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广西桂林市永福县三皇乡三皇中学中考英语 宾语从句专项练习题

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概念:作宾语的是一个简单句,则这个简单句就是宾语从句,而整个句子就叫含有这个宾语从句的复合句 宾语从句口诀记忆:学好宾从要注意,陈述句语序记心里,陈述句连词用that, 口语当中常省去,一般问句用if,,特殊问句有代副,时态时时要注意,掌握好时态要切记,主局现在从任意,主句过去从过去细细揣摩老老记,学好宾从不费力

1---- Do you know _____? I’m going to see him. --- Sorry,I don’t know. A where does Mr Li live B where did Mr Li live

C where Mr Li lives D where Mr Li lived

2 ----Do you know ____? --- He’s Tom’s father.

A who is he B what he is C what’s he D who he is 3 Excuse me ,could you tell me ____ get to the plane? Certainly.Go straight along here. A how can we B how we can C when can we D when we can 4 It’s not polite to ask people _____ in England.

A how much money they have got B what the weather is like

C what your city looks like D how old are they

5 Did he tell you _____ at the school gate ? A who he waited for B who he is waiting C who did he wait for D who he was waiting 6 ---Be careful! Don’t break the bottle .Do you hear ____ I said,

David? ----Yes ,mum A what B that C why D if 7 In the bookshop,a reader asked the shopkeeper ___ Who Moved My Cheese was an interesting book. A that B how C what D if 8---What did your son say in the letter? ---He told me that he ____ in the Disney World the next day. A will visit B has visited C is going to visit D would visit 9 _____ he left here? A Do you think when B When do you think

C Do you think how long D How long do you thin


10---I don’t know if he ____ . ---He will come if it ___ A comes;won’t rain B will come;doesn’t rain C comes;doesn’t rainD will come;won’t rain

11 ---Can I help you ? ---Yes,can you tell me ____ ? A how can I use the telephone B where is the washing room C which is the most popular book D when is the shop closed

12 I wanted to know ____. A which room did Tom live B which room did Tom live in C which room Tom lived D which room Tom lived in

13.He said he would tell him if he____back.

A.comes B.came C.will come D.would come

14. I don’t know if it ____ the day after tomorrow.

A.snows B.will snow C.is snowing D.snowed

15.Could you tell me ______. A.where the ball was B.where is the ball

C.where is the ball D.where the ball was


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