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6. I don’t think the experiment is _____ failure. At least we have gained _____ experience for future success.

A.不填;the B. a; the C. a ; 不填 D.不填; 不填

7. _______ the houses were knocked down in the earthquake.

A. A great many B. The number of C.A great many of D. A great deal of

8. —We really enjoy ourselves at the party. Thanks again, Mr. and Mrs. White.

—_____. Just drop in whenever you feel like it.

A. With pleasure B. Our great honor C. Nice having you here D. Nice you are here

9. He had ______little education that he couldn’t teach_____ little children.

A. such; so B. so; such C. such; such D. so; so

10. If you come across a term ____ meaning you have forgotten, please look up the meaning in the dictionary.

A. which B. that C. what D. whose

11. As we all know, it was ____ that resulted in the terrible car accident.

A. because of her carelessness B. her being careless C. because she was careless D. she was so careless

12. Some equipment as well as a number of maps and books ______ to the area since the earthquake occurred.

A. has been offered B. have been offered C. is being offered D. are offered

13. She just couldn’t believe that her husband, to whom she had been loyal for so many years, ______ desert

her after he became rich. A. might B. Should C. shall D. must

14. He sat ___ to her___ the stairs.

A. to listen; to climb B. listening; to climb C. listening; climbing D. listening; to climbing

15. Why do you want a new job , _______ you’ve got such a good one already ?

A. that B. where C. which D. when

16. I want to learn about your holidays. Could you tell me how you usually_______ Thanksgiving Day in

your country ? A. Congratulate B. remind C. remember D. observe

17. In the beauty competition, women are asked_______ some of the exercises ________ the music.

A. performing to; to B. performing; with C. to perform; to D. to perform; by

18. The college examination is _______ easier this year than I have expected.

A. fairly B. quite C. rather D. very

19. In front of the farmhouse_____.

A. lay a peasant boy B. laid a peasant boy C. lie a peasant boy D. did a peasant boy lie

20. Mary______ a lot of Spanish by playing with the native boys and girls.

A. picked up B. took upC. made up D. turned up

into the room? A.struck B.beat C.knocked D.attacked

22.--I’d like a cup of coffee, please. --How do you like it ? .

A.I like it very much B.I like it black C.It tastes a bit bitter D.I won’t tell you

23.I just hate they do.

A.it ;which B.that ;that C.it ; it D.that ;as

24.Do you expect to be a possibility that we shall be able to afford the particular furniture we need?

A.it B.that C.one D.there

25.--Did you see anyone coming into the library?

初三练习(一) 第 1 页

--No ,I didn’t .


--There is no doubt about it. A.OK B.Really C.Sure

26.Here we have beef ,fish ,and fruit .Help yourself to you like .

A.whichever B.however C.whatever D.whenever

27.The little boy got rice to feed the chickens in the yard.

A.a piece of B.a number of C.a handful of D.a loaf of

28.I wonder what will the man if he is out of work again.

A.become of B.take place C.change into D.turn into D.Is that so

29. printed fairy tales as formal texts.

A.being treated B.treating C.treated D.treat

30.--I think you should phone David and say sorry to him . .It was his fault .

A.No way B.Not possible C.No chance D.Not at all

31.--I can’t find Mr. Smith .Where did you meet him this morning ?

--It was in the hotel he stayed.

A.that B.where C.which D.the one

32.I’m examining the article he has just finished the possible mistakes in it.

A.correcting B.corrected C.to correct D.having corrected

33.--How did it that all the flowers died? --I had forgotten to water them .

A.come true B.come to light C.clear up D.come about

34.--What do you want to do next ?We have half an hour until the football game.

.Whatever you want to do is fine with me.

A.It just depends B.It’s up to you C.All right D.No wonder

35.--What do you think of the grammar book ?

--Oh ,it really is useful reference book ,which is worth reading second time.

A.a; a B.an; the C.an; a D.the; the

第二节 完形填空

How did you do it, Dad? How have you managed not to take a drink for almost 20 years? It took me almost 20 years to have the 21 to even ask my father this very personal question. When Dad first 22 drinking, the whole family was on pins and needles every time he got into a 23 that, in the past, would have started him 24 again. For a few years we were 25 to bring it up for fear that the drinking would begin again.

