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2013新目标七年级英语Can you play the guitar单元测试题

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Unit 10 Can you play the guitar?


Ⅰ.Look at the picture,and write down the word.(看图写单词。


Ⅱ.Match the sentence with the picture.(把句子和图片对应起来。


1.I can swim. 6.I can play the piano.

2.She can dance. 7.Lucy likes reading.

3.She can sing. 8.I like playing the trumpet.

4.They can play basketball. 9.They like painting.

5.We can play the drums. 10.She likes playing the guitar.

●Exercises for new words


Ⅰ.Complete the sentence with the proper word form.(用所给词的适当形式完成句子。)

1.—Can you help kids with (dance)?

—Yes,I can.

2.They want (join)the baseball club.

3.Can you (sing)?

4.The girl likes music.She wants to be a (music).

5.Do you want to join the (swim)club?

6.Are you good with (kid),Jim?

7.I can play the trumpet but I can’t play it (good).

Ⅱ.Circle the right word to complete the sentence.(圈出使用正确的单词,完成句子。)

1.—Can you sing in English,Tommy?

—Sorry,I (can,can’t).

2.I want (to join,join)the music club.

3.Tom can play the guitar very(good,well).

4.—Can you help kids with (swimming,swim),Mike?

—Yes,I can.

5.—What can you do?

—We can (sing,sings)in English.

6.Can you (speak,say,talk)English?


●Exercises for phrases


Ⅲ.Translate the expression between English and Chinese.(中英互译。)

1.弹钢琴 2.踢足球

3.打篮球 4.打鼓

5.下象棋 6.吹喇叭

7. 8.

9. 10.

11. 12.summer camp

●Exercises for sentence structure


Ⅳ.Rewrite the sentence according to the requirment.(根据括要求改写句子。)

1.club,art,want,the,to,I,join (连词成句)

2.Mary can speak English.(改成一般疑问句,并作否定回答)

3.My father can play the guitar very well.(改成否定句)


club do you want to ?


Linda music.

Ⅴ.Translate the sentence into English.(把下列句子译成英语。)

1.你会弹吉他吗 you the guitar?

2.我想参加篮球俱乐部。I want to the club.

3.你能做什么 can you 4.Tom 跳舞跳得很好。Tom can very .

5.我能帮孩子们游泳。I can kids swimming.

●Exercises for function items


Ⅵ.Complete the conversation.(补全对话。)

A:Good afternoon!

B:Good afternoon!

A:Can you paint?


A:So many clubs here. 2 ?

B:I’m not sure.

A:Can you chess?

B:Yes,but not very well.?

A:I can play it well,but I like singing very much.So I want to join .

B:Me,too.I think we can go to the music club together.

●Exercises for grammar


Ⅶ.Complete the sentence with “play” or “play the”.(用play或play the完成句子。)


1.Jenny can volleyball,and she can violin.

2.Jet can trumpet,and he can basketball.

3.Mary can piano,but she can’t guitar.

4.Bob can ping-pong,but he can’t computer games.

5.Tony can chess,and he can baseball.

Ⅷ.Complete the sentence with can,can’t,do,don’t,doesn’t or does.(用can,can’t,do,don’t,doesn’t,does完成句子。)

1.—he play soccer well?

—Yes,he can.

2.I play the guitar,but I can’t play it well.

3.—your mother want to join the basketball club?

—No,she doesn’t.

4.The girl like chess,but she likes volleyball.

5.—they have basketballs?

—No,they don’t.

●Elementary exercises


Ⅰ.Match the sentence to make a conversation.(从Ⅱ栏中找出Ⅰ栏中句子的答语。)


1.Can I help you? A.I want to join the volleyball club.

2.What kind of club do you want to join? B.I’m 13 years old.

3.May I know your name? C.Yes,please.I want to join a club.

4.How old are you? D.Kevin Johnson.

5.Can you play volleyball? E.Yes,a little.I want to learn more. Ⅱ.Unscramble the sentence.(连词成句。)






●Integrated exercises


Ⅲ.Multiple choice(单项填空)

1.—Can you Japanese?

—No.But I can the guitar.

A.say;join B.speak;play C.say;want D.play;speak

2.Those are my pencils.

A.brother B.brothers C.brothers’s D.brothers’

3.Han Mei often helps him his English.


A.with B.at C.of D.on

4.(经典回放)—Your shirt looks nice.

— .

A.Yes B.Thank you C.No D.Hi

5.My friend Bob likes to play basketball before A.the;the B./;the C.the;/ D./;/

6.The boy can play chess well,but he can’t play A.the;the B.the;/ C./;the D./;/

Ⅳ.Reading comprehension(阅读理解)


supper. piano.

A.a babysitter B.a good graduate C.an English tutor D.a math tutor

2.If you are the tutor,you must teach the daughter for on Saturday.

A.a day B.two hours C.three hours D.a whole afternoon

3.What is not a part of the job?

A.Cooking for the kids. B.Working at the kid’s house.

C.Being good with the kid. D.Telling English stories to the kid.

4.If you want to be the tutor,you need to

①be beautiful ②have three years’ teaching experience ③have time on weekends ④be a woman teacher

A.①② B.②③ C.②③④ D.①②③

5.Which is NOT true?

A.The tutor must teach the kid on weekends.

B.The kid is good at English.

C.The tutor can speak English.

D.The tutor can get $360,if she teaches the kid for two weekends.


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