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II. 单选(20分)

( ) 1. It is time ______home.

A. go B. to go C. to go to D. going

( ) 2. — What _____old Henry look _____last month? — His dog.

A. does, for B. does, at C. did, for D. did, like

( )3. _____your father ______the vacation?

A. How do, spend B. How did, spend

C. What do, spent D. How did, spent

( ) 5. She had a busy weekend. She saw an interesting talk show and____ a book about history.

A. read B. reads C. reading D. to read

( ) 6.____ night koalas usually eat some ____ .

A. At; leafs B. At; leaves C. In; leaves D. In; leafs

( ) 7. —What animals have a long neck(脖子)? —____.

A. Elephants B. Pandas C. Giraffes D. Koalas

( ) 8 —____ is the weather like there? — It is rainy.

A. How B. What C. Where D. Who

( ) 10. She likes ____ to school by bike every day.

A. going B. to going C. goes D.go

( ) 11. ____. Where is the police station?

A. Excuse me B. I’m sorry C. Tell me D. sorry

( )12. She is short, so she sits ____ the classroom.

A. at the back of B. in the front of

C. in front of D. at the back

( )13. —What ____ your sister ____ at home? — She is washing her chothes.

A. does; does B. is; do C. is; dong D.does; do

( )14. I can’t dance, ____ I can sing well.

A. or B. but C. and D. so

( )17. I want a sweater ______ this red one.

A. like B. look like C. looks like D. likes

( )18. Please _____ the car black.

A. to color B. coloring C. color D. colors

( )19. What’s the time ____ your watch

A. on B. by C. of D. in

( )20. _______ shoes are these? They are John’s.

A. Whose B. Who’s C. Who D. Who are

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( )21. You must look after your clothes _______.

A. good B. nice C. well D. fine

( )23. There’s ____”m” and _____ “u” in “music”.

A. a, an B. an, a C. an, an D. a, a

( )24. ----What’s a hundred and two _____ ninety-sever.

----It’s five.

A. of B. minus C. to D. plus

( )25. Miss Gao is our teacher. She teaches _____ English.

A. my B. me C. our D. us


It is Sunday today. is a fine day. The sky is Mrs. Green is (沿着)a small river. There are some boats happy today!

26. A. This B. That C. It D. Its

27. A. green B. blue C. black D. brown

28. A. and B. for C. and with D. with

29. A. his daughter B. her daughter

C. your daughter D. their daughter

30. A. working B. washing C. walking D. swimming

31. A. on B. in C. in a D. on a

32. A. it B. them C. these D. those

33. A. on B. under C. to D. in

34. A. cleaning B. doing C. watching D. making

35. A. playing B. washing his clothes

C. swimming D. jumping



My father has a good friend in his factory. He’s an old man. He is 58 years old. All the children like him. We call him Uncle Wang. He comes from England. He lives in Beijing. He can’t speak Chinese. We teach him Chinese. He teaches us English. He doesn’t work on Sundays. Look! He’s mending his car at home. He likes making machines. He likes watching TV with his son and daughters in the evening.


36. Uncle Wang and my father are in the ______factory.

37. Uncle Wang’s _____is fifty-eight.

38. Now Uncle Wang’s ______ is in China.

39. We can’t speak _____ very well. So Uncle Wang helps us.

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40. Uncle Wang’s ____ are with Uncle Wang in Beijing.


It is good to keep animals in zoos. Zoos are places for people to see many different kinds of animals from all over the world. Without zoos, most people would never see a real tiger or bear. Secondly, zoos look after the animals very well. The animals are always given food and cleaned on time. In the wild, it is not always possible for an animal to find food, so sometimes it goes hungry. Thirdly, Zoos protect the animals. They offer them safe place to live in. In the wild, some kinds of animals are in danger of becoming extinct(灭绝). But zoos give these animals a chance to live. Without zoos, there would be fewer kinds of animals in the world.

However, some people think it is unnatural(非自然的) and unfair to keep wild animals in cages. Most animals are kept in cages that are too small for them. The animals such as bears and tigers always look sad in cages. Wild animals should look for their own food. Anyone would not feel happy if he isn't allowed(允许) to go outside his home and animals don't like it either.

( )41. If you don't go to a zoo, you can't see _________

A. dogs B. cats C. tigers D. mice

( )42. In the zoos, _________

A. All animals are very happy.

B. Animals don't eat enough food.

C. Animals always died because they get ill more easily.

D. Some animals are closed in small cages.

( )43. In the wild, _________

A. Animals can eat enough food

B. Animals look for their own food.

C. There will be more kinds of animals.

D. Animals can't live happily.

( )44. According to (根据) the last sentence, we can say _________

A. Some people think we should take the animals back to the wild.

B People shouldn't go outside home.

C. People will be glad to stay at home.

D. Animals like to stay in the cages.

( )45.Which is the writer's opinion(观点)?

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A. Animals should be kept in zoos.

