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Unit 7 Where would you like to visit?课时达标卷

第1课时section A ia~Granunar Focus

Ⅰ.根据句意及首字母提示,完成句中所缺单词。 1.These students saw an e film yesterday. 2.There is a p garden behind his house. 3.The work is t .It tires me out. 4.T through the forest by yourself must be a thrilling experience. 5.We plan __________(have)an English party this weekend. Ⅱ.单项选择。 ( )1.I think it's exciting to trek ____the jungle. A. past B. across C. over D. through ( )2.—Why not ___to Guilin for your vacation? —Good idea. A. consider going B. considering going C. consider to go D. considering to go ( )3.I don't understand Japanese, so I ask him to ___for me.

5.Let's take care of the j .


1.I can’t stand the noise and heavy traffic in the city. I want to go somewhere

__________ (peace).

2.It was the most __________(education)experience I had ever had.

3.This work is ________(tired);it tires me out.

4.Hearing the __________(thrill)sound,1 was very frightened.

5.The scenery of Huangshan is very ________(fascinate). I’d like to visit it. Ⅲ.单项选择。

( )1.I think it's exciting to trek _____the jungle.Do you think so?

A. past B. across C. over D. through

( )2.—Where would you like to spend your vacation?

—I'd like to go ___. I hate hot days.

A. cool somewhere B. somewhere cool

C. hot somewhere D. somewhere hot

( )3.—Would you like to go swimming with us?

—_____,but I'm very busy at present.

A. I’d love to B. I think so C. I'm afraid not D. 1 hope not

( )4.It is a place ____we can play football, basketball and volleyball.

A. which B. that C. where D./

( )5.—I hope ___ go there with us, Jim and Tom. —We’ll be glad to.

A. you to B.you can C. them to D. they can

第2课时Section A 3a~4


1.I think Hong Kong is one of the _______(lively)places in China.

2.—Would you like ________________(visit)the Science Museum this Sunday


—Yes, I'd love to.

3.—How do you consider ____________(go)to the party tonight, Alice? —Great! But I have no time. I have to do my work.

4.The boy hopes____________(go)to Tsinghua University when he grows up. A. report B. provide C. realize D. translate ( )4.—Where would you like to go _____ vacation? —Well, I hope to visit Paris. A. to B. in C. on D. at ( )5.—I hope _____ there with us, Jim and Tom. —We'11 glad to. A. you to B. you can C. them to D. they can 第3课时SectionB Ⅰ.用方框内所给短语的适当形式填空。

1. ____________________ ,my mother begins to cook at seven in the morning. 2.Don't worry about it. _____________________ ,please. 3. They want to relax and do nothing ____________________________. 4. Could You ___________________this English sentence _____________Chinese? 5. The old man _______the poor_________ some money and clothes. Ⅱ.按要求改写句子,每空—词。 1.I'd like to visit the City again in two years.(改为—般疑问句) __________you _______to visit the city again in two years? 2.I'd like to go to the Great Wall on vacation.(就画线部分提问) _______ ________you like to go on vacation? 3.I hope that I can visit the Summer Palace some day.(改为同义句) I hope ______ _______the Summer Palace some day. 4.The weather is always warm in these places. I like them.(改为同义句) I like the places _______the weather __________always warm. 5.We'd like to be away for about three weeks.(就画线部分提问) _________ _________would you like to be away? Ⅲ.从方框中选用适当的句子补全对话。 A: Look at those travel posters. I'd like to go on a vacation. B: 1 A: I’d like to go hiking in Mountain Meiling in jiangxi.

B: Would you? A: 2

B: Wouldn't that be dangerous?

A: No, not really. 3 Where would you like to go? B: Oh, I'm stressed out. 4 I'll go to the beach in Hainan. A: 5 .

第4课时 Self Check Ⅱ.用适当的介词填空。 1. I must work hard so that I could provide a better life _____my family. 2. The doctor often fills the bottles __________ medicine. 3. I want to buy a big house for my mother ________the future. 4. Quite a few girls dream ______ being famous singers. 5. The blind man walked __________the street carefully. Ⅲ.根据汉语完成英语句子,每空—词。 1.我希望某—天能见到迈克尔·乔丹。 I _______ ______ _____Michael Jordan some dat.


1.I come from Shandong Province. It is in _____________ China.

2.She is the director of a large _______.She is a successful woman.

3.In order to _________money, she decided to buy fewer clothes.

4.I haven't much money. I hope to rent a(an) _____________apartment.

5.My friends always give me helpful ______when I have some problem.


1.I suppose he is an English boy.(改为否定句)

I _____ ______ he ______ an English boy.

2.This is the dog. I found it in the street two days ago.(合并为—句)

This is the dog _____ I _________ in the street two days ago.

3.I hope I can receive your letter soon.(改为简单句)

I hope ________ _________ _______your letter soon.

4.I'd like to take a trip to Guilin next year.(改为—般疑问句)

__________ _________ ________to take a trip to Guilin next year?

5.His sister works in the bookstore. It is the largest one in the City.(合


The bookstore _________his sister ___________is the largest one in the city.

第5课时 Reading


1. In spring, _____________ farmers plant trees on the small hill over there.

2. Please _____________ your dreams, one day they may come ture.

3. You must give my book back to me ______________________. I want to use it.

4. My sister _______________becoming a singer. She likes singing very much.

5. We ________ go there.It's fun.

请尽快给我回信。 我们很想待在—个有大游泳池的地方。 她梦想自己能成为—名演员。 固执己见是没有用的。 2. Please write back to me ________ __________ _________ __________ 3. We _______ like _______ _________ in a place with a big pool. 4. She ________ ________being an actress. 5. It's useless to __________ _________ ________your own view. .

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