"I had this little poem that I would recite to myself at least four to five times a day," was Dad's 26 to my 18-year-old unasked question. "The words were a constant 27 to me that things were 28 so hard that I could not deal with them," Dad said. Then he 29 the poem with me. The poem's 30 , yet profound (深刻的) words immediately became 31 of my daily routine as well.

About a month after this 32 with my father, I received a gift in the mail from a friend of mine. It was a book of daily sayings of wisdom with one 33 for each day of the year.

It has been my 34 that when you get something with days of the year on it, you naturally turn to the page that lists your own 35 . I 36 opened the book to November 10 to see 37 words of wisdom this 初三练习(一) 第 2 页

book had in store for me. I was 38 when I looked at the page, and then tears of disbelief and appreciation 39 down my face. There, on my birthday, was the exact same poem that had 40 my father for all these years! It is called the Serenity (平静) Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

21. A. chance B. courage C. ability D. right

22. A. gave up B. took up C. went on D. carried on

23. A. way B. habit C. situation D. house

24. A. reciting B. asking C. smoking D. drinking

25. A. sure B. uncertain C. afraid D. eager

26. A. reply B. words C. excuse D. explanation

27. A. fear B. imagination C. thought D. reminder

28. A. never B. seldom C. always D. ever

29. A. discussed B. shared C. offered D. talked

30. A. wonderful B. long C. simple D. boring

31. A. all B. that C. any D. part

32. A. talk B. quarrel C. trip D. lesson

33. A. listed B. included C. read D. said

34. A. method B. experience C. wealth D. message

35. A. character B. birthday C. qualities D. favorites

36. A. doubtfully B. carefully C. happily D. hurriedly

37. A. where B. whether C. what D. how

38. A. excited B. astonished C. disappointed D. frightened

39. A. hung B. pulled C. rolled D. pushed

40. A. troubled B. disturbed C. pleased D. helped

第三节 阅读理解。 A

Raising pets is not a new thing in China, but recently it has taken on a new meaning.

As a famous Chinese saying goes, pursuit of petty pleasures weakens one’s will to make progress. The saying has been so popular that even today many people still consider raising pets as a hobby of the idle.

Things have changed much recently and now raising pets has become a popular pastime, resulting in a successful pet care industry.

Pet food is sold in almost all supermarkets and many special stores for pet needs have been set up.

Animal hospitals provide various medical services for sick dogs and cats, and pet exchange fairs are held regularly.

At the China International Pet Show which took place recently in Beijing, more than 100 factories from across the country exhibited their products. Thousands of dealers and pet owners went to the show.

“People’s swollen pockets make it possible for many to raise pets, a hobby that used to be enjoyed only by the wealthy,” said Wang Wei, who works with the National Kennel Association of China.

Wang Yuyan, vice president of the Small Animals Protection Association, agreed. “In many films and novels, having a pet is used as a symbol of wealth. That’s not a complete picture.” Wang added that pets are friends in a real sense of the world, not just playthings. “ Anyone with a loving nature can raise pets.” 初三练习(一) 第 3 页

Still the high cost of keeping a pet is something many people have to think about.

“I like dogs and cats, but I have neither time nor money to raise them,” said Li Jun, in her 40’s, a civil servant from Beijing.

The cost of raising a dog is high in Beijing, where registration is a must for all dogs and costs 5,000 yuan for each animal. In addition, pet owners must pay for regular injection of vaccines(疫苗). Most of all, dog food is quite expensive.

Unlike his mother, Li Jun’s 10-year-old son, Li Qiyu, dreams of the day he will have his own pet, “I hope I can have a dog in my house, ” he said.

41. Things have changed much recently, because _____.

A. people have all become kind-hearted B. small animals have no places to live in

C. people’s living conditions are improving D. more and more people are out of work

42. In big cities in China today, raising pets _____.

A. has changed people’s life B. has destroyed some families

C. has met much difficulty D. has brought much business for some people

43. According to Wang Yuyan’s opinion, raising pets _____.

A. is a necessary job for us all B. is harmless for most people

C. should be a hobby of the rich D. will make the poor happy



1. Full Time Secretary Position Available: Applicants should have at least 2 year’s experience and be

able to type 60 words a minute. No computer skills required. Apply in person at United Business Ltd, 17 Browning Street, Leeds.