B. Animals should not be kept in zoos.

C. It's better for animals to be kept in zoos.

D. He is not sure whether it is better for animals to stay in zoos


Mr. Jackson is seventy-seven. But he likes eating ice-cream. On his way home, he buys one. Great! No one sees him he can eat it now. suddenly, he sees Mrs. Smith comes here with her dog, Bill. Mr. Jackson doesn’t want her to see him eating an ice cream in the street. So he hidesit behind his back(背后), and says hello to her. Mrs. Smith is happy and she talks a lot about her family. But Mr. Jackson worries about his ice cream very much, because the dog turns round him to lick(舔)it.


46. Mr. Jackson looks like boy. ( )

47. On his way home, he wants an ice cream. ( )

48. Mrs. Smith sees him and his ice cream. ( )

49. Bill finds the ice cream. ( )

40. At last Jackson can’t eat his food. ( )


We have two new students in our school. They are Mike and Tim they look the same, but they are not twins.

Mike is American. He is twelve. He is in Class Four. He has a little sister. He often looks after her.

Tim is Canadian. He is twelve, too. He is in Class One. He likes football. He often plays football with Mike and Tim are gook friends. They are in No. 10 Middle School. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案

51. Mike is _______.

A. Japanese B. Chinese C. Canadian D. American

52. Mike _____ Tim.

A. looks like B. looks after C. looks at D. looks the same

53. Mike and Tim are in _____.

A. the same class B. the same school

C. different grades D. different schools

54. Who like football, Tim or Mike? ______.

A. Yes, Tim B. Yes, Mike C. Tim D. Mike

55. Which is right?

A. Mike is thirteen.

B. Tim often looks after his little sister.

C. Mike and Tim are gook friends.

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D. Mike and Tim are twins.




56. ----________.

----I am.

A. Who’s on duty today? B. Are you Mr. black?

C. Are you John’s brother? D. Are you from America?

57. ----Is Tim like his father?


A. Yes, he likes his father B. No, he isn’t

C. Yes, he does D. I think so


58. (1) What color are they?

(2) No, they are sheep.

(3) What’re those over there? Are they dogs?

(4) They’re white.

A. (1)(2)(3)(4) B. (1)(4)(3)(2)

C. (3) (4)(1)(2) D. (3)(2)(1)(4)

59. (1) Please come in. this way, please.

(2) Fine, thank you. How are you?

(3) I’m fine, too. Thanks.

(4) Hello, Jim. Good! You’re at home. How are you?

(5) OK. Thanks.

A. (4)(2)(3)(1)(5) B.(4)(3)(2)(1)(5)

C. (1)(5)(4)(2)(3) D.(1)(4)(3)(2)(5)

60. (1) Oh, this is my cat, Mimi.

(2) Hello, Mimi! You look like Lucy’s hat.

(3) Who’s Lucy?

(4) She’s a new student. She is American.

(5) Oh, I see.

A. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5) B. (5)(2)(1)(3)(4)

C. (2)(1)(3)(4)(5) D. (3)(4)(1)(2)(5)


61.She alaways encourages me______ (perform) on the stages.

62.I was so ______ (excite) that I didn’t know what to say.

63.I want to learn how ______( exercise )healthily.

64.Listen,Tom ______ (sing) in the next room.

65.We should keep our classroom______ (clean)

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66.She likes to ______ ______ ______ (交朋友) other students.

67.Our English teacher is a ______ (知识渊博的) woman.

68.Miss Wang is very ______ (有耐心的).

69.He gave me some ______ (建议)about English yesterday.

70.He ______ (real) likes to stay at home.


71. She has a sheep and a photo in her house.(改为复数句子)

______ ______ some ________ and _______ in ______ houses.

73. It isn’t Jack’s bike. I think.(合并成一句)

I ________ think it ________ Jack’s bike.

74. It seems that she is very happy. (改为同义句)

She seems_______ _______ be very happy. 对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ do they often go home?

76. It’s delicious food. (改为感叹句)

_______ _______ the food is !

77.The boy is young. He can’t go to school. (合并成一句)

The boy is _______ young _______ go to school.

78.He did his homework last night.(改为一般疑问句)

_______ he _______ his homework last night ?

79.My friend likes art best.(改为同义句)

Art is my friend’s _______ _______. 对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ he go to Canada?

81.Let’s go to the park.(改为否定句)

Let’s_______ _______ to the park.


82. Jim with his parents ____(go) to London every year.

83. Five plus ten ___(be) fifteen.

84. There ______ (be) some money in my purse.

85. My parents would like me _____ (read) English in the morning.

86.Yesterday he ______(be) late for the meeting. He _______(say) sorry to his teacher.

87. I am afraid of _____(swim), but Tom often _______(teach) me_____(swim).

88.Here ________(be) the flowers for Mom.

89.What is she doing? She _____(wash) dishes.

90.Where _____ Michael Owen _______(come) from

92.Would you like _______(be) a professional football player?

改错题(5) 93.It's very cold outside. Please wear your hat.


( ) ______

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( ) ______


( ) ______


( ) ______


( ) ______






Keep Healthy

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