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Module 11 Population
Unit 1 It’s the biggest city in China.

Words and expressions
population crowd increase smoke minute percent appointment 人口 人群 增长 n.烟,烟雾v.吸烟 分钟 百分之一 约定

… too many people … not enough space … too much
crowd increase traffic,noise and noise pollution pollution population smoke space traffic An increasing population is transport

an environmental problam in many countries.

Can you say these numbers?
? 20 twenty ? 120 One hundred and twenty ? 1,200 One thousand, two hundred ? 1,200,000
One million, two hundred thousand

? 1,200,000,000
One billion, two hundred million

Can you say these numbers?
? 11,000,000

eleven million
? 13,000,000

thirteen million
? 15,000,000

fifteen million
? 18,000,500

eighteen million

2. Listen and choose the best answer.
1 Why was Betty's shopping trip unsuccessful? a) Too many people。 b) Too noisy. c) Too much pollution. 2 What's the population of Beijing? a) About 11,000,000. b) About 13,000,000. c) About 15,000,000. 3 What's the population of Chongqing? a) About 27,000,000. b) About 31,000,000. c) About 36,000,000.

Complete the table.
People in the world
Babies born every minute Babies born every year Population of China Population of the world

259 136,130,400


5. Choose the best summary of the conversation a) While Betty is seeing the head teacher, the others plan a new “Homework Help” for New Standard on population. They check some facts about the increasing population and talk about the other problems of pollution, traffic and noise.When Betty returns, she tells them that New Standard has won a prize which Becky Wang will present next week at the school prize-giving.

b) Lingling and Tony are worried about the increasing pollution in Beijing caused by too many people and too much traffic. With the increasing numbers of babies, the enviromental problems will get worse. Betty arrives and tells the others that she has won a prize for the best new school magazine, and theband Crazy Feet will present it next week.


Complete the sentences with the words in Activity 1.
1.Ten percent of the population lived in the country. 2. The factory has produced a lot of


so it should be closed.

3. When we got to the party, there was

crowd quite a (an) ___________ of people
there already.
4. At that time of night, there was

no ______________ in the street. traffic/noise

5. That big table takes up too much

space __________ in my small kitchen.
6. If every family have more than one

increase child, the population will ________

Everyday English
What’s next …?
How about this? It was OK.

No idea!
I don’t believe it!

Language points
? 1. There are too many people and there

is not enough space, and there is too much traffic, noise and pollution.

区分 too many too much

much too

可数 “too many” 意为_____, 修饰______名词; 太多

多 不可数 “too much” 意为_____, 修饰______ 名词; 太……, 过于…… “much too” 意为 “__________________”, 形容词或副词的原级 修饰————————————。

? 1. Lucy, there are __________mistakes too many

in your composition this time. ? 2. You are always eating _________junk too much food, it’s bad for your health. ? 3. This sweater is much too _______expensive, please show me another. ? 4. The box is much too heavy for me to _______ carry.

2. And the population of China is about one billion, three hundred million…
? 1)“population”一般看作不可数名词,做主语时句子的动词要 ?


? ? ? ?

用_______ (单数 \ 复数) 单数 Eg. The population of Zhucheng ___ (be) about one million. is 2)就人口划线提问, 用___________ What’s the population of…? Eg. 大庆的人口是多少? What’s the population of Daqing? ____________________________________________ 3)表达某地有多少人口: The population of sp is + 数词 或 Sp has a population of + 数词 ?small large 4)形容人口多用_______, 人口少用________. Eg. China has the largest population in the world. The population of Shanghai is ____ than that of Nanjing. A. more B. large C. less D. larger

3. Along with the crowds, the smoke, and the transport problems.

along with sb. / sth. 相当于 together with, 意思是 “连同, 跟 ……一块,和…一 起”He came along with some friends. 。如: There was a bill along with the parcel.

4. Thanks to my “Homework Help”.
这要归功于我的 “作业助手”” 。
thanks to 表示 “由于, 因为(= because of );幸亏, 多亏(= with the help of… )” Eg.

The baby is awake thanks to your shouting. Thanks to my friends, we finished the work on time.

Check the statements you agree with (√).
1. There are too many people in the world.□ √
2. The increasing population is the biggest problem in the world.□ √ 3. People shouldn’t have too many babies.□ √

4. People should be free to decide how many

babies they want.□
5. Countries with large populations should pay

√ to help the environment.□
6. A city should not hold more than 1,000,000 people.□


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