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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit3 Topic2 Book 8》复习练习题

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福建省宁化城东中学2013届中考英语《Unit3 Topic2 Book 8》复习练




音乐会 借出 _____小提琴 _歌手 ___

艺术家 音乐家 价钱_________绘画_______古典的__________




1.He thinks ______________________s exciting.(打鼓)

2.In 1978,Larry Mullen ____________________________some musicians to form a band.(寻找) 3.U2’s music is still ____________________________people all over the world(在…流行)

4. Celine Dion will come to Ninghua to _____________________tomorrow.(举办音乐会) 5. Four boys _________________ a band in 1978, and they called it U2.(建立) 6. Song Zuying __________________________ her folk songs.(以---而著名)

7. Our whole class tried our best together, _______________ , we won the first place

in this school sports meet.(最后)8 8. Let him ________________ finishing his homework.(继续)


Kangkang likes piano music very much. When he___1___ eight, his father ___2___ a music teacher to teach him to play the piano. It is great fun___3___ him. Li Xiang likes___4___ to jazz. He thinks it sounds____5___. But Tom hates it because he thinks it is too__6____. He says violin music is his favorite and it makes him___7___. Wang Junfeng can ___8___ the drums well. He thinks ___9___ the drums is __10____. 1._____________ 2._____________ 3._____________ 4.______________ 5._____________

6._____________ 7._____________ 8._____________ 9.______________ 10._____________

二. 单项选择。

( )1.The music _______ beautiful.

A.looks B.feels C. sounds

( )2.—Jane, can you play _______ baseball?

—No, I can’t. But I can play _______ violin.

A.the; the B./; the C./; /

( )3.—How much is it _______ piano lessons?


A.of B.in C.for


( )4.Pop music is _______ music.

A.serious B.exciting C.hard

( )5.Liu Dehua, Zhou Jielun and Lin Junjie are famous _______ their pop songs. A.as B.for C.with

( )6.They _______ some books from the library last week.

A.lent B.lends C.borrowed

( )7.There is going to _______ a football match the day after tomorrow.

A.have B .be C.host

( )8.—Hi, Linda. _______ a hot day! Let’s go swimming, OK?

—That’s a good idea!

A.How B.What C./

( )9.Could you make her _______ her radio? It’s too noisy.

A.to turn up B.turn up C.turn off

( )10.Class was over, but some students continued _______ in the classroom.

A. .studying B.studied C.studies

( )11.You enjoy trying different things. Then you must have________ life.

A.exciting B.an exciting C.excited

( )12.—Do you have any children?

---Yes, I have a son .He is_________ high shool student.

A. a 14 year old B.a 14-year-old C.14 years old

( ) 13. — I’m going to the concert. — _____ exciting the concert is!

A. How B. What a C. What

( ) 14. ____ weather! It’s always raining!

A. What a bad B. How bad C. What bad

三. 情景交际。

He Jing:1._________________________________________tomorrow?

Wei Han:I’m going to a concert.

He Jing:2.________________________,Who is going to sing at the concert? Wei Han:Celine Dion. Do you know My Heart Will Go On?

He Jing:Yes.Is that her song?

Wei Han:Right.And it sounds beautiful!

He Jing:3.___________________________________________________

Wei Han: At the Music Hall.

He Jing:Oh,wonderful! 4.______________________________

Wei Han:At 7:30p.m.5.________________________________?

He Jing

:I’d like to,but I am going to take English lessons in Ren’ai English 2

Language Shool.


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