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Unit 2 How often do you exercise 精品学案 新版八年级英语上册

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Unit2 How often do you exercise?

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Period 1 Section A 1a-2c


New words:exercise,skateboard,hardly,ever,once,twice,time,surf,Internet, program

Key phrases:how often,go skateboarding,hardly ever,on weekends,once a week,twice a month,surf the Internet Key sentences: (1)-What do they usually do on weekends? -They usually go to the movies.

(2)-How often do you exercise? -I exercise four times a week.

(3)-How often does Chen watch TV? -He watches TV twice a week.




A: How often do you watch TV? B: Twice a week.

这是询问别人做某事_______的句型,常用于一般疑问句中。答语用频率副词表示频率的短语来回答。如:---______ ______ does he play basketball? --- Once a week.

A: What do you usually do on weekends? B: I often go to the movies.

A: What does he usually do on weekends? B: He often goes skateboarding.


如:-_______ does your mother usually do on Sundays?-She often does housework.

注意:以What 和how often等疑问词开头的疑问句,是本单元重要句型。



how many ______________ how much _______________ how often ____________

how old ________________ how long_____________ how far ________________



(100%)_______ (80%)________ (30-50%)______ (20%)_____ (5%)_______ (0%)_________


go to the movies 看电视 锻炼

surf the Internet 踢足球

去滑板 购物

每周一次 每月两次

Animal World 合作探究:

Task 1 Matching Task 2 Listening Task 3 Pairwork


How often do you exercise?

exercise 动词 锻炼运动 可数名词 体操练习 do morning exercises, do eye exercises

不可数名词 锻炼运动 take enough/more exercise

1 He hardly takes _________, so the doctor asks him to do some running and morning _________.

2 My father _________ every day. 3 Lucy is doing eye _________.

4 People usually take _________ in the morning

How often do you watch TV? Twice a week.

How often 表频率,多久一次,对every day, always, usually, sometimes, often once a week 等表示频率的副词或短语提问。

How often 多久一次,指动作频率 how soon多久,一般用于一般将来时,回答―in…‖短语

How long 多长时间 回答for…或since…短语 how far 多远 用于对距离提问。

1._________ _________ does she go to the movies? Once a month.

2._________ _________ will you get back home? In two months.

3._________ _________ did he stay here? For two months.

4._________ _________ does Mary live from the library? Two miles.

5.I wonder_________ you'll water this kind of tree. Once a week.

A how often B how long C how soon D how much



1、They go to the movies (one) a week. 2、My cousin (watch) TV twice a week.

3、My friends like different weekend (activity).

4、(be) some students’ homework. 5、II、根据句意及首字母提示完成单词。

1、late for school.He is a good boy. 2、on CCTV-5.

3、The lazy(懒的ever helps others.

4、goes to school early, so he’s never late. 5、every day.


1. _________ _________(多久一次)do you exercise? Every day.

2. He often _________ _________ (去玩滑板)on weekends.

3. She _________ _________ (几乎从没有)plays computer games.

4. Her mother goes shopping _________ _________ _________(一周两次).

5. Kate's mother _________ _________ (看电视) every night.


Period 2 Section A 3-4


Key words: result,active,about,survey,all,most,some,no

Key phrases: as for,three or four times a week,once or twice a week


1.能运用本课词汇 及句型进行自由对话,完成相关练习。2.一般现在时态的熟练运用


1. 51%~99% of the students _____________ 2. 100% of the students ______________

3. 0% of the students _____________ 4. 1%~50% of the students_____________



_________ _________ the results of the student activity survey at Green High School.

2.多数学生一周锻炼三四次。_________ _________ exercise _________ or _________ _________ a week.

3.至于家庭作业,多数学生每天做。______ ____ homework, most students do it ______ ________ .

4.看电视的调查结果很有意思。The results _________ ―watch TV‖ _________ interesting.




Here are the results of the student activity survey at Green High School.该句为倒装句,其主语为the results of the student activity survey."Here+be+主语"是英语中常见的倒装句型。

1. 高小姐,送给你一些鲜花。

2. 这是你的书。________ ________ your books. 3. 给你。Here ________ ________.

The result of意为“……的结果”,of后跟名词,result 可用单数也可用复数。

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