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Unit 1 Will people have robots(review lesson)

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Prediction n. 预言;预测 Some predictions never came true. 有些预言永远也不会实现了。 paper money n. 纸币;钞票 Maybe there won’t be paper money in the future. 将来也许就没有钞票了。 credit n. 信用;信誉 Her credit is good. 她的信用好。 credit card n. 信用卡 What’s your credit card number? 你的信用卡号是多少? pollution n. 污染;污染物 The men are clearing all the pollution off the shore. 人们在清除海滩上的污染物。

leisure n. 闲暇;空闲时间 I'll return the call at my leisure. 我有空就会来拜访。 leisure time n. 空闲时间 What do you usually do in your leisure time? 你空闲时间都做什么? less adj. 少量的;较少的 She received less than she asked for. 她得到的比她要求的少。 use v. 用;使用 How do you use a telephone? 你怎样使用电话? building n.房屋;建筑物 The new hospital is a big building. 这所新医院是一座大建筑物。 astronaut n. 宇航员 Astronaut Liwei Yang is famous now. 宇航员杨力伟现在很出名。

apartment n. 公寓;套房 He lives in an apartment. 他住在一个公寓里。 rocket n. 火箭 a space rocket 宇宙火箭 a manned [carrier] rocket 载人[运载]火箭 space n. 太空;空间 space station 空间站 People have travelled through space to the moon. 人们已经经由太空到了月球。 There is no space for another chair in this room. 这房间没有再放一把椅子的空地了。 moon n. 月球;月亮 There is little moon tonight. 今晚没什么月光。 fly v. 飞行;空中航行 The plane flew from Paris to Rome. 这架飞机从巴黎飞往罗马。

pet n. 宠物 Do you love pets? 你喜欢宠物吗? besides adv. 再者;而且 He gave me a book, a pen and some money besides. 他给我一本书, 一支钢笔, 此外还给一些钱。 keep v. 养护;照顾;保留 I keep old letters. 我保存旧信。 Farmers usually keep chickens in their backyard. 农民们通常在自己的后院养鸡。 parrot n. 鹦鹉 There is a lovely parrot in his house. 他们家养了只可爱的鹦鹉。 to become the parrot of other men's thinking 变成人云亦云而不知所云者 smart adj. 漂亮的;整洁的 My sister always looks smart. 我妹妹看上去总是很时髦。

crazy adj. 古怪的;荒唐的 He's crazy to drive his car so fast. 他把车开得这样快,真是疯了。 crazy house 疯人院; 精神病医院 academy n. 学院;学会 The Royal Academy 皇家学会 an academy of music 音乐学院 games n. 竞技会;运动会 track-and-field games 田径比赛; Will you take part in the winter games? 你打算参加冬季运动会吗? Olympic Games n. 奥运会 The Olympic Games will be held in our country in 2008. 2008年奥运会将在我国举行。 predict v. 预言;预测 She predicted that he would marry a doctor. 她预言他将娶一位医生。

come true v. 实现;成为现实 My dreams have at last come true. 我

最终实现了自己的梦想。 creator n. 创造者 He’s the creator of this new television series. 他是这部新电视系列片的创造者。 Warner Brothers n. 华纳兄弟电影公司 Warner Brothers is famous in the world. 华纳兄弟电影公司在世界上很出名。 head n. 首脑;首领 the head of the government 政府首脑 Two heads are better than one. [谚] 集思广益。 personal adj. 私人的;个人的 I have something personal to tell you. 我有秘密的事要告诉你。

royal adj. 皇室的 the royal family 王室, 皇族 Royal Academy of Art n. (英国) 皇家艺术院 Do you know Royal Academy of Art ? 你知道皇家艺术院吗? worth adj. 值 How much is this bicycle worth? It's worth £50. 这辆自行车值多少钱?值50英磅。 It isn't worth waiting for him. 不值得等他。

I went to Shanghai last year and I fell in love with it. 去年我去了上海,而且我很喜欢上海。 动词 fall (过去式 fell ; 过去分词fallen )的用法: 1)落下,掉下 The book fell off the shelf. 这本书从架子上掉了下来。 The price of food has fallen. 食品价格下跌了。 2) 跌倒 He fell to his knees. 他跪了下来。 3) 变为;成为 fall asleep 入睡 fall ill 病倒 4) fall in love with 爱上 They have fallen in love with each other for three years. 他们已相爱三年了

