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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit3 Topic3 Book 9》复习练习题

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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit3 Topic3 Book 9》复习练



1、 Could you ______________________________(使你自己被别人明白) in the U.S.A?

2、 I’m afraid of _________________________(犯错误)in an English test .

3、 It’s good for us to __________________________(写日记)in English every day .

4、 __________________(做笔记)in class is a good way to learn English well .

5、 You should speak English _________________________(尽可能经常).

6、It’s impolite to ________________(嘲笑) others .

7、It’s necessary for our class to ________________________(树立好榜样).

8、To improve our reading ability is to_______________________(多做阅读).

9、If you feel shy , you can ___________________(深呼吸) before answering questions in class .

10、_____________(有时) I go to school on foot .

Ⅱ、单项选择 ( )1. There are many kinds of bikes here. She can’t decide _____.

A.where to buy B.which to buy C.how to go there

( )2.It is important _____ the piano well.

A.of him to play B.for him to play C.of him playing

( )3.—Sorry, I can’t follow you.. I beg your pardon?

—_____ A.That’s all right. B.Not at all. C.No problem. ( )4.The old farmer felt like _____ a big house very much.

A.to get B.get C.getting

( )5.She _____ walk at night. How brave she is!

A.dare to B.dares to C.dare not

( )6.I will go to my doctor for _____ on healthy diet (饮食).

A.an advice B.some advices C.some pieces of advice

( )7.It’s my honor _____ to give a talk here.

( )8.I usually go to the movies with my parents, but _____ alone.

A.to invite B.to be invited C.inviting A.some times B.sometime C.at times 1

( )9.If you want to learn English well, it’s useful to _____ before class and _____ after class.

A.review; preview B.preview; review C.review; to preview ( )10.Listening, speaking and reading are all important _____ writing.

A.beside B.besides C.except

( )11.—I have worked hard at English, but it seems that I haven’t made any progress.

—Keep on _____ at it, and you will be successful. B.working C.to work A.work

( )12.It’s an honor __________all of you .

A. to talk B. talk with C . to talk with

( )13. Could you tell me how to improve my writing ability ? --_____________

A . Do some reading B . Keep a diary every day movies

( ) 15.The students are clever. They have no problems _____ out the math problem.

A.work B.working C.works C . Watch English


A: 1_________________________________________,Jane ?

B:I’m worried about my English . 2__________________________________________? A: Ok . What are your difficulties in learning English ?

B: It’s difficult for me to remember the new words .

A: 3__________________________________________________________________________. B: That sounds interesting . I often have dificulty in reading some articles .

4_____________________________________________________________________? A: Do some reading. Try to guess the meanings of new words , and get the main idea

of the articles . B: Thank you . 5_____________________________________________.


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