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Unit 1 Will people have robots?

New words
Fall in love with apartment Live alone Be able to space station Live in an Probably Keep a pet casually

Learn more about the world


astronaut rocket

space station Mars

What will the world be like?

What were you doing five years ago? What are you doing now? In fifty years, what will the world be like ?


Went to where


Fell in love with what
presen Can’t do t

In the Job future Where to live/how What to have

Where to go
Where to visit


Went to Beautiful Shanghai with city Fell in love it …hates them presen Can’t t have pets …too small In the reporter

apartme nt Have pets hongkon g Australia

Before listening
1 live in Techville/in an apartment
2 in the country 3 kidding 4 be serious 5fly rocket to the moon 6flights to other planets 7 live on a space station

2a Listening 2



2b Listening

1. I live in an apartment. ___
work 2. I _____ near here.

3. I ___ a computer programmer. am
4. We _____ in a house. lived 5. I ____ the train to school. took

6. I ______ an astronaut. ’ll be

7. I _____ rockets to the moon. ’ll fly 8. I ’ll live on a space station. ______

Listen to it again
Conversation 1
Alexis: Hi, I’m Alexis. Joe: Nice to meet you, Alexis, I’m Joe. Alexis: Nice to meet you, Joe. ____________ Joe: Yes, I do. ________________ Alexis: Oh, really? Joe: Yes, I work near here too, at Sisco Software Systems. _______________________ Alexis: A computer programmer? That sounds interesting . Joe: Well, actually it’s kind of boring. _____________

Conversation 2

Alexis: Hey, Joe, is that a picture of

Joe: Yeah,____________
Alexis: So, did you live here in

Techville ten years ago?

Joe: No, ___________________ Greenville. We lived in a house _______. I went to school here in Techville, though. Alexis: Really? That’s pretty far from here. ___________ Joe: Oh, I took the train to school.

Conversation 3
Alexis: So, Joe, what do you think your life will be like in ten years? Joe: Oh, I think I’ll be an astronaut. Alexis: An astronaut? Are you kidding? Joe: No, I’m serious. I’ll fly rockets to the moon. Maybe there will be flights to other planets. Alexis: Oh, and where will you live? Joe: I’ll live on a space station.

2c PAIRWORK A: Where do you live? B: I live in an apartment.

What will your life be like in ten years?
I’ll be an engineer.

I’ll go to Sydney on vacation.

Fill in the chart. Ming in ten years



go skating and swimming


Places Shanghai Clothes suit

Self Check
1. I want to _____ for myself when work I’m older. 2. My friends _____ a pet pig in their keep house. 3. I need to ____ smart for my job look interview.

4. We have to _____ a uniform to wear school. 5. One day people will ___ to the fly moon for vacations.

3 Find these words from this unit.
1. A place to live in space: space station 2. Something kids will use to study at home: computers 3. Th

ese will be in every home: robots 4. Yang Liwei is a famous Chinese _________. astronaut

1. besides prep. 而且;再者;还有 (区别于 beside “在…旁边;在…附 近”) I sit beside John. 我坐在约翰旁边。 He tried two ways besides. 他另外还试了两种方法。

2. go swimming 去游泳 类似的短语还有: go skating 去滑冰

go fishing 去钓鱼
go shopping 去买东西

go hiking 去远足

3. be on vacation 度假 Where will go be on vacation? 你将去哪儿度假 4. In ten years 十年后 I’ll be a reporter in ten years. 十年后我会是一个记者。 I’ll be a hero in ten years. 十年后我又是一条好汉。

5. fall in love with 爱上… fall in love with a girl 爱上一个女孩 fall in love with a country 爱上一个国家

[注] fall 是“陷入”的意思. 它与

fall→ fell→ fallen
feel→ felt→ felt

6. alone adj.(只作表语)
adv. 独自;单独 He was alone in the house 他一个人在屋里 I went to the movies alone,I felt lonely. 我独自去看电影了,我觉得很孤独。

[注] alone 表示“单独的,独自一人 的”,不含感情色彩.做形容词时, 只能在be动词或系动词之后做表语 与lonely不同, lonely表示“孤独的,寂寞的” 含有丰富的感情色彩. lonely做形容 词时,可做定语和表语。 如: a lonely village 孤寂的村庄

7. keep vt.& vi.

keep 有好几个意思,在本课中做

keep a pet parrot 养一只宠物鹦鹉
feed a cat with fish 给猫喂鱼

I’ll try my best to keep my job.


keep a secret

(3)保持(某状态): Keep silent! 保持沉默! Keep top side up! 请勿倒放! (“保持上方朝上”不就是“请勿 倒 放”吗?) (4)继续;持续: They kept walking. 他们继续步行。

用more, less, fewer 填空 1. We plant trees every year, there will be _____ trees. more 2. If we waste water, there will be ____ water. less 3. If every family has a baby, there will be _____ people. more

4. I think English is _________ less/ more popular than Chinese. 5. There will be _____ robots more everywhere, and humans will have ___ work to do. less

6. There will be _____ free time more when people retire.

选择wear, put on , dress 填空,并 注意用其适当形式 1. We have to _____ a uniform to wear school. 2. Put on your coat when you go out. ______ 3. Can he _____ himself? dress

4. Our Chinese teacher wears a _____ pair of glasses. 5. Please _____ the baby, George. dress 6. She often _____ a red skirt. wears

用一般将来时填空。 1. I ________ (visit) my uncle will visit tomorrow. 2. There _______ (be) a football will be match in our school next week. 3. He ________ (help) you with your will help English this


4. They ________ (play) soccer if it will play doesn’t rain. 5. We _________ (have) a meeting will have tomorrow.

翻译句子 1. 你认为人们的家里会有机器人吗? Do ___ _____ there will be robots you think __ people’s homes? at _______ 2. 人们将活到150岁。 People ___ ___ __ be 150 years old. will live to __

3. 我认为她会当医生。 I think she will __ a doctor. ___ be 4. 你住哪儿? 我住在北京。 ______ ___ you live Where do ___ ____? I live in Beijing. 5. 他反复看她的来信。 He read her letter over and over ____ ____ ____ again _____.

6. 等了很长一段时间后他厌烦了。
He ___ _____ after he waited for was tired


写作 发挥你的想象, 写一篇作文。

I think we will need robots for
cleaning the house… …

Thank you for listening!

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