad to hear that.

A. in B. for C.later

( )14. ---My MP4 player doesn’t work.Can you help me_______it?—Sure. A. buy B. repair C. make

( )15. I didn’t_____until o’clock this morning.so I had no time for beakfast.

A. wake up B. put up C. stay up


Maria: Kangkang,_________________________________________?

Kangkang: Sure. I just went to the Science Center last weekend. I saw some robots there. Maria: ______________________________________________?

Kangkang: Robots can take the place of humans to do lots of work. And they can do work

faster and better than humans.

Maria : _____________________________________?

Kangkang: Yes, quite sure. By the way, I saw a UFO flew over my head while I was walking

toward the bus stop yesterday.


The Internet is ________ . It makes our life nicer, easier and more interesting. The Internet can help us to do a lot of things. _________, wen can do some shopping ________ leaving our houses, we can study on the Internet and we can use the Internet __________ jobs.When we want to visit a new place ,the Internet can help us find the way. ________ the Internet ,we can also enjoy many interesting songs, movies and games. But we shouldn’t spend too much time on the Internet.


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