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37. This morning Peter was two minutes late for the early train . what a s__________

38. I’d r________ stay at home than go out on such a rainy day

39.If I have c__________, I will do much better. 6 I think if I play games on it , it will go w_________.

40Mary looked very happy Because she got an A in yesterday’s e_________/ _______

41.I had a t________ dream that a tiger ran after me last night.

42.Many of us put their p__________ money into their piggy bank

43. After the teacher talked with him, the boy finally r_________ that he was wrong.

44.How can you p___________hat what you said is true 12 Come on , everybody sings. All t_________ now .

45. Last week , Steve had a p___________ because he played games on his father’s computer, It had a v________, he felt t___________ . he asked Dianna some a___________ . Diana asked him to tell his parents the t_________, it could p__________ how honest he is , he should use his p___________ money to m__________ the computer, If he offered to do some jobs a_________ home or help him w_______ his work , he would r__________ t___________ he is truly s________.

46 Does ‘t__________ ,mean the same as “this evening “

47.Lily and Lucy are twin sisters , but they have different c________,

48. The math problem was t_______ difficult so the students couldn’t work it out

49.Who a_________Maria in the film The sound of Music ?

50. At school we must not f______ with others. We should be friendly to each other

51.We have s_______ on the sea for three days. Now we see the land.

52 Do you know the c_________ in the novel of Charles Dickens.

53) My father has p_______ my teacher because I was ill

54 There was a lot of t ______ on the roads yesterday.

55 The tower is on the t_______ of the hill. 4) People often takes a c______ car up Mount Tai. .

56. My mother w______ me up at 6:30 yesterday

57 It’s wrong to p_____ leaves and we should protect everything here .

58From the top we hoped for a wonderful v_______ of the lakes and forests

59 The s_______ saved a little child from falling into the lake.

60 There will be a strong wind across the north a_____ tomorrow.

61 There are thousands of kinds of animals and p_________ in the rainforest.

62 Many families get t_____________ for a special meal on New year’s Day

63 The story ends with a happy e__________

64 When the soldier got out of the river , he was wet all o__________

65You look very tired , so you need to take / have a v____________.

66 On New Year’s Day , many people make r_____________ for the new year.

67 The new Year is the e__________ of the old year and the b__________ of the new year.

68 Don’t make an e_________ for being late

69The woman was so b___________ that she caught the thief alone

70 He works hard , so I b___________ he will win

71 Mike r________ his composition again and again yesterday evening, he felt very tired.

72 You should try to a ______ such a problem next time .

73 Will she come soon ? I e__________so.

74 Are you coming to the party ? You b__________.

75 I am looking forward to my p________ holiday

76 The airline has canceled all f______ because of the heavy snow

77 There will be an o_______ pop concert tonight 4) Mary said she would wait for me at the school g_______.

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