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初中英语动词时态专项练习题 2

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一、时间状语同时态的关系:一般情况下,简单句可根据句中的时间状语确定谓语动词的时态。其判定方式如下: 1、句中含有yesterday; last year(last + 具体时间); two days ago(一段时间 + ago); just now; this morning; in 2008(in + 过去的年代); the other day; over the weekend等时间状语时,谓语动词用一般过去时; 2、句中含有tomorrow; next week(next +具体时间); in two hours(in +一段时间); (how) soon; from now on; 10 years from now(一段时间+from now); in the future; in 2012(in +将来的年代); by (the end of) next month(by+将来时间); for the weekend; this afternoon; this evening; tonight; this weekend等时间状语时,谓语动词用一般将来时; 3、句中既有yesterday等过去时间状语,又有一个具体时间点(at 5:00; this time; at that time)时,谓语动词用过去进行时; 4、句中含有recently; in the last/past two years(in the last/past+一段时间); over the years(over the+一段时间); since 2005(since+具体时间或从句); for two years(for+一段时间,句中无其它时间状语); before(单独用于句尾)等时间状语时,谓语动词用现在完成时;

5、by (the end of) last year(by+过去时间); two days before(一段时间+before); for和since说明的时间同时用于句中;by the time + 从句(过去时态)等时间状语时,谓语动词用过去完成时; 6、简单句中如不含上述时间状语或有含说话时间在内的表示现在时间关系的词语时(如now; today; these days等词),其时态的判定一般按以下步骤进行: ------ 句中是否含有表示频率关系的词。如有,用一般现在时; ------ 句子是否说明客观规律。如是,用一般现在时; ------ 句中动词是否表示状况。如是,用一般现在时;

------ 句中动词是否为延续性动态动词。如是,用现在进行时; ------ 句中动词是否为完成性动词(瞬间动词)。如是,用现在完成时。




( )1. What _____ you _____ over the weekend?

A. will; do B. does; do C. did; do D. were,; doing ( )2. Xiao Li usually _____ to school by bike last year.

A. goes B. went C. will go D. is going ( )3. What _____ in our town 100 years from now?

A. happened B. is happened C. has happened D. will happen


( )4. Mr. Smith _____ to see you in an hour.

A. came B. has come C. will come D. comes ( )5. _____ you _____ from your parents recently?

A. Did; hear B. Have; heard C. Do; hear D. Will; hear ( )6. We _____ TV at home this time last night.

A. were watching B. watched C. have watched D. would watch ( )7. We _____ over 1500 English words by the end of last month. A. have learned B. had learned C. will learn D. learnt ( )8. She _____ in Shanghai for ten years since 1992.

A. has lived B. had lived C. lived D. will live ( )9. She _____ in Shanghai for ten years.

A. has lived B. had lived C. lived D. will live ( )10. We all know that the earth _____ round the sun.

A. goes B. went C. is going D. will go

( )11. “Where are the boys?” “They _____ soccer on the playground.” A. play B. are playing C. were playing D. played ( )12. Look! Lucy _____ under the tree.

A. reads B. is reading C. was reading D. read ( )13. He _____ more than 200 model cars in the last five years. A. has collected B. had collected C. collected D. will collect ( )14. Jim _____ a letter to his parents at 7:30 last night.

A. had written B. wrote C. would write D. was writing ( )15. The Smiths _____ in Beijing since two weeks ago.

A. stayed B. were staying C. would stay D. have stayed ( )16. “When _____ you _____ the bike?” “Last Monday.” A. have; bought B. did; buy C. will; buy D. do; buy ( )17. Look! The boy _____English now.

A. likes B. liked C. is liking D. was liking ( )18. Most students in our class _____ TV twice a week.

A. watch B. watched C. will watch D. are watching ( )19. How soon _____ they _____ back from work?

A. do; come B. did; come C. have; come D. will; come

( )20. “Where _____ you _____ Mr. Li?” “In his office, half an hour ago.” A. will; see B. did; see C. have, seen D. do; see ( )21. I _____ a new dictionary. Look! It’s very useful.

A. bought B. will buy C. have bought D. would buy ( )22. I won’t watch the movie tonight. I _____ it before.

A. will see B. have seen C. saw D. had seen

( )23. Hello! I _____ know you _____ in Chengdu. How long have you been here? A. didn’t; were B. don’t are C. didn’t; are D. don’t; were ( )24. He _____ a fire and then cooked a meal.

A. had made B. was making C. made D. has made ( )25. If I _____ time tomorrow, I will go to visit my grandfather. A. have B. will have C. would have D. am having ( )26. I’m going to be a doctor when I _____ up.

A. grow B. will grow C. grew D. am growing ( )27. The film _____ on for five minutes when I got to the cinema. A. has been B. had been C. was D. is ( )28. She _____ dinner when her son came in.

