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内蒙古呼和浩特市敬业学校八年级英语暑假作业 Module 4模块综合测试

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内蒙古呼和浩特市敬业学校八年级英语暑假作业 Module 4模块综合

测试(无答案) 仁爱版


1.打开 2.快点

3.回放 4.把---与---相连接

5.看说明书 6.保存文件

7.等候三十秒 8.用邮件发送录音

8.给---照相 10.救某人的命

11.拿起,捡起 12. 保持冷静

13.建议做某事 14.咬在某人的手上

15.从---爬出 16.开始做某事

17.早几天 18.吃药

19.关上 20.把某物借给某人


Ⅲ.单项选择 1. ,boys and girls.You can do it.

A.Come in B.Come out C.Come up D.Come on 2.Excuse me, can you me your dictionay? I left mine at home. A.borrow B.lend C.keep D.have 3.Miss Li will come if he time next week.

A.have B.has C.will have D.had 4. hard and you’ll get good results in English.

A.Work B.To work C.Working D.Worked

5.If you don’t know use the MP4 player, read the instructions.

A.where to B.what to C.how to D.when to 6.The radio is too loud. Would you please ?

A.turn down it B. turn up it C.turn it down D.turn it up 7.Can you tell me ?

A.what’s wrong with you B.what wrong with you

C.what wrong is with you D.is what wrong with you


8.I don’t know if Miss Yang .If he , please let me know.

A.will come ; will come B.comes ; comes

C.will come ; comes D.comes ; will come 9.The book is we all like reading it.

A. so interesting that B. so very interesting that

C. so that interesting D. such interesting that 10.He like watching basketball, and .

A.I do so B.so do I C.so does I D.so I do


Many people like watching TV. 1 TV is 2 of the most important activities of the day. TV brings the outside world 3 to people’s homes. Some people say the world is smaller than 4 because of TV. Perhaps they are right. What’s going on in other countries? How 5 people live in far-away places? 6 there a good sports game somewhere?What’s life like in the deepest part of the sea?

If you want to 7 out these and other kinds of questions, just turn on your TV. Turn it on and watch. You can see a lot and you can learn a lot. Of course people can also learn through reading or learning 8 the radio. But they can learn better and more easily. Why? Because they can hear and watch, too.

TV helps to open our eyes. TV also helps to open our minds. TV often gives 9 news ideas. We learn newer and better ways of doing things.

TV is a wonderful thing. How can we make better use 10 it?


Radio, telephone and television are widely used in the world. When you turn on the radio, you can listen. But when you use telephone, not only can you listen to others, but you can also talk with them; however, you can’t see anything at all. Now television is much better than both of them. People can watch TV and listen to it, but they can’t take part in what they see.

Today, some people are using a new type of telephone called videophone. With the videophone, two people who are talking can see each other.

Videophones can be very useful when you have something to show the person whom you are calling. It may also have other uses in the future.


Someday you may be able to call up a library and ask to read a book right over your videophone. You may be able to do shopping through it, too .

Suppose(假设) you read about something in the newspaper that you want to buy, you will go to your videophone and call the shop. The shop assistant will show you the thing that you’re interested in. You’ll be able to shop all over the town and never leave your home.

Perhaps in the near future, videophones will come into wide use in our everyday life.

1.This passage is mainly about a new technology, that is .

A. radio B. telephone C. television D. videophone

2.It’s possible for a videophone to take the place of .

A. radios B. telephones C. televisions D. all of above

3.Which of the following is the most widely used in the world today?

A. Radios B. Telephones C. Televisions D.Videophones

4.Through a videophone we can .

A. hear each other B.see each other

C. touch each other D.both A and B

5.In the future, you can use a videophone to .

A. read a library book

B. ask a librarian to read a book for you

C. ask a librarian to bring you a book

D.ask a librarian to do the shopping for you


A: Good morning!

B: Good morning! 1

A: I don’t feel very well. I coughed almost the whole night.

B: Sorry to hear that. 2

A: Since yesterday afternoon.

B: Have you taken you temperature?

A: Yes, I have. 3

B: Nothing serious. 4 Take the medicine, then have a good rest. You’ll be all right.

A: 5

B: Don’t worry. I can help you with your lessons this evening.

A: Thank you.

B: You’re welcome.


Ⅶ.句型转换 1.It will be rainy tomorrow. (就划线部分提问) the weather tomorrow?

2.She seemed to know the truth of the accident. (同义句) that she the truth of the accident.

3.The teacher asked us. Does the earth go around the sun? (宾语从句) The teacher asked us the earth the sun.

4.She is too short to reach the book on the shelf. (同义句)

She isn’t the book on the shelf.

5.He doesn’t know how he will learn English well. (同义句)

He doesn’t know well.


1. The soldier the two children’s in the accident. 2. The teacher writing a dairy to develop writing skill. 3. When you use a new product, you’d better read the . 4. Please remember the light when you leave.

5. “ three times a day.” the doctor said. 6. If you want to send your recording by email, the recorder your computer. 7. When he walked in the trees, suddenly a snake on hand. 8. There are a few books on the ground. Please . 9. My classmate her dictionary yesterday. 10.You should when you meet a sudden thing.


暑假就要到了,我好高兴。但是老师会教育我们在愉快度假的同时, 别忘了学习。所以,


The summer holidays are coming. How happy I am! I hope to get away from our

school life and relax myself. But before the vacation, my teacher will tell us

not to forget to study while taking a vacation, so I make a pan for my holidays.

First, I would spend several days having a trip with my parents. We’ll visit

some places of interest. Second, I would work hard so that I can catch up with


my classmates. I’ll spend four hours in doing my homework and going over (复习) my lessons, and spend one hour preparing for (准备) the new term every day. Third, I’ll spend some time learning basic life skills, such as cooking, tidying up the rooms and washing clothes.

I’m sure I’ll have a perfect holiday.


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