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Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation 单元教案 新版八年级英语上册

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Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?

Section A 1 (1a-2d)


1. 语言知识目标:

1) 能掌握以下单词:anyone, anywhere, wonderful, quite a few, most, something, nothing, everyone, of course, myself, yourself


① —Where did you go on vacation? —I went to the mountains.

② —Where did Tina to on vacation? —She went to the beach.

③ —Did you go with anyone?

2) 能了解以下语法:

—复合不定代词someone, anyone, something, anything等 的用法。

—yourself, myself等反身代词的用法。

3) 一般过去时态的特殊疑问句,一般疑问句及其肯定、否定回答。

2. 情感态度价值观目标:



1. 教学重点:

1) 用所学的功能语言交流假期去了什么旅行。

2) 掌握本课时出现的新词汇。

2. 教学难点:

1) 复合不定代词someone, anyone, something, anything等 的用法。

2) yourself, myself等反身代词的用法。


Ⅰ. Lead-in

1. 看动画片来进入本课时的主题谈论上周末做了些什么事情,谈论过去发生的事情。

Ⅱ. Presentation

1. Show some pictures on the big screen. Let Ss read the expressions.

2. Focus attention on the picture. Ask: What can you see? Say: Each picture shows 1 —Yes, I did./No, I didn’t.

something a person did in the past. Name each activity and ask students to repeat: Stayed at home, Went to mountains, went to New York City 6. Went to the beach, visited my uncle, visited museums, went to summer camp

3. Now, please match each phrase with one of the pictures next to the name of the activity,point to the sample answer.

4. Check the answers. Answers: 1. f 2. b 3. g 4. e 5. c 6. a 7. d

III. Listening

1. Point to the picture on the screen.

Say: Look at the picture A. Where did Tina go on vacation? She went to mountains. Ask: What did the person do in each picture?

2. Play the recording the first time.

3. Play the recording a second time.

Say: There are three conversations. The people talk about what did on vacation. Listen to the recording and write numbers of the names in the right boxes of the picture.

4. Check the answers.

IV.Pair work

1. Point out the sample conversation. Ask two Ss to read the conversation to the class.

2. Now work with a partner. Make your own conversation about the people in the picture.

3. Ss work in pairs. As they talk, move around the classroom and give any help they need.

4. Let some pairs act out their conversations.

V. Listening

1. Tell Ss they will hear a conversation about three students’ conversations. Listen for the first time and fill in the chart. Then listen again and check Yes, or No.

2. Let Ss read the phrases in the chart of 2b.

3. Play the recording the first time. Ss listen and fill in the chart.

4. Play the recording a second time for the Ss to check “Yes, I did.” or “No, I didn’t. ”

5. Check the answers with the Ss.

VI. Pair work

1. Let two Ss read the conversation between Grace, Kevin and Julie.


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