A. has cooked B. had cooked C. was cooking D. would cook

( )29. The train _____ when we got to the station. We had to wait for the next one. A. has left B. had left C. left D. was leaving ( )30. He said that he _____ to the barber’s tomorrow morning. A. will go B. went C. is going D. would go ( )31. In the last years I _____ a lot of friends. A. have made B. made C. will make D. was making ( )32. The boys _____ for about two hours. A. are playing soccer B. have been playing soccer C. were playing D. play soccer ( )33. He _____ so quickly that he could win the race. A. is running B. will run C. ran D. had run ( )34. He didn’t go there with us because he _____ there before. A. has been B. had been C. went D. would go ( )35. I don’t know if he ______ tomorrow. If he _____, I will tell you. A. will come; will come B. comes; comes C. will come; comes D. comes; will come

( )36. When I was young, my mother told me that the sun _____ in the east. A. rise B. rises C. rose D. had risen ( )37. “_____ you _____ your work?” “Yes. I finished it an hour ago.” A. Did; finish B. Have; finished C. Will; finish D. Had; finished ( )38. Hurry up, or you _____ the early bus. A. will miss B. has missed C. would miss D. missed ( )39. I _____ Mr. Green while I _____ along the street last Sunday. A. met; walked B. was meeting; walked C. met; was walking D. was meeting; was walking ( )40. Tom is strong and he _____ to school every day. A. walked B. walks C. will walk D. has walked ( )41. He said that he _____ with Mr. Black at that time. A. talked B. was talking C. is talking D. would talk ( )42. We _____ English in this school since we came here. A. have studied B. studied C. had studied D. were studying ( )43. She _____ at home until her mother came back.

A. has stayed B. stayed C. had stayed D. will stay ( )44. There will be an interesting movie _____ two days. A. for B. in C. after D. since ( )45. She _____ there until I came back. A. didn’t leave B. has stayed C. left D. was staying ( )46. It has been raining _____ two hours ago. A. until B. for C. since D. by ( )47. His father _____ since he was two years old. A. has died B. died C. has death D. has been dead ( )48. The meeting _____ for ten minutes when I got there yesterday. A. has begun B. had begun C. has been on D. had been on

( )49. He had collected over 500 stamps _____ he was twelve years old. A. since B. for C. until D. by the time ( )50. I was doing my homework _____ she rang me up last night. A. when B. while C. since D. before ( )51. “Where is John?” “He _____ the library.” A. has been to B. has gone to C. has been in D. has been at ( )52. How long _____ you _____ the computer? A. have; bought B. did; buy C. have ; had D. will; buy ( )53. She _____ Shanghai for two days. A. left B. has left C. will leave D. has been away from ( )54. He didn’t tell me anything about it _____ he left. A. since B. until C. by the time D. while ( )55. She _____ China since she was five years old. A. has come to B. has arrived at C. has arrived in D. has been in ( )56. I had finished my homework _____ I watched TV last night. A. before B. after C. when D. until ( )57. Miss White has been _____ the music club for 4 years. A. joining B. join C. joined D. in ( )58. What do you think he will _____ ten years? A. be for B. be at C. be to D. be in ( )59. There _____ two football games in our school next week. A. is going to be B. will have C. will be D. is going to have ( )60. They _____ a birthday party next Friday afternoon. A. is going to be B. will be C. will have D. is going to have ( )61. How long have you ____ the pen? A. kept B. bought C. borrowed D. got ( )62. I _____ Mr. Brown since I left Shanghai in 2004. A. have seen B. saw C. haven’t seen D. didn’t see ( )63. You don’t have to describe her. I _____ her several times. A. had met B. have met C. met D. meet


( )64. I _____ a cold for five days. I still can’t get rid of it.

A. caught B. had C. have caught D. have had

( )65. What _____ you _____ at nine o’clock that morning?

A. are; doing B. did; do C. were; doing D. had; done

( )66. What _____ you _____ by nine o’clock that morning?

A. are; doing B. did; do C. were; doing D. had; done

( )67. The sign _____, “ No Parking!”

A. reads B. was read C. is reading D. read

( )68. “_____ you _____ your lunch?” “Yes. I _____ it at school.”

A. Did; have; have had B. Have; had; had

C. Did; have; had D. Have; had; have

( )69. Lily _____ for her mother until she _____ home.

A. will wait; will come B. won’t wait; comes

C. will wait; comes D. waits; will come

( )70. “Mr. Brown is leaving for a trip.” “Really? Where _____ he _____?”

A. has; gone B. will; go C. did; go D. does; go

( )71. Tom, you _____ the book for two weeks. You have to return it now.

A. borrowed B. have borrowed C. kept D. have kept

( )72. “Have you mended your shoes?” “Yes. I _____ it twenty minutes ago.”

A. have mended B. mended C. had mended D. will mend

( )73. Mr. Smith _____ to China last year and _____ in love with her.

A. goes; falls B. went; fell C. went; felt D. has gone; fell

( )74. If you don’t go to the meeting tomorrow, _____.

A. he will, too B. he won’t, either C. he does, too D. he doesn’t, either

( )75. “Shall we go watching the match?” “Sorry, I can’t. I _____ my homework.”

A. do B. have done C. am doing D. did

( )76. The children won’t go hiking if it _____ next Sunday.

A. rain B. rains C. will rain D. is raining

( )77. “_____ you _____ to Japan?” “Yes. I will go there next month.”

A. Have; been B. Have; gone C. Are; going D. Did; go

( )78. When I got there, the film _____ for five minutes.

A. had been on B. had begun C. was beginning D. began

( )79. Don’t open the door until the bus _____.

A. will stop B. doesn’t stop C. is stopping D. stops

( )80. “_____ you _____ to Japan?” “Yes. We went there last year.”

A. Have; been B. Have; gone C. Did; go D. Are; going


1-5 CBDCB 6-10 ABBAA 11-15 BBADD 16-20 BAADB 21-25 CBACA 26-30 ABCBD 31-35 ABCBC 36-40 BBACB

41-45 BABBA 46-50 CDDDA 51-55 BCDBD 56-60 ADDCC 61-65 ACBDC 66-70 DABCB 71-75 BBBBC 76-80 BCADA 3

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