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班级 姓名 (80分钟,满分120分)

I 听力部分(15分)


( )1. A. Alan B. name C. pen

( ) 2. A. this B. meet C. please

( ) 3. A. it B. fine C. five

( ) 4. A. hello B. OK C. how

( ) 5. A. you B.quilt C. ruler


( ) 6. A. It's a key. B. This is a cup. C. That's a ruler.

( )7. A. It's yellow. B. It's a blue. C. It's a map.

( )8. A. Yes, I am. B. No, It isn’t. C. It is my ruler.

( )9. A. My mother. B. My uncle. C. My cousin.

( )10. A. These are pens. B. It's a book. C. They're pencils.


Conversation A:

( )11. What is her family name? A. Linda. B. Jones. C. Linda Jones.

( )12. What’s his phone number? A. 2786926. B. 5184936. C. 2784936.

Conversation B:

( )13. What is his name? A. Kevin Brown. B. Paul Brown. C. Kevin Smith.

( )14. What’s his ID number? A. 8. B. 5. C. 6.

( )15. What is his phone number? A. 8504864. B. 8385374. C. 8358784.

II 笔试部分(105分)



1. L ( ) 2. P ( ) 3. CD ( ) 4. UFO ( ) 5. BBC ( )

A. 停车(区) B. 英国广播公司 C. 不明飞行物 D. 激光唱片 E. 大号

三、单项选择 (20分)

( ) 1. 选出字母顺序正确的一项:

A. r s t v u w B. r s t u v w C. r t s u v w

( ) 2. What’s thisEnglish?

A. an B. on C. in

( w W w .x K b 1.c o M

A. map B. orange C. uncle

( )4. Are ______ her parents?

A. this B. these C. she

( ) 5. ---Is this a key? --- ______.

A. No, it isn’t. B. It’s a ruler C. Yes, it’s.

( )6. Your jacket is very (非常) beautiful (漂亮).

A. Where? B. No. C. Thank you.

( ) 7. Which(哪句) is right (正确)?

A. These is my books. B. Are they your pen?

C. Are those his rulers?--Yes, they are.

( )8. --- Good morning, class!

--- A. Hello B. Good morning, Li Lei C. Good morning,, Mr. Zhang

( )9. --- Hello, A. Mr. Green B. Green Mr. C. Mr. Tonny

( )10. --- Nice to meet you! --- A. Good morning! B. Hello! C. Nice to meet you, too!

( )11. --- How are you?---

A. Fine. Thank you. B. How do you do? C. Good.

( )12. --- Sit down, please! --- A. Hello. B. You sit down. C. Thank you!

( )13. This is A. an; a B. the; the C. a; an

( )14. --- A. What color; and B. How color; and C. What color; or

( )15. ---

A. Is it a watch ? B. Can you spell watch ?

C. How do you spell watch ?

( )16. A. This; that B. These; those C. Those; that

( )17. I have two friends. _______are peter and Sandy.

A. He B.You C. They

( )18.This is a cat. _____name is Miaomiao.

A. my B.Its C.It’s

( )19.---- Are _______her books?

-----No, they are Jenny’s.

A. this B.that C.those

( )20.---_________,Jane, Is this your key?

---Yes,it is.Thank you.

A. Excuse I B.Good C.Excuse me


( ) 1. How are you? A. she is my sister.

( ) 2. Good morning! B. Fine, thanks.

( ) 3.Is this yours? C. It’s a pen.

( ) 4. What’s her name? D.Her name is Amy.

( ) 5. What color are the pens? E. Nice to meet you,too!

( ) 6. Nice to meet you! F. Good morning!

( ) 7. Is this a green pen? G. Yes, it’s mine.

( ) 8. What’s this in English? H. Yes, it is.

( ) 9. Thank you for your help. I. They’re green.

( )10. Who is the girl? J. You are welcome.

五 完形填空(15分)


Her____ name is Mary. Her _____ name is Brown. _____is 13.

She _____ in China. _____telephone number is 3261058.

( )1.A.first B.family C.last

( )2.A.first B.family C.English

( )3.A.Her B.It C.She

( )4.A.is B.am C.are

( )5.A.Her B.She C.His


A: Good morning!

B: ___3____name is Amy. And you?

A: I ___4___Peter. Nice to meet you.

B: ___5____.

A: What’s this __6_____ English?

B: It’s A: And ___8____this in the picture?

B: ___9____Kate. She’s English.

A: Thank you very much.

B: ____10____.

( )1.A.Thanks B.Thank you C.Good morning

( )2.A.What B.What’s C.Who

( )3.A.I B.I’m C.My

( )4.A.am B.is C.name

( )5.A.Nice to meet you, too B.Thanks C.Thank you ( )6.A.for B.at C.in

( )7.A.picture B.a picture C.the picture

( )8.A.What B.What’s C. Who’s

( )9.A.It’s B.Its C.It

( )10.A.Ok B.All right C.That’s all right

六、阅读理解。( 共20分)

(A)Hello! I’m Tom. Here is a photo of my friend. His first name is Mark. His last

name is Hand. He is English. His school ID card number is 19922. My school ID card

number is 12299. That’s interesting. Look at the photo! He is in a black and red

jacket .His backpack is blue, and his watch is yellow. A white baseball is in his hand.

His telephone number is 235-3577.

( )1. Tom is Mark’s A. brother B. cousin C. friend

( )2. The boy in the photo is A. Tom Hand B. Mark Hand C. Hand Mark

( )3. Tom’s school ID card number is A. 12299 B. 19922 C. 19292

( )4. Mark has(有) a A. green watch B. black and red jacket C. yellow

jacket( )5. Mark’s backpack is A. yellow B. black C. blue


( )6. _______ lost her school ID card. A. Mary B. Tony C. Mike

( )7. The ruler is _______. A. red B. black C. blue

( )8. Mike found a _______ A. card B. ruler C. watch

( )9. Kim’s telephone number is _______. A. 445-6767 B. 556-7892 C. 322-4768

( )10. Which one is right?(哪一项是正确的)

A. Tony found a ruler. B. The watch is white C. Mike’s phone number is 665-7359.



1.—What’s your f_______ name? --It’s Gina.

pencil box green?

3. Tim is a good boy, he is my f_______.

4. My father and my uncle are b_______.

5 You can c_______ me at 685-6034.

B: 按要求改写下列句子。(10分)


__________ __________is the schoolbag?

7.That is a watch.(改为复数形式)

________ are __________.

8. These are their Chinese books.(改为一般疑问句)

__________ __________their Chinese books?

9.Is this your pencil-box?(做否定回答)

__________ , _________ isn’t.


__________ _________ those?



71. 我叫Sally, 姓Smith.

My first name ______ sally, and my _______ name is smith.

72. 这是你的朋友吗?不,她是我表妹。

Is this your ______? No, _____my sister.

73. 他的电话号码是多少?

______ ______ phone number?

74. 谢谢你的全家照。

______ you _______ the photo of your family.


Tom and Kate are _______ and________.

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