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Unit 4 where's my schoolbag 导学案 人教版七年级英语上册

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Unit 4

Where's my schoolbag?

Language Goals: Talk about where things are.

语言目标: 谈论物品的位置。


1. A: Where are my books?

B: They're on the sofa.

2. A: Where's my pencil box?

B: It's in your school bag.

3. A: Where's my computer game?

B: It's under your bed.

4. A: Are the keys on the sofa?

B: No, they aren't. They're on the table.

Role-play the conversation.分角色表演对话。

Mom: Come on! Jack.

Jack: Oh,no! Where's my bag?

Mom: Hmm....is it on your desk?

Jack: No. And it's not under the chair.

Mom: Oh, it's on the sofa.

Jack: Thank you, Mom. Err.....where's the map?

Mom: I think it's in your grandparents' room.

Jack: Yes, it's on their bed! And my hat?

Mom: It's on your head!

Jack: Oh,yeah! Haha!

Grammar Focus

Where's the map?==It's in your grandparents' room.

Where are my books?==They're on the sofa.

Where's his pencil box?==It's in his schoolbag.

Where's your ruler?==It's under the chair.

Where are their keys?==They're on the table.

Where's=Where is

5. I'm Kate, and my sister is Gina. I'm tidy, but Gina is not. In our room, my books and tapes are in the bookcase. My keys are in my schoolbag. I have a clock. It's on the desk. Gina's books are everywhere-- on her bed, on the sofa and under the chair. The white model plane is hers. It's under the desk." where are my keys? Where's my ruler? Where's my schoolbag?" Gina always asks.


1. 写出你所知道的身边物品的名称。并以身边的物品,用本课内容指出它们的位置。(例1,2,3)

2. 就身边的物品位置,与同伴问答。(例4) 3. 与同伴编一关于讨论物品位置的对话。(仿照分角色扮演对话) 4. 以自己卧室物品为载体,用英语组成对话。

5. 用英语(包含in on under)写一篇关于自己卧室物品位置的小短文。(例5) 6. 画一张表格,列出自己身边物品所在的位置.按照 what(things),where..的格式。

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