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“三为主”课堂七年级英语上册 Starter Lesson 5 Visit my school(第二课时)Speaking & Reading导学案

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Lesson 5 Visit my school!

Speaking & Reading



2.继续熟练掌握There be 句型的一般疑问句及回答。

3.熟练掌握How many …are there…?句型的问与答。



2.预习Reading 部分,找出重点短语和句型。

A) 根据中文意思写出下列单词。

1. There are many flowers in the _________ (花园) .

2.There are no __________ (图书馆) in their school.

3.Let us ______(参观) your classroom.

4. The __________ (仅有的) book is on the teacher’s desk?


1. 两百名学生_______________2. a beautiful garden_______________________

3. look at _______________ 4. 在第一层_________________

5. on the first floor_________________ 6. 一些阅览室_____________________

7. They aren’t any libraries in my school.__________________________________.


How many halls are there in your school? 请翻译:______________________________。 How many …are there…?这个句型的意思是:_____________________________________。 例如:How many buildings are there in your school?

汉译英: 你们班有多少个学生?_____________________

划线提问:There are three buildings in our school.


Is there an art room in your school? No, there isn’t.请翻译:

你知道There be 句型的一般疑问句如何变化和回答吗?

例如:There are two hundred students in my school.

Are there two hundred students in your school? Yes, there are. / No, there aren’t.


There is a beautiful garden in it

3. 认真阅读Reading,完成书上练习。

4.There aren’t any libraries in my school, but there are some reading rooms. 请翻译:

some 和 any 的区别在于:_________________________________________.

练一练:---Are there ______ dogs here? ---Yes, there are _____

A. any; some B. some; any C. any; any D. some; some



1 There is only one box in the bag . (改为复数形式)


There ________ ________ _______ in the bag.

2. There are three hundred students in the dining hall. (画线提问)

________ ________ ________are there in the dining hall?

3. There is a pictureon the wall. (对划线部分提问)

________ ________ ________ ________ there on the wall?

4 There are some books in the reading room .(改为否定问)

There________ ________ books in the reading room?

B.) 阅读理解

There are twenty---five boys and twenty girls in Sam’s class . One of the girls is American . Her name is Amy . She is thirteen . She has many English books . Two of the boys are from England . Their names are Tim and Jim . They are twin brothers . They are twelve . They have two very nice schoolbags . All of my classmates are very friendly . We love Amy and the twins very much , and they love us . We help each oher.


( )1. There’re forty—four boys in Sam’s class .

( ) 2.The twins are Americans.

( ) 3. The twins are thirteen and Amy is twelve.

( ) 4. The twins have many nice English books.



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