2. Part-time Job: We require three part-time shop assistants to work during the evening. No experience

required, applicants should be between 18 and 26 years old. Call 0115-765643 for more information.

3. Computer Trained Secretaries: Do you have experience working with computers ? If you want to

know more about us, call 0457-896754.

4. Teaching Assistants Needed: Hania’s Playshool needs 2 young teaching assistants to help with classes

from 9 to 3 pm. Applicants should have references. For more information please visit www. Haniaplayschool. co. uk.

5. Weekend Work Available: We are looking for retired adults who would like to work part time on

weekends for Rubberlast Group Ltd. Duties include answering the telephone and giving customers’ information. For more information call us at 0113-6741326.

6. University Positions Open: The University of Bristol is looking for 4 teachinh assistants to help with

homework correction. Applicants should have a degree in one of the following: Political Science, English, Economics or History. Please call the University of Bristol for more information.

7. Home Delivery Representative: We are looking for someone who has excellent customer care,

communication skills, a sales background with at least one year’s experience and is a good team player with creative ideas. In return we offer a starting salary of $20,000and 25 days paid holiday per year. For more information please call Direct Delivery Team of Yorkshire Post on 0113-2388318.

44.Which position is most suitable for a retired person ?

A. Part-time Shop Assistant. B. Teaching Assistant in Hania’s Playschool.

初三练习(一) 第 4 页

C. Weekend Work in Rubberlast Group Ltd. D. Teaching Assistant in the University of Bristol.

45. If you have good computer skills and recently graduated from university (English degree), which jobs can you apply for ? A. Job 1, 2 and 7 B. Job 3, 4 and 6 C. Job 4 , 6 and 7 D. Job 2, 3 and 5

46. Which is the only position that has a formal educational requirement ?

A. Full Time Secretary at United Business Ltd. B. Home Delivery Representative for Yorkshire Post.

C. Teaching Assistant at Hania’s Playschool. D. University Positions at the University of Bristol.

47. How can you get more information if you are interested in the position of a full-time computer trained

secretary ? A. By telephone B. By letter C. By Internet D. In person


XI’AN---Seven people died in a fire early on Wednesday morning in Xi’an, capital of Shannxi Province.

A restaurant with a karaoke hall in the southern suburbs caught fire around 2 a. m. and seven waitresses who were sleeping on the second floor of the restaurant were killed. The restaurant was completely destroyed and the waitresses, the local police said, were killed by toxic smoke from burning decorations.

MANILA---Four people were killed yesterday in the central Philippine island of Tacloban when a bomb

they had dug up exploded, local police were quoted as saying. The four people were digging to set up a septic (poisonous) tank in their house when they dug up the bomb. It went off, killing all four people, local police were quoted by radio station DZBB as saying. The police did not say where the bomb came from. Unexploded bombs from World War II are still discovered around the Philippines once in a while.

TEL AVIV---An Israeli couple kissed for 30 hours and 45 minutes which, a spokeswoman said yesterday,

was a world record. The couple, both in their twenties, started kissing on Monday at 8:30 p.m. along with 250 other couples in a contest. “For nearly 31 hours they didn’t eat, drink, talk or even go to the bathroom. And the whole time, they were standing up”, said Arielle Goldman, who handled public relations for the event. She said a representative of the Guinness Book of World Records was on hang to witness the event, recorded on video. The previous record was 29 hour and 37 minutes, Goldman said. The winning couple received two round-the-world plane tickets and $2,500.

48. Which of the following statements is right?

A. The news report didn’t mention the loss caused by the fire.

B. After reading the report we know how the fire broke out.

C. The reporter tended to think the bomb had something to do with World War II

D. The local police refused to admit the bomb had anything to do with World War II.

49. The underlined word “toxic” means _____. A. poisonous B. dangerous C. hot D. thick

50. The Israeli couple kissed for nearly 31 hours_____.

A. to test their endurance B. to set a new world record

C. to show their special love D. to prove they are very healthy

51. Why did so many couples take part in the contest?

A. Because it was a good chance to enjoy themselves.

B. Because they were poor and wanted to gain the 2,500 dollars.

C. Because they wanted to attract people’s attention. D. Because they aimed at the honor and prize.


Beijing plans to build huge free or low-cost parking lots beyond the Fourth and Fifth Ring Roads to

encourage more car owners to take buses or subways to the downtown area.

