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内蒙古呼和浩特市敬业学校八年级英语暑假作业 Module 3模块综合测试

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内蒙古呼和浩特市敬业学校八年级英语暑假作业 Module 3模块综合

测试(无答案) 仁爱版

Ⅰ. 短语考查.

1.注意;留心_____________ 2.同意____________ 3.算出________________

4.开;旋开(灯等)___________ 5.把---调大_________ 6.向下看________________

7.在---前面______________ 8.在晴天____________ 9.在那边________________

10.从事于;着手开始___________11.相互;彼此________ 12.关闭(灯等)_________

13.把---调小________________ 14.在过去_____________15.亲自________________

16.弄清;查明_______________ 17.向某人解释__________18.看不起某人__________ Ⅱ.单项选择.

1. ---Mr Wang,I have trouble________ the text.

---Remember ______ it three times at least.

A.to understand;reading B.understanding;reading

C.understanding;to read D.to understand;to read

2. ---There goes the bell.

---It’s time for class.Let’s stop __________.

A.talk B.to talk C.talking D.not talk 3. ---Will you please show me how to do the role-play exercise?

---Sure. Now let me tell you _______ first.

A.which to do B.how to do C.when to do D.what to do

4. ---Millie,could you give me some advice?I don’t know __________

---Why don’t you wear this red shirt?

A.when to wear B.what to wear C.how to wear D.where to wear

5. Alice asked me _______ another bag for her.

A.get B.got C.to get D.getting

6. ---Thank you for the present you sent me.It’s so nice.


A.No,thanks B.I’m glad you like it

C.Please don’t say so D.No,it isn’t so good

7. ---Where is your dictionary,Yu Mei?

---Oh,I _______ it to Amy yesterday.She’ll return it tomorrow.

A.showed B.lent C.gave D.borrowed

th8. In the 49 World Table Tennis Championship,Wang liqing_______ Ma Lin and ______the

champion of the Men’s Singles.

A.beat;beat B.won;won C.beat;won D.won;beat


I don’t know when I became interested in listening to the radio.In the evening,I 1

like _______ some talk programmes.The host’s beautiful ______ makes me relaxed.The host often has the the feeling as the listeners_______ love,friendship,life and so on,I usually go to bed at 9:30pm _______ I begin to listen to the radio in bed.I can _______ listen to the sound ,but I am always interested in ________ who they are and what they________ like.I often fall asleep while listening.During lunch and supper time,I listen to the radio,too.

I like listening to music _______ it can make me quiet.I also like thinking about ________ while listening to music,for example,what I shall do tomorrow,that I have to call my family tonight and that I should _______ short messages to my friends on Christmas Day.

You see,the radio is important in my life,like a friend.


One day,Mr Black went into a restaurant.He put his coat on a chair near the door.There was nothing in the pockets of his coat.After he had his meal,he went to take his coat back.He found there was much money in one of his pockets.“Whose is this ?”he thought.He saw a waiter near the door,so Mr Black said to him, “Somebody put a lot of money in my coat.I have no time to wait for him.I have to go.Take it,please.When he comes back,give it to him.”The waiter took it and went away.At the moment,another man came with a coat just like Mr Black’s. “I’m sorry,”said the man.“I took your coat and you got mine.Please give my coat and the money”.Mr Black answered,“I gave the money to the waiter.He’ll give it to you.”Mr Black called the manager,but the manager said,“We have no waiters here.We only have waitress.He must be a thief.”

1. Mr Black went out ___________.

A. to eating something B.to put his coat on the chair

C.to buy a cat D.to see his friend

2. After his meal,Mr Black __________.

A.couldn’t find any money in his coat B.didn’t know where he put his coat

C.found some money in the pocket of his coat D.didn't take back his coat 3. Mr Black gave the money to _________. A.the manager B.the waiter C.the waitress D.the owner

4. The two coats looked _________.

A.quite different B.the same C.very dear D.too cheap

5. who is the thief?______


A.Mr Black B.The manager C.The waitress D.The waiter


A: Hello,Tony.____1_____

B: Oh,Daming.I’m going to watch the football match between our Chinese team and the Korean team.

A: Oh,that’s such an important match.I don’t want to miss it,either.___2___ B: Of course.Lets go

A: It seems that you like football very much.Do you like PE?

B: ___3____

A:Why not?

B: Because the teacher just lets us play games ourselves.What about you? A: I like it very much.____4____

B: You are lucky.

A: _____5______

B: Yes,having sports can make us healthy.

A: That’s right.I agree with you.


1.I can’t decide what I shall listen to.(改为单句)

I can’t decide ______ _______ listen to.

2. Don’t make any noise.(同义句)

_______ _______ any noise.

3.Mary plays her favourite music once a week.(对划线部分提问)

______ ______ does Mary plays her favourite music?

4.She can win the match,too.(改为否定句)

She ______ win the match,________.

5.He won the match. (同义句)

He _____ the _______ of the match.





4. Last week we _________ the game at last. My aunt used to be a __________,but now she is a reporter. Here is an important __________ about the heavy rain. ---What’s the _________ of the football match?

---Five to three.

5. The teacher told us that ________ needed to work hard.

6. ---What are you doing here?

---We are _________ the new lessons.


7. He is the first man to reach the________.

8. I ________ watching television. I prefer to read.


1. Can you ____________(解释) the matter to me?

2. She has a beautiful _________(嗓音)

3. The weather _________(似乎) as if it is going to rain.

4. The __________ (听众)spent two hours in listening to the radio.

5. Why don’t you attend the ________(每周的)meeting?

6. We haven’t found the _________(文章)which is about life on Mars.

7. there are more than 10 _______(玻璃杯)on the desk.

8. You must go to the hospital to_________(检查) your body.

9. When I got up,mother was __________(准备)the breakfast.

10. We raise the national flag _________(一周一次)at school.

Ⅸ. 范文背诵

The hero in My heart

Norman Bethune was born in 1890 in Canada. He came to China in 1938. He gave his life to helping Chinese people.

Norman Bethune became a doctor in 1916. He took part in the First World War and saved many lives. When he came to China, there were few doctors. He had to work hard. He opened hospitals to train doctors and nurses. Once, he performed operations for 69 hours without stopping to rest, and saved 112people. In the end he died because he didn’t stop to take care of his hand.

We will always remember the hero---- Dr. Norman Bethune.

The hero in my heart

In my heart, the Chinese astronaut, Yang Liwei is the real hero. He was the first to get to the moon in our country. And the trip to the moon was successful, though there were quite a few difficulties. Also, he brought us the courage (勇气) as well as the knowledge (知识). As an astronaut, Yang works very hard in order to finish the special trip perfectly (完美地). So we should learn from him to build our country into a stronger one. We Chinese people are proud of having such a wonderful space hero.


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