I can’t have any pets because my mother hates them. Besides, our apartment is too small. 我无法养宠物,因为我妈妈讨厌宠物。还有,我的房子太小了。 besides 1) prep.除...之外 He had few friends besides us. 除我们之外他没有什么朋友。 Besides milk and cheese, we need vegetables. 除了牛奶和干酪外,我们还需要蔬菜。 1) adv.此外 I don't want to come out now, and besides, I must work. 我现在不想出去,而且我还得工作。 It's too late to go to the basketball match now; besides it's beginning to rain. 现在去看篮球比赛已经太晚了, 何况, 又开始下雨了。

Predicting the future can be difficult as well as embarrassing. 预测未来不仅困难,而且会使人尴尬。 as well as adv. 也;又 He is courageous as well as strong. 他既健康又勇敢。 The editors as well as the proofreaders are working overtime. 编辑和校对者都在加班工作。 There were many famous predictions that never came true. 有很多著名的预言,从来都没有实现。 … that never came true 是个定语从句,用来修饰 predictions。

In 1949, the head of the Royal Academy of Art said, “The work of Picasso and Matisse will never be worth anything.” 1949年,英国皇家艺术院的院长说:“毕加索和马蒂斯的作品永 远也不值钱。” worth 的用法: n. 价值 例子: the true worth of one's friendship 某人友谊的真正价值 These are books of real worth. 这些才是真正有价值的书。 adj. 值, 相等于...的价值 [用作表语, 后接名词或动名词作宾语] What is it

worth? (或How much is it worth?)这值多少钱? It is worth £500. 它值五百镑。 be worth doing sth. 值得做某事 例子: It's worth seeing [hearing, reading] 值得一看[一听, 一读] It isn't worth waiting for him. 不值得等他。

few fewer fewest

little less least

few, a few, little, a little 虽然都表示“少”,但 (1)few, a few是可数的, little, a little是不可数的。 (2)a few, a little含肯定意味,few, little含否定意味。 这里所谓的“肯定意味”和“否定意味”应该这样来理解: 同样是半杯水,口渴者会认为:There is little water in the glass. 而不口渴的人则会认为:There is a little water in the glass.

“will+动词原形” 引导的一般将来时。 “will+动词原形”引导的将来时,常常夹杂着情态意义即带有 说话人的主观态度和看法,比如有时既表示将来,也表示“预 见”。 例如: The next train to Beijing will leave at 8 a.m. 下一趟去北京的火车上午八点发车。 Will you be here tomorrow morning? 你明天上午在这儿吗? He won’t be here in time unless he comes by air. 除非坐飞机,否则他不会准时到这儿。

将来时的表示可以用: “be going to +动词原形” 。它表 示打算或计划在不久的将来要做某事,它是一般将来时的一部 分,常与表示将来的时间状语,如 tomorrow, this evening, next week/month/year 等连用,助动词be随主语变化,否 定句在be后加not, 一般疑问句将be 提到主语前。例如: I’m going to do some shopping this afternoon. 今天下午我打算去买点东西。 What are you going to do tomorrow? 明天你打算做什么? They aren’t going to work on the farm next Sunday. 下星期天他们不准备去农场劳动。

Choose the right answer. C 1.He is happy that he ________ in a tall apartment next year. A. live B. lives C. will live 2.—Will there be more people in 100 years, do you think? C — ________ , I hope. A. No, there isn’t B.No, there aren’t C. No, there won’t 3.I hope I have ________ leisure time. I don’t like to keep busy. A. more B. less C. many


4.—Do you like the city life or the country life? —It’s hard to say. In the city there is ________ B entertainment, but in the country there is ________ pollution. A. less; more B. more; less C. more; fewer

A 5.My life will be ________ better than it is now. A. a lot B. a lot of C. a few

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words or phrases.

paper money 1.There won’t be any ________ ________ (钞票). credit card Everybody will have a ________ ________ (信用卡). less 2.The students hope teachers will give them ________ (少) homework than last term. worth 3.That house is very expensive, but I think it’s ________ (值)the money. 4.Mr Brown came to China last year and he soon fell in love with ________ ________ ________ ________

(喜欢上)this great country. rockets 5.We have successfully sent many ________ (火箭)into space.

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