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仁爱版七年级上册Unit3 topic2 随堂练习题

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仁爱版七年级上册Unit3 topic2 随堂练习题

1,I am 14, She is 14,too. She and I ---------14

A both are B am both C both am D are both

2, Lucy and lily --------a happy family

A has B have C does D do

3, He --------Chinese in a school .He is a teacher

A teach B is C teaches D to teach

4, My parents are --------,They work in ---------offfice

A offices workers ;a B offices workers ;an C office workers;a D office workers ;an 5, Uncle Wang is a farmer . He works ------- a farm

A in B at C on D for

6, .Does your father often live _________ you, Jim?

— No, he isn’t _________ home. He often goes to England.

A. in; at B. with; at C. with; in D. with; /

7,. — Who is the old man _________ brown?

— Chen Feng.

A. in B. of C. on D. with

8, — What do her parents do?

— Her parents _________ English teachers.

A. are all B. all are C. are both D. both are

9 — _________

— He’s a high school student.

A. Where does he work? B. What does he look like?

C. What does he do? D. Who is he?


— What’s that?

— _________ a photo _________ our family.

A. Its’; of B. Its; of C. It’s; of D. It’s; for

12. Please ____ this book to Mike.

13. This girl____ a round face and big eyes.

14. My shirt is red. Please _____ it green.

15.—______ is your sister in? —She is in Class 4,Grade 7.


Look at the ! It’ photo. He is friend. He comes to our school today(今天). He comes Canada. We are in the same class, so we are

’ ,too.

Look! He is tall and he a big nose, a wide mouth and big eyes. His hair is short. He likes black white. He is in a black shirt and white pants. These are his favorite .He looks cool. I like .

( ) 16. A. map B. book C. photo D. desk

( )17. A. David B. David’s C. Davids D. Davids’

( )18. A . yong B.strong C. cool D.new

( )19. A. from B. to C. in D. on

( )20. A. teacher B. teachers C. classmate D. classmates

( )21. A. twelve B. thirteen C. fourteen D. fifteen

( )22. A. have B. has C. do D. does

( )23. A. and B. is C. but D. are

( )24. A.books B. shoes C.clothes D.bags

( )25. A. she B.her C.his D. Him

26, The woman ________(drive) often drives her car to her son’s school.

27. The teacher comes from Canada. He ________(teach) us English.

28. There are twelve people in his ________(family).

29. please make yoursedues at home, ________(kid).

30. There are two new __________(factory) and only one tree in the picture.



They same, but they’re different

32,He has a big family (一般疑问句)


This is ------- --------- --------- ------------ ----------


---------- ----------- your -------- --------------?


She -------- ----------- a school

36,那个穿白色T恤衫的男孩很酷。 The boy a white T-shirt is 37.我最喜爱的电影明星是李小龙。is Bruce Lee. 38,他的弟弟是干什么工作的?(三种方式)




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