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内蒙古呼和浩特市敬业学校八年级英语暑假作业 Module 2模块综合测试

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内蒙古呼和浩特市敬业学校八年级英语暑假作业 Module 2模块综

合测试(无答案) 仁爱版

Ⅰ. 短语考查.

1.欢迎来到---____________ 2..与---不同 ____________ 3.顺边说一下;问一下___________

4.发生______________ 5.每一次________________ 6.每日,日益__________________

7.玩儿的高兴_____________ 8.首先;开始_____________ 9.如此多_________________

10.等待_______________ 11.实际上;事实上___________ 12.觉得像---似的___________

13.邀请某人做某事_______________ 14.在那时_____________15.想要_________________

16.寻找_______________17.过来;顺便来访_______________ 18.练习做某事____________ Ⅱ.单项选择.

1.---How are you getting along with your classmates?

---Very well.They are all ______ me.

A.afraid of B.angry with C.tired of D.friendly to

2.The Olympic Games __________ every four years.

A.are held B.were held C.are holding D.Will hold

3. ---Do you feel like ______ or shall we go by bus?

---I prefer to walk,but we have _______ a taxi,for time is short. A.walking;to take B.to take;take a C.walking;taken D.to walk;to take

4. ---You look so _____ in this picture.You usually don’t dress like that. ---Oh,I was at a party.I took it just for fun.

A.serious B.different C.worried D.friendly

5. ---You never feel worried before an exam,how can you?

---Well,I’ve been working hard all the time.Surely I am _______ any exams.

A.busy with B.afraid of C.ready for D.interested in

6. Don’t worry.I’m sure you’ll ________ your claasmates if you are kind and

friendly to them.

A.catch up with B.agree with C.get on well with D.make friends with

7. Be careful when you go ______ the street because the traffic is very busy at the


A.across B.behind C.between D.over


Making friends is not easy.Sometimes it can take years ___1____ you two become True friends.Friendship means different things to different people,___2___ most people have the same opinions about what a “true friend”should be.


Firstly,true friends should be honest with each other.It means telling the truth ____3___,but this is not always so easy. Sometimes you do not want your friends to know _____4____about you,for example,getting bad marks in the exam.Then you may want to____5_____a lie to make yourself feel better,but this is not a good idea.Your friends will___6____the truth at last,and they will feel sad___7____you lied to them.

Secondly,being a good listener.You do not want to have a friend who is not willing to ___8____your problems,or always talks about your problems witheverybody in school.It is very imporlant___9___friends to believe in each other,so never lie to your friends.Be a good listene when your friend have problems,and___10___the secrets for them.Then you will have more friends.

1. A.after B.during C.before D.ago

2. A.but B.and C,then D.so 3. A.sometimes B.all the time C.sometime D.some times

4. A.something bad B.bad something C.nothing bad D.bad nothing

5. A.say B.speak C.tell D.talk

6. A.look B.watch C.hear D.know

7. A.because B.why C.who D.so

8. A.listen B.talk C.listen to D.talk about

9. A.to B.for C.of D.with

10. A.make B.let C.take D.keep Ⅳ.阅读理解.

The best way of learning a language is using it. The best way of learning Englis

is talking in English as much as possible. Sometimes you’ll get your words mixed up and people will not understand you.Sometimes people will say things too quickly and you can’t understand them.But if you keep your sense of humour,you can always have a good laugh at the mistakes you make,Don’t be unhappy if people seem to be laughing at your mistakes.It’s better for people to laugh at your mistakes than to be angry with you ,because they don’t understand what you are saying .The most important thing for learning English is“Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.” ( )1. The writer thinks that the best way for you to learn a language is_____

A.writing B.using it C.listening it D.learning grammar

( )2. What should you do in learning English?

A.Be careful not to make any mistakes B.Write as quickly as you can

C.Speak English as much as you can D.Laugh more often

( )3. When people laugh at your mistakes,you should__________.

A.not care B.be happy C.feel worried D.be unhappy



A: Hi,Gao Yang.Where are you going to spend your summer holiday this year? B: _____1_______

A: How are you going to get there?

B: We’re going to get there by plane.

A: _____2_______

B: The next Monday.

A: ______3______

B: Thanks. What about you?

A: ______4_____ I’d like to go back to see all the villagers.I miss them very much. B: ______5_____ I think you must have a good time in your hometown.


1. I don’t know how I can get to the cinema. (改为同义句)

I don’t know how ______ ______ to the cinema.

2. The geography teacher told us,“The earth goes round the sun.” (改为同义句) The geography teacher told us the earth_______ _______ the sun.

3.I wonder.Who is the boy?(合并为一句


I wonder___________________________.

4. How does the writer describe her feelings? Could you tell me? (合并为一句) _____________________________________________?

5.Did Peter come here yesterday? Li Lei wants to know. (合并为一句)

Li Lei wants to know _______ Peter ________ here yesterday.


1. ---Hello,may I speak to Ken?


2. ______________,do you know how to use this machine?

3. What does it ___________ to be at school in America?

4. Last night,I watched TV for an hour_____________.

5. Without any word,he ___________ and smiled at me.

6. The headmaster is going to tell us the result_____________.

7. She doesn’t like him at all;____________ I think she hates him.

8. We should _____________ honest people.

9. The weather reporter says that it is getting colder and colder____________.

10. ___________ years later,he became famous as a popular singer.



A: 根据句意和首字母提示补全单词。

1.---I’m sorry to break your pencil. ---It doesn’t m ______________.

2. The f ________ between us will last forever.

3. In western countries,it’s not polite to ask others p_________ questions.

4. She doesn’t feel like e _________ anything.She is full now.

5. Mum asked me if I would give Tony a g _______ on his birthday.

B: 根据句意和汉语提示写出单词.

1. I’m lucky to have lots of ________(亲戚) in my family.

2. The little girl has a couple of _________ (明亮的) beautiful eyes.

3. You shouldn’t _________ (触摸) the machine.It’s very dangerous.

4. But two days later we went home together as ________ (平常).We were still friends.

5. I felt a bit unhappy,but Tom didn’t ________ (相信) that he did anything wrong. Ⅸ.范文背诵

北京是中国的首都,它有着悠久的历史,有多处名胜古迹。有很多外国朋友来到北京,请你用最简洁的语言向他们介绍这个世界知名的旅游胜地。要求不少于100词。 Beijing is the capital of China. It is a modern city with a long history. It lies in the north of China. Millions of people from different parts of the world come to Beijing. They come here to taste the famous food---Beijing Roast Duck and visit the places of interest. There are many places of interest. Take a bus, and you can get to the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs and the Tian’anmen Square. From them you can learn a lot about Chinese history. Of course, you can also visit the museums such as Museum of Chinese History, Beijing Museum of Natural History.

If you want to learn more about China, welcome to Beijing.


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