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will people have robots?

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Unit 1 Will people have robots?
grammar(part 1)


?Why is it special for me?

Help me!

?What am I going to do for her?

? be going to/will ? I am going to buy a gift for her. ? I will buy a gift for her.

? the more the better. ? eg. before long , the day after tomorrow , next week ,next month,next year, soon , in the future , in three days , some day ...


what will you let your robots do ?


do ? 1. What will you _____(do) this Saturday? will___ _be_ ? 2.Tomorrow ___ ____ (be) a sunny day again. will__ _be ? 3. I think she __ ____(be)a doctor in ten years. ? 4.I’m living in an apartment.{对划线部分提问} ? Where__ _will_ ___ ____you live?

?study hard for your future!

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