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7AUnit 3第三课时

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7A Unit 3第四课时 一. 短语翻译

1 . 看起来漂亮___________ 2 . 在第一层_____________ 3 . 带领某人参观过__________ 4 . 在那儿_______________

5 . 穿着白衬衫的男人___________ 6 . 在...的前面___________ 7 . 一间美术教室___________ 8 . 看起来年轻_____________ 9 . 远离____________

10 . 步行________________ 11 . 到学校_______________ 12 . 去上学__________ 13 . 课后______________ 14 . 回家________________ 二 . 单项选择

( )1 . Let me ______ you ______ my school .

A .show, around B . take, around C .show, to D . take ,for ( )2 .Where is your classmate? It’s _________ . A . On first floor B . On the first floor C . in ground floor D .in ground

( )3 . Who is ____ man in a black hat .

It’s Jim Brown . We ofen play ____ basketball in our free time .

A . an ,a B .a ,\ C . the , a D . the , \ ( ) 4 .Where _____ he _____from ?

A . is ;come B .does ; comeC .is ;comes D .does ;comes ( )5 . Sandy is a kind girl ,Let’s _____ her . A . meet B . meets C . meeting D . to meet

( )6 . My brother and I _____ in the same school. A .am B . is C . are D . be

( )7 . Danniel is a _____ basketball player and he plays very ______.

A .good ;good B .well ;well C .good ;well D . well ; good

( )8 . We often play _____ volleyball at school . A . a B . the C . our D . /

( )9 . Danniel _____ tennis after school sometimes. A .don’t play B . not play C . doesn’t to play D . doesn’t play

( )10 . does she work hard ? ______ . A . Yes , she is B . No ,she isn’t C . yes ,she does D . No ,she doesn’t

( )11 . Mike is from America . He ____ English. A . spoke B . will speak C . speaks D . had spoken

( )12 . I like ______ a lot ,and my mother usually cooks it in different ways .

A . fish B . potatoes C . noodles 二.句型转换

1 . That is my English book .(改为否定句) ________ ________ my English book .

2 .There are his brothers . (改为一般疑问句) ________ ________ his brothers ? 3 .Is this his son ? (做肯定回答) ________ _______ is .

4 .That is my sister .(改为复数) _______________________

四. 根据汉语提示完成下列句子 1 . 吉姆是黄河俱乐部的一名新成员

Jim is ___ new _____ _____ Huanghe Football Club . 2 . 你的笔友来自哪里?

Where deos your pen friend ______ ______? 3 . 我们经常周末去购物

We often go shopping ______ _______ . 4 . 我哥哥擅长打篮球

My brother _______ ________ _______ playing basketball . 5 . 你喜欢听音乐吗?

Do you like _______ _______ _______ ? 五.完形填空

Many animals use some kinds of “language”. They use signals(信号) and the signals have meanings. For example, a bee has found some food, it goes is difficult for a bee to tell bees where the food is speaking to them, but it can do a little dancing. This tells the bees where the food is and it is.

Some animals show they feel by making sounds. It is not difficult to tell if a dog is angry because it barks. Birds make several different sounds and has its meaning. Sometimes we humans make sounds in the same way. We make sounds like “Oh” to how we feel something on our feet.

We humans have languages. We have words. These words have meaning of things, action, feeling or ideas. We are able to each other information, to tell other people we can remember what has happened or messages to people far away.

Languages, like people, live and die. If a language is not used by people, it is called a dead language. This language cannot live and grow because speaks it.

A living language, of course, is often spoken by people today. It grows and changes with time. New words are created, and some old words have meanings. ( )1. A. because B. since C. when D. as

( )2. A. out of B. back from

C. away from D. back to

( )3. A. It B. This C. That D. He ( )4. A. each other B. another C. the other D. others

( )5. A. how long B. how far away

C. how many D. how old

( )6. A. why B. which C. how D. what ( )7. A. each

B. every

C. all D. some

( )8. A. show B. say C. talk D. speak ( )9. A. everything B. something C. nothing D. anything ( )10. A. put

B. drop C. fall

D. set

( )11. A. give B. put C. show D. take ( )12. A. that B. which C. what D. why ( )13. A. send B. bring C. push D. get ( )14. A. someone B. no one C. anyone D. everyone ( )15. A. new B. right C. real D. good 六. 阅读理解

It was Sunday and Tom was staying at home. After breakfast he went out into the garden and played quietly by himself. There were no kids around and he was used to(1) playing alone quietly. He played with Bobby, the dog. He climbed up and down the tree. Sometimes a bird would come down to perch(2) on top of the doghouse. Then Tom would have the greatest fun(3) by throwing a stone or something at it. Though he never made it, he did like doing this kind of thing.

Now Tom had been in the garden for half an hour. Suddenly a crack(4) was heard and the little boy began crying.

“What’s the matter,Tom?"his mother looked through the kitchen(5) window. Tom ran into the kitchen. “Mum," he sobbed(6). "I broke Bobby’s plate. I didn’t know it was so fragile(7)."

His mother put her arms round him and said, “Don’t feel so sad, Tom. We have other plates for Bobby. But how did you break that one?"

“I threw it at a bird but missed, and it went straight to the plate."

n Tom’s hand was his father’s gold pocket watch(8)! otes: (1)be used to 习惯于 (2)perch/p:t/n. 停歇 (3)fun/fn/n. 爱好 (4)crack /crk/n. 破碎声 (5)kitchen/`kItn/n. 厨房 (6)sob/sb/v. 抽泣 (7)fragile/`frdaIl/adj. 易碎的 (8)gold pocket watch 金怀表 ( )1.When did the story happen?

A. On a Sunday afternoon. B. On a Sunday morning. C. At noon. D. In the evening.

( )2.When a bird perched on top of the dog house, Tom .

A. would like to play with it

B. was very interested in it by throwing a stone at it

C. would like to give it something to eat D. would smile

( )3.There were no kids around and he was used to playing alone quietly. Here “kids" meansA. men B. dogs C. children D. birds ( )4.How long had Tom been in the garden when his mother heard him cry?

A. An hour. B.A day. C. Two hours. D. Half an hour. ( )5.“Though he never made it" means“". A. Though he couldn’t hit a bird with a stone or something B. Though he couldn’t catch the bird C. Though he couldn’t have fun from the bird D. Though he couldn’t eat the bird

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