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Unit 7 Why do you like pandas Section B

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Unit 7 Why do you like pandas? Section B

Read the website article about elephant to choose the best title for it. To learn to get the detailed information about elephant from the article

A: What animals do you like? B: I like elephants. A: Why? B: Because they are cute. What animals do you like? A: I like dogs because they’re friendly and smart.


A description of an animal




friendly and lazy

pandas I think I like _______ very much. They are _____China. Pandas are from cute _____and lovely. They have a big head, a heavy body, rounded ears sit and a short tail. They ____ when teeth they eat. Their _____are very strong. They don’t eat meat. Like tigers, pandas are all in________. danger We must save them.

check (?) the best title

( )1.There is a white elephant on the flag of Thailand. ( )2.Elephants are in great danger. ( )3.Today there are only about 3,000 elephants (over 100,000 before)

check (?) the best title


Our first flag had a white elephant on it. 我们的第一面国旗上就(绘)有一头白象。 (F)1.There is a white elephant on the flag had为动词have的过去式形式,表示“曾经有;过 of Thailand. 去有”。意味着“现在国旗上已不再有白象了”。

(T)2.Elephants are in great danger.
3,000可使用thousand一词(表示“千”), (T)3.Today there are only about 3,000 读作three thousand. elephants (over 100,000 before) 英语中没有单独的词汇表达“万”的概念,必 须通过“thousand”转换表述。如: 100,000则只能使用thousand,读作: one hundred thousand.

Read the article again and complete the mind map. (2c)

a white elephant good luck

soccer or music draw very remember

cut down

their ivory only about 3,000 elephants 100,000

trees buy March 13th

1.泰国的标志之一 2.好运的象征 3.走很长时间 4.迷路 5.记住有食物和水 的地方 6.面临巨大危险 7.大量砍伐树木 8.失去他们的家园 9.为象牙猎杀大象 10.买象牙制品

one of Thailand’s symbols a symbol of good luck walk for a long time get lost remember places with food and water be in great danger cut down many trees lose their homes kill elephants for ivory buy things made of ivory

1.The elephant is one of Thailand’s symbols. one of +可数名词复数,意为“…之一”。在 句中做主语时,谓语动词用单数。 one of the animals Do you know _____ _____ ______ ________?

one of the teachers He is _____ _____ _____ ________.(教师之一)

One of the girls _________(like) the food. likes

2.People say that “an elephant never forgets”.

forget意为“忘记”,其用法与“remember” 一致
forget to do sth.忘记要做某事(事情未做) forget doing sth.忘记做过某事(事情做了) remember to do sth.记住要做某事 remember doing sth.记住做过某事 to bring Please remember _________(bring) your homework here. to close She always

forgets __________(close) the window. to bring Don’t forget __________(bring) your

3. But elephants are in great danger ___ _____ _______. 但是大象面临巨大的危险。 【解析】 (be) in danger表示“面临危险”。英语中,常 用 形容词big或great与danger搭配,表示 “巨大的危险”。如: are in great danger Firefighters _____often_____ ______ ______. 消防员常常处于很危险的境地。 Tigers _____ ____ _______. We should do are in danger things to save them.

4. Elephants can walk for a long time and never get lost. 大象能够长时间行走而且从不迷路。 1)lost作为形容词,表示“走失的;迷路 的;失散的”、“丢失的;遗失的”, 常与系动词get或be一同构成短语,表示 “丢失;走失;迷路”。例如: get lost I ______ ______ on my way here and have to ask the police for help. 我来这儿时路 上迷了路,不得不找警察帮忙。 The boy gets ______ and he can’t find his ____ lost way home.

1.from, want to save, one of, flag, symbol of

2. smart, play, draw, forget, walk, get los remember, help
3.in great danger, cut down, so, kill, Today, must

What have you learnt?

1.One of the boys ____(be) interested in English. is seeing 2.Do you remember _______(see) him before? 3.Thefriendly ______(friend) dogs are my favorite animals.

4.It’s her _____(one) visit to Beijing. first
trees 5.There’re lots of _______ (tree) here. gets lost 6.The girl ____ ______ and she can’t find her way home.

Retell the passage

Animals are our friends.
We live (居住) in the same(相 同) small world(世界). To love animals is to love ourselves


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