初三练习(一) 第 5 页

The plan is just one of the many measures the city plans to take to reduce its traffic congestion. Low or no parking fees would be used as economic leverage to reduce growing parking demands from urban areas.

Car owners living in the suburbs will be encouraged to park their cars beyond the Fourth and Fifth Ring Roads and take buses or subways to the downtown area. Statistics show that nearly one quarter of the city’s traffic flow is concentrated in the 62-square-kilometre downtown area within the Second Ring Road, which makes up only 12 percent of the city’s total area.

The Beijing Traffic Management Bureau receives between 400 and 500 calls reporting traffic jams every day and more than 90 percent of the roads are filled to capacity during rush hour every morning and evening. Part of the problem is the lack of easy links between bus routes, subways and cars.

According to the communication commission, half of the city’s investment in transportation will go towards public transit construction in the next few years, making a jump from the current only 20 percent. Moreover, Beijing plans to change its layout by building new city centers, such as at Yizhuang, Tongzhou, Shunyi and Changping, in a bid to reduce the traffic flow to the downtown.

The current layout of Beijing-expanded ring roads around the same center of the Forbidden City, is seen as the root cause of the endless traffic jams. The downtown area is crowded with three business centers and one financial centre, as well as nearly 400 government organs and institutions.

Traffic experts say building more urban centers around Beijing may reduce the number of residents living in the suburbs and traveling long distances to work downtown every day, thus reducing traffic flow.

52. In the coming years, if a man beyond the Fourth Ring Road goes to work in the downtown of Beijing, he

is encouraged to ____.

A. take buses or subways B. take a taxi

C. drive the car quickly D. park his car in a place which asks for no fees

53. According to this passage, while more and more people drive to work in rush hour in Beijing, it is likely to

____. A. save time B. cause traffic jams C. cause traffic accidents D. reduce air pollution

54. The aim in building new city centers is to ____.

A. make it convenient for people to go shopping B. develop its local resources

C. reduce the traffic flow to the downtown D. solve the problem of more laid-off workers

55. The passage suggests the author ____.

A. is tired of driving to work B. finds it costs less to take subways than to drive

C. is for the plan to reduce Beijing’s traffic congestion

D. has benefited a lot by driving to the downtown every day


When should a child start learning to read and write? This is one of the questions I am most frequently asked. There is no hard and fast rule, for no two are alike, and it would be wrong to set a time when all should start being taught the intricacies of reading letters to form words.

If a three-year-old wants to read (or even a two-year-old for that matter), the child has the right to be given every encouragement. The fact that he or she might later be “bored” when joining a class of non-readers at child school is the teacher’s affair. It is up to the teacher to see that such a child is given more advanced reading material.

Similarly, the child who still cannot read by the time he goes to junior school at the age of seven should be given every help by teachers and parents alike. They should make certain that he is not dyslexic (having 初三练习(一) 第 6 页

difficulty in reading).

Although parents should be careful not to force youngsters aged two to five to learn to read ( if badly done it could put them off reading for life ), there is no harm in preparing them for simple recognition of letters by labeling various items in their rooms. For instance, tie a nice piece of cardboard to their bed with BED written in neat, big letters.

Should the young child ask his parents to teach him to read, and if the parents are capable of doing so, such an attraction should not be ignored. But the task should never be made to look like a hard job and the child should never be forced to continue, or his interest should start to flag.

56. This passage is mainly about ____.

A. what qualities people teaching children reading should have

B. different age groupings of children to be taught reading

C. when and how children should be taught reading

D. various problems of children who start learning to read

57. In the writer’s opinion, children start learning to read ____.

A. early and fast B. at different times C. by a certain rule D. from word games

58. A three-year-old child who wants to read should ____.

A. be encouraged B. go to an infant school C. start from fun stories D. join a class of non-readers

59. The purpose of labeling items in the room is to ____.

A. make it more colorful B. teach children to write neatly

C. help children recognize simple letters D. force children to develop the habit of reading

60. The writer suggests that ____.

A. children should ask their parents to teach them to read

B. children should not feel bored if given advanced reading material

C. children starting to read should ask specialists for help

D. children should be taught with patience, care and a sense of humour

第二节 根据对话内容,从对话后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳答案。选项中有两项为多余选项。 --- What do you plan to order, please ?

