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内蒙古呼和浩特市敬业学校八年级英语暑假作业 Module 1模块综合测试

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内蒙古呼和浩特市敬业学校八年级英语暑假作业 Module 1模块综合

测试(无答案) 仁爱版


1.至少______________ 2.占用 ______________ 3.一直;总是________________

4.在----末尾 _____________ 5.比如______________ 6.业余时间


7.收拾________________ 8.对----感兴趣____________ 9.有点儿,稍微


10.成功做---______________ 11.出版 ______________ 12.结果


13.并且,还 ____________ 14.务必,确信____________ 15.找出,查明_______________

16.收集布娃娃_____________ 17.在将来________________ 18.认为,想起 ______________


1. Her ________ is playing volleyball and her brother is ________ in playing


A. interest,interesting B.interested;interested C.interest;interested


2. I often listen to him play ________ violin.

A. a B. the C.an D./

3. ______ the end of the concert, John came up and introduced himself.

A.In B.By C.At D.To

4. His mother is watching him _______ across the street.

A.walks B.walking C.watched D.to watch

5. There is __________ in today’s newspaper. A.something important B.important something C.important nothing D.anything


6. You can’t imagine how much I _______ on this dress.Is it beautiful?

A.paid B.took C.cost D.spent

7. My friend’s hobby is _________ stamps.

A. collect B. collection C.collecting


Ⅲ.完形填空. Xiao Qiang,a 12-year-old Chinese boy,has too many activities.His father

__1___ him away from school four afternoons a week and drives him across town to

practice.”I’ll do most of my ___2__ in the car when we are ___3__ to practice,and

I have to do the rest when I get home.I am too tired,I just want to sleep.” He said.


“More and more kids become unhappy ___4___ they have too many activities to do.”said Mr.Wang,an expert of child development.”41℅ of the children aged 9—13 said they felt ___5___ most of time,and more than 75℅ of them said that they wished they had more ___6__ to play.”

“Over-scheduling(过量的课程安排)is a growing problem for Chinese families.” said Mr Wang. It is not good for both kids and their parents. More families eat dinner ____7__ or often eat fast food ___8___ their way to football practice or music music lessons. We all know it is important for kids to learn how to relax. If they don’t learn that now, it will be more difficult to learn when they get ___9___.Kids need time to relax. Parents should ___10___ about what is right for kids.

1. A.take B.takes C.took D.has taken

2. A.sports B.business C.homework D.housework

3. A.riding B.flying C.walking D.driving

4. A.but B.or C.because D.so

5. A.excited B.interested C.worried D.dangerous

6. A.great time B.full time C.right time D.tree time

7. A.slowly B.quickly C.quietly D.happily 8. A.on B.by C.in D.across

9. A.taller B.stronger C.older D.better

10.A.hear B.think C.look D.tell

Ⅳ.阅读理解. Most Americans enjoy moving from place to place.For example,they often drive their cars 120 to 160 kilometers away just to have dinner with a friend or even fly to London or Paris just to watch a football match.In some states only one person in five lives in a place for more than five years.One may be born in one city,and go to school in another.He may finish his middle school in two or three cities,and then go to college far across the country.When he begins to work,he may possibly move from job to job.Moving from one job to another,which is called “job-hopping”,is very common in the United States.

Job-hopping does good to workers because every change of a job gives them a chance to get better pay.And job-hopping also gives bosses the chance to get new ideas and skills from him or her.

1. From this passage,we can see Americans often travel to________.

A.have dinner with their friends B.go shopping

C.watch a football game D.enjoy themselves

2. Which of the following is true?

A.About 20% of the people stay in one place for over five years.

B.Children have to finish middle school in one place.

C.People go to the nearest college.

D.When people begin to work,they don’t move any more.



A: Mum,there is a letter for you. B: ________1________

A: It’s from England.Oh,the stamp is very beautiful.Can you give it to me? B: ________2________

A: Thank you very much.

B: ________3__________

A: I have got more than two hundred stamps.

B: By the way,_______4__________

A: It’s ten past two.

B: Oh,it’s time for work. Goodbye.


1. It took the Smiths two hours to clean their house last Sunday.(改为同义句)

The Smiths _______ two hours _______ their house last Sunday.

2. He showed great interest in science and maths when he was a child(改为同义句)

He ______ ________ in science and maths when he was a child.

3. It’s difficult to remember the new words. (改为同义句)

_______ ________ the new words _______ difficult.

4. He is sure that he is going to write more books.(改为否定句)

He ________ sure ________ he is going to write more books.

5. The child is so young that he can’t look after himself. (改为同义句)

The child isn’t _______ _________ to look after himself.

1. In spring,many flowers __________.

2. My sister made many mistakes in the exam,________,she couldn’t pass it.

3. He can speak English and he can speak French _________.


4. We have many subjects to learn,__________ History,Chemistry,Science and so on.

5. _______ Lily ________ Daming went to see the film.

6. _______ animals is not an easy thing.

7. We must ___________ the truth of the matter.

8. _________ the girls___________ outdoor sports?

9. Boys and girls,please _________ the classroom after the party.

10. You should take notes ______________ listen.


Bruce lives o__1___ a farm.He grows rice and wheat w___2____ a tractor.It works f___3___ and better.The air in the country is cleaner than that in the city.And the sky is b__4____ ,the land is greener.He likes the country b___5____ than the city.His friend John a____6____ with him.John lives in the city.Every year he goes to Bruce’s farm.He likes working,playing,eating and staying in the open a___7_____.He thinks the vegetables that they grow are the m____8___ delicious of all.So he says,living in the country is more i____9_____ than l____10_____ in the city.


当今世界,人们的业余生活赿来赿丰富,例如:看电影、看比赛、上网、欣赏音乐等。请根据自己的实际,写一篇短文,描述自己的业余生活中所看的一部电影或电视剧,观光过的旅游胜地,或看过的一场比赛等。词数80左右。 I usually spend my free time in seeing a film, watching the matches and listening to the music.

Have you ever seen the TV play-----Liang Jian? I saw it last month. It was very exciting and the battles were very frightening. It was an enjoyable play though it was long.

Li Youbin is a good actor. He plays Li Yunlong. The scenes with Li Yunlong are very exciting. And some of them are very funny.

In my opinion, it is too long. But except for this, it is an excellent TV play. If you don’t see it, I advise you to see it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


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