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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit7 Topic2 Book 8》复习练习题

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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit7 Topic2 Book 8》复习练习题(无答


Ⅰ. 词汇

1.切,剪,削,割___________ 2.油________ 3.添加_________ 4.炊具_________

5.猪肉________ 6.火腿_________ 7.面条__________ 8. 有礼貌的__________



16.一块(片、张、件……)___________ 17.匙,调羹___________ 18.叉,餐叉__________

19.某人;有人___________ 20.一道菜;课程___________ 21.南方的;南部的___________


1. Tom likes fruit very much, and he often ___________(吃完) ten apples in a few minutes.

2. ______________ (为了) improve his oral English, he often goes to the English corner.

3. Please _______the apple_______ (把……切成) two halves.

4.People go to restaurants because they______________(对……厌烦)cooking.

5. The child is at the age of two, he needs someone to ______________ (切碎) his food for him.

6.Lei Feng was always______________(尽力帮助) others.

7.You should not speak loudly______________ (在餐桌上).

8.Let’s raise our glasses and______________(为…干杯) our friendship.

Ⅱ. 单项选择。

( )1. Help ____ to some fish,Tom.

A. you B. yourself C. yourselves

( )2. It’s polite to eat soup____in Japan.

A. noise B. noisy C. noisily

( )3. —Mom, I finished washing dishes just now.

—_____ I’m very glad that you can help me do some housework.

A. Well done! B. Best wishes! C. I think so.

( )4.The more vegetables we eat, ____we are.

A. healthier B. the more healthy C. the most healthy

( )5. I remembered ____ off the light last night, but it was still on.

A. turning B. to turn C. turned

( )6. I don’t know ____ it’s polite or not to eat with our arms or elbows on the table in America.

A. if B. whether C. weather

( )7. I asked Lily____she liked Chinese dumplings.

A. that B. what C. if

( )8. Somebody ____ begging for(讨要) money near the bridge last week.

A. is B. was C. are

( )9. It’s impolite ____ laugh at others in our country.

A. to B. for C. onto

( )10. —How’s the weather tomorrow?—I don’t know if it ____ tomorrow.

—Well, if it ____, I won’t go out with you.

A. will rain; will rain B. rains; rains C. will rain; rains

( )11. Amy makes fewer mistakes than Frank. She does her homework ____.

A. more carefully B. more carelessly C. more careful

( )12.I like a sandwich____ meat,honey and vegetables.

A. of B. with C. for

( ) 13. ---Would you mind if I learn English from you? --_______. I am very glad to teach you.

A. Of course not. B. You’d better not. C. Sounds great. ( )14.Here ____ a knife and fork for you.

A. is B. are C. be

( )15. Remember not to drink ____ .

A. too many B. too much C. many too

六. 根据对话内容,填入适当的句子或短语,使对话完整正确。(5分)

Jane’s mother: Hello!

Maria: Hello! This is Maria speaking. May I speak to Jane?

Jane’s mother: 1) _____________________.


(Jane answers the phone)

Jane: Hello, Maria!

Maria: Hello! 2) _________________________________?

Jane: I am practicing the violin.

Maria: 3)____________________________________at this time yesterday? I called you to go the

English Corner but nobody answered..

Jane: This time yesterday? Oh, I was watching a Harry Potter movie.

Maria: I saw it last week. It was wonderful!

Jane: 4) _____________________. I think It was just so-so. But I enjoyed the music. It was

very pleasant. Maria: 5) ________________________. I like the music too. And I like Harry Potter. He was

very brave.

Jane: Yes, and he was handsome, too.


Helen: I don’t 6 it’s hard to say . I can drive a car at 16, can’t I ? When you have a driver’s license, you can 7___it to people to tell them your age for all kinds of things . 8 sixteen must be the age when you change from a 9 person to an adult . Because you can tell others you are not a 10 any more .

Joan :Well, I think there is __ 11___wrong with American laws for when young people can __ 12____ things .I can vote at 18 and drive at 16. So you would think that 18 is a grown-up, __ 13___ 16 isn’t . But then I can’t drink wine until I’m 21 ! If I’m __ 14___ an adult at 18, how can people stop me from __ 15____ a cup of beer in a bar ?

( )1. A. teenagers B. adults C. drivers D. grandfathers

( )2. A. his B. my C. her D. your

( )3. A. age B. end C .front D. number

( )4. A. make B. keep C .choose D. teach

( )5. A. after B. until C. when D .if

( )6. A. hope B. want C. like D .think

( )7. A. show B. send C. ask D. pass

( )8. A. But B. And C. So D. Or

( )9. A. old B. young C. little D. tall

( )10A. baby B. grown-up C. boy D. kid

( )11 A. anything B. everything C. something D .nothing

( )12. A. do B .buy C. like D .borrow

( )13. A. as if B. even though C. ever since D. above all

( )14. A. already B. still C. also D. yet

( ) 15. A. selling B .making C. drinking D. giving


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