--- _____61_____

---Anything else ?

---And a cup of tea.

---Is that all ?

---Yes. My doctor told me that I should lose some weight. _____62_____ That is not healthy.

---How do you feel ?

---I feel fine. ___63______ Furthermore, some of my old clothes would fit me if I lost about 40 pounds. ---How long will that take you ?

--- ____64____ So, maybe six months. Then I can get down to my proper weight.

---Do you plan to eat nothing but salads for six months ?

---No, I’ll be able to eat fruit and certain meat. ___65____ And I should not eat anything containing sugar.

A. I’d like some fruit and chicken, please

B. I’m too heavy.

C. But most important, I should never eat anything between meals.

初三练习(一) 第 7 页




G. I’ve got a badly-diseased heart. I just have a vegetable salad. Well, I have just started. In fact, I have never felt better.

第 II 卷

第一节 单词拼写:根据首字母或汉语注释,写出各单词的正确形式。(每空只写一词)

66. The speaker _______ (谈到) to her past experiences . 66 _____________

67. They are going on _______ (各自的) holidays in a few days’ time. 67. ____________

68. Did you hear the _______ (登机) call just now ? Maybe the plane will take off. 68.___________

69. Their office is on the _______ ( 第十二 ) floor. 69. ______________

70. You should know that you have______ (表现) badly in losing your temper. 70.______________

71.. The day after ______ (圣诞节) is called Boxing Day .71._____________

72. Our family are used to______( 野餐 ) in the forest when Spring is coming. 72.______________

73. It costs more to fly ______ ( 直接 ) to Hong Kong. 73. _____________

74. How many_____(烟 ) do you smoke a day ? 74. _____________

75. He was standing, holding onto a tree that grew _____ (靠着;依着 )the wall. 75._____________

第二节 短文改错 (共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)

Dear Sally,

Now I’d like to tell you something about my part-time job this 76. ________

summer vacation, in which I worked like a guide in a travel agency. 77. ________ The work was interesting but tired. I think it was helpful to work this 78. ________ holiday. It was the first time that I have earned money on my own. 79. ________ I’ve come to understand how hard my parents work to support for 80. ________

the family. I used to keep on ask them for money, but now I’ll never 81. ________ waste money and learn to share worry with my parent. I've learnt how 82. ________ to get along well with others. What's worse, I've gained some working 83. ________ and social experience and I have learnt something can' t be learnt from 84. ________ textbooks. All these will be good for my future. In the word, I had a 85. ________

wonderful and valuable summer vacation. Yours, Li Bing

第三节 书面表达 (满分30分)





3.呼吁社会各界重视食品卫生 ( hygiene ) 与安全;打击牟取暴利的不法商贩。


Dear editor ,

初三练习(一) 第 8 页

I’m writing to tell you about a food poisoning incident . Several days ago , 初三练习(一)答案

单选:6.C 7.C 8.C 9.B 10.D 11.B 12.A 13.B 14.C 15.D 16.D 17.C 18.C 19.A 20.A

21—25 ABADC 26—30 ACADA 31—35 BCDBA

完型:21.B 22.A 23.C 24.D 25.C 26.A 27.D 28.A 29.B 30.C

31.D 32.A 33.A 34.B 35.B 36.D 37.C 38.B 39.C 40.D

阅读:41.C 42.D 43.B 44.C 45.B 46.D 47.A 48.C 49.A 50.B

51.D 52.A 53.B 54.C 55.C 56.C 57.B 58.A 59.C 60.D

61.E 62.B 63.G 64.F 65.C

单词:66.referred 67. separate 68. boarding 69. twelfth 70.behaved

72. picnicking 73. direct(ly) 74.cigarettes 75. against

改错: 76正确 77. like改为 as 78. tired改为tiring

79. have改为had 80. 去掉for 81. ask 改为asking

82.parent 改为 parents 83. worse改为 more

84. something 后加 that 85.the改为 a


初三练习(一) 第 9 页 71.Christmas

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