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We can’t stop an earthquake(地震), but we can do things to make sure they don’t destroy(毁坏) whole cities. First, it is not a 1 .________ idea to build houses along lines where 2. ________ of the earth’s plates(板块) join together. Second, if you think there 3. ________ be an earthquake, it is better to build houses on rocks , not on 4. ________. Third, you must make the houses as 5. ________ as possible. Weak buildings will fall down in an earthquake, but strong ones may 6. ________ . .

Scientists are 7. ________ that one day an even bigger earthquake will hit the part around San Francisco(旧金山) . They call it “ The Big One ”. However, people today are still building more 8. ________ . The population in and around San Francisco is 9. ________ ten times more than it was in 1906. This means that 10. ________ there is another earthquake, a great many houses and buildings will be destroyed.

( 2 )

Mr. Brown had an umbrella shop in a small town. People sometimes 1 ________ him broken umbrellas, and then he took them to a big shop in London. They were 2 ________ there.

One day Mr. Brown went to London by train. He 3 ________ to take an umbrella with him that day. Sitting in front of him was a man with an umbrella standing 4 _______ the seat. When the train arrived in London, Mr. Brown 5 ________ up the umbrella as he often did during his journey by train. Just as he was getting off, he was 6 ________ by the man. He said angrily, “That’s 7________ !” Mr. Brown’ s face turned red and he gave it back to the man at once.

When Mr Brown got to the big shop, the shopkeeper had got his six umbrellas ready. After a good look at 8 ________ of them, he said, “You’ve mended them very well.”

In the afternoon he got into the train again. The 9 ________ man was in the same seat. He looked at Mr Brown and his six umbrellas, “You’ve had a 10 ________ day,” he said.

( 3 )

相信自己! 1


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A farmer saw an old man growing something on the other side of the river.

The farmer 1. ________ out to him, “ What are you growing , Grandpa? ”

The old man 2 . ________ for a moment, then said, “Swim over 3. ________ I’ll tell


The farmer didn’t like the 4. ________ of swimming across the river. But he wanted to know 5. ________ the old man was doing. He swam over. The old man said very 6. ________ in his ear, “ I’m planting peas in my 7. ________ .”

“ You should have shouted. I would have 8. ________ quite clearly on that side.” Said the farmer.

“ Oh, no, I wouldn’t 9. ________ that . The sparrows would have heard me and

10. ________ my peas.”

( 4 )

Mrs Andrews had a young cat, and it was the cat’s first winter. One evening it was

1.________ when it began to snow heavily. Mrs Andrews looked 2. ________it everywhere and shouted its name, but she did not find it, 3. ________ she telephone the police and said, “ I have

4. ________ a small black cat. Has 5. ________ found one? ”

“ No,madam, ” said the policeman at the other end, “ But cats are really very 6. ________ animals. They sometimes live for days in the snow, and when it melts (融化) or somebody finds them, they are quite 7. ________ .”

Mrs Andrews felt 8. ________ when she heard this. “ And ,” she said, “ Our cat is very

9. ________. She almost talks. ”

The policeman was getting tired, “Well then, ” he said “ Why don’t you put your

10.________ down? Maybe she is trying to telephone you now. ”

( 5 )

Here are some old ways to sending messages.

An Egyptian(埃及人) put his ear to the ground. He 1 . ________ the horses coming this way. He ran to 2. ________ his people . He was a 3. ________ . That was one way for Egyptians to send messages.

People in 4.________ countries sent message, too. When enemies came, one man beat his drum. In the next village people heard the drum and beat their drums, too. The messages 相信自己! 2 弘瑞教育集团

弘瑞教育 长融街校区 专家热线69188378 went from village to village by 5.________ .

Much 6. ________ , some armies (军队) kept many pigeons(鸽子) . These pigeons always 7. ________ back. When a soldier was sent far away from his own 8. ________ , he might take a pigeon along. He could tie a message to the bird’s leg. It would fly back 9. ________ the soldier’s message.

These are shown ways to send messages. Can you think of more 10. ________?

( 6 )

Light travels at a speed(速度) which is about a million times 1 . ________ than that of sound. 2. ________ one second, light travels about 300,000 kilometers, but sound travels only 340 meters. You can get some idea of this difference by 3. ________ the start of a running match. If you stand far away from the starter(发令员), you can see smoke

4.________ from his gun 5.________ the sound reaches your ears.

The fast speed of light produces some strange facts. The nearest star is 6. ________ far away that light which you can see from it tonight started to travel to you four years 7. ________ at a speed of nearly two million kilometers every minute. The light from some of tonight’s started on 8. ________ journey towards you even before you were born.

So, if we want to be honest(诚实), we 9. ________ say , “ The stars are shining brightly tonight.” We have to say, “ The stars look nice. They were 10. ________ four years ago but their light has just reached our earth. ”

( 7 )

A man was sitting in the doctor’s office. He was telling the doctor about his 1 . ________ .

“I like football, Doctor.” He said, “ Please help me. My life has 2. ________ been a good one since I became 3. ________ in football and it is getting worse and worse. I can’t even

4.________ from it in my sleep. When I close my 5.________, I’m out there in the football field and 6. ________ after a flying ball. When I wake up, I’m more 7. ________than I was before I went to bed. What am I going to do? ”

The doctor sat back and said, “ First of all, you 8. ________ to do your best not to dream(做梦) about football. Before you fall asleep, try to 9. ________about something else. Try to think that you are at a party and someone is going to give you several million dollars.”

“ Are you crazy (疯了) ?” the man shouted, “ I’ll 10. ________ the ball !”

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( 8 )

the desert we can 1._______ stones. We can see hills, too. There is a little rain in the

2.________, but it is not 3. ______ for most plants.

The animals are 4. _______ to the desert people in many ways. The desert people eat the meat and drink the milk of the animals. They use their skins to 5. ________ shoes, water bags and even tents(帐篷). They use the camels(骆驼) for 6. _______ things.

The people of the desert have to keep 7. _______ from places to place. They must always look for grass or desert plants for their animals. They usually live in the tents. When there is mo more food for their animals, they take down their tents, put them on the camels and move to 8. _______ place. The desert people are very 9. _______. No man in the desert would ever refuse to help the people in 10._______ and give them food and water.

( 9 )

The world of the out-of doors is full of secrets. And 1. ________ are so interesting that quite a lot of people are busy studying them. All around us are birds, animals, trees and flowers. The facts about 2.________ they live and grow are as interesting as anything could be.

Do you know that one of the great presidents of the United States 3 ________ hours and hours studying birds? A businessman who lives near New York City became so interested in insects(昆虫) that he began to collect them. He now has more than one thousand different kinds 4. ________ kept in the glass boxes.

Come then with me, and I will help you find some of Nature’s secrets. Let us go quietly through the woods and fields. Here we shall find how a rabbit tells the other rabbits that there is danger. We shall follow a mother bear and her young ones as they search for food and get ready for 5. ________ sleep. We shall watch bees 6. ________ in the air to let other bees know where they can find food. I will 7.________ you many other interesting things, but the 8. ________ thing that I can teach you is to keep your eyes and ears

9.________ when you go out of doors. Nature tells her secrets 10.________ to people who look and listen carefully.

( 10 )

Mr Hill arrives at London Airport, at the end of a three-week holiday in 1. ________. 相信自己! 4 弘瑞教育集团

弘瑞教育 长融街校区 专家热线69188378 Usually he wears a beard(蓄着胡须). Since it has been 2.________ there, he has taken it off (剃掉). But his passport photo shows him with his 3. ________.

An officer looks at the 4. ________for a moment, and says,"Will you excuse me? Please sit down. I shan't keep you long." With this, he walks away, shows the photo to a second 5.________, and says: "I know that face." The second officer looks at the 6. ________ and asks where Mr Hill has come from. When he hears that Mr Hill has arrived back from Paris, the 7.________ officer smiles and says: "An Englishman with a beard stole a painting in Paris on Friday, And that man looks just the kind of man..."

8.________ it comes to the first officer who Mr Hill is. He returns to him, and asks: "Did you

9. ________ at the No.2. High School?" When Mr Hill answers, 10. ________, that he did, the first officer smiles and says: "I thought so. I'm Jack Smith. You taught me French. You haven't changed a bit."

( 11 )

Thomas Edison was a great American 1.________ . When he was a child, he was always 2.________ questions and trying out new ideas. No matter 3.________ hard it was, he never gave up.

Young Tom was in school for only three months. His teacher didn’t understand why he had 4.________ many strange questions. Most of them were not about his lessons. The teacher didn’t want to teach Tom any 5.________ . He asked Tom’s mother to take the boy home. Tom’s mother taught him to read and write, and she found him 6.________ a very good pupil. He learnt very fast and became very 7.________ in science.

One day , he saw a little boy 8.________ on the railway tracks at a station. A train was coming near quiclly, and the boy was too frightened to move. Edison rushed out and carried the boy to 9 .________. The boy’s father was so 10.________ that he taught Edison to send messages by telegraph.

( 12 )

"Dreams (梦 ) may be more important than sleep. We all need to dream," some scientists say.

Dreams take up about one quarter of our 1 .________ time. People have several

2. ________each night. Dreams are like short films. They are usually in colour. Some dreams are 3. ________ old films. They come to us over and over 4. ________. That may be because the dreamer is worrying about something. Dreaming may be a way of trying to find an answer.

Some people get new ideas 5. ________ their work from dreams. They may have been 6. 相信自己! 5 弘瑞教育集团

弘瑞教育 长融街校区 专家热线69188378 ________ about their work all day. These thoughts can carry over into dreams.

Sometimes we 7. ________ with a good feeling from a dream. But often we can't remember the dream. Dreams can disappear (消失) 8. ________ from memory (记忆).

Too much dreaming can be harmful (有害的). The 9. ________ we sleep, the longer we dream. The mind is hard at work when we dream. That is 10. ________ we may have a long sleep and still wake up tired.

( 13 )

More than seven hundred years ago, the Prince of Wales had a very big and brave dog called Gelert.

One day the Prince wanted to go 1. ________ with his men. He told his 2. ________ to stay at home and look after his baby son. The baby was in a wooden cradle (摇篮), which was like a small bed.

When the Prince came back from hunting, Gelert ran out to meet his master. He wagged his

tail and jumped up to put his paws (前爪)on the Prince's chest. Then the Prince saw the blood on Gelert's jaws and head.

"What have you done?" the Prince said. He rushed into his house and 3. ________his baby son. The cradle was lying on its side on the floor. The clothes were torn and there was blood on them.

"So you have killed my son?" the Prince said angrily. "You unfaithful dog!" He took out his sword(剑) and 4. ________ the dog. Just as Gelert was 5. ________ , he managed to bark. Then the Prince heard a baby call to the dog.

The Prince ran out of the house and saw his son lying on the ground unhurt. Near him was a

dead 6. ________. Then the Prince knew that Gelert had defended(保卫) the baby and killed the wolf.

The Prince ran 7. ________ into the house but he was too late. Gelert was dead. The Prince was very sad indeed. 8. ________ ran down his face when he realized 'he had killed 9. ________faithful friend. The Prince carried the body of

his brave dog to the top of a mountain and buried him there. After this, the Prince never smiled again. Every morning at dawn, he walked up the mountain and stood by the dog's grave for a few minutes.

If you go to Mount Snowdon in Wales, people will show you where Gelert is buried. There is a sign by his grave. It 10. ________people of a brave and faithful dog.

( 14 )

相信自己! 6 弘瑞教育集团

弘瑞教育 长融街校区 专家热线69188378

Satellites Forecast the Weather

Now satellites are helping to forecast (预报) the weather. They are in space, and they can reach any part of the world. The 1.________ take pictures of the atmosphere (大气), because this is where the weather forms (形成). They send these pictures to the 2. ________ station. So the scientists there can see the weather of any part of the world and tell how the weather will change.

Today, nearly five hundred weather stations in sixty countries can 3. ________ satellite pictures. 4. ________they receive the new pictures, they compare (比较) them with the earlier ones. Perhaps they may find that the clouds have 5. ________ during the last few hours. This may mean that the weather on the ground may soon change, too. In their next weather 6. ________, they can tell people about it. So the weather satellites are of a great 7. ________ to the scientists at the station. In the past they could forecast the weather for about 24 or 48 hours 8. ________. Now they can make good forecasts for three 9 ________ five days. Soon, perhaps, they may be able to forecast the weather 10. ________ a week or more ahead.

( 15 )

now she typed(打字)the house to get some books from the library or have a meeting. She didn't like being away because she was worried about burglar(盗贼).So she was very careful. Just before leaving, she always put a full cup of coffee on the writing desk, and left the radio playing to make a burglar think someone One day she came back after a day out, and found that there was something different in her house. There was only a little 5. when she looked at her computer, she saw it was 6. , and someone had typed in a new story. She had no idea who had got in, or how, because none of the doors or windows was broken. Then she sat down to read the story. To her surprise, it was a very good one. book!" she said 8 The next month she had to go to London. She put a cup of coffee and a plate of

sandwiches on the desk. When she returned, the coffee and the sandwiches had

9. .She ran to the computer. This time there was only a 10. screen(屏幕)."IT'S NOT YOUR STORY.IT'S MINE!" it said.

( 16 )

相信自己! 7 弘瑞教育集团

弘瑞教育 长融街校区 专家热线69188378

Tom lived a way from town. One day he went into town to buy something in the shop,

and after he bought 1. ________ he wanted, he went