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七年级英语Unit5 SectionB1学案

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Unit5 Do you have a soccer ball?



Step1 Warm up

1. A chant:

Ping-pong ball, ping-pong ball, I have a ping-pong ball. Let’s play ping-pong. Tennis ball, tennis ball, I have a tennis ball. Let’s play tennis.

Soccer ball, soccer ball, I have a soccer ball. Let’s play soccer.

Volleyball, volleyball, I have a volleyball. Let’s play volleyball.

Basketball, basketball, I have a basketball. Let’s play basketball.

Baseball, baseball, I have a baseball. Let’s play baseball.

2. Free talk.

Step2 Pre-listening

1. Learn new words: watch TV, interesting, relaxing, fun, difficult, boring.

2. Finish 1a.

3. Pairwork: What do you think of(评价,认为) these activities(活动)?


A: Let’s...... B: That sounds......

Step3 While-listening

1. 1b. Listen and check the words in 1a.

2. 1c.

1) Listen and fill in each blank. 2) Listen and check your answers.

3) Listen and repeat. 4) Read aloud. 5)Role-play the conversations. Step4 Post-listening

1. 1d: Pairwork: If you’re Paul and Jenny, talk about the activities in 1c.

2. Pairwork:

We are happy to spend time with friends.(和朋友共度时光是快乐的) Suppose(假 1

设) you are at home with your friends on weekends. Make a conversation to talk about your activities.


Conversation1: Conversation2:

A: Do you have ......? A: Do you have a ......?

B: Yes, I do. B: No, I don’t.

A: Let’s ...... A: Well, do you have a .....?

B: That sounds ....... B: Yes, I do.

A:OK. Let’s......

B: That sounds....

Step5. Summary

1) 活动建议__________________________________________________________

2) 活动评价__________________________________________________________ Step6. Homework

1) Write down your conversations about your activities.

2) Preview P29,30.

Spending time with friends makes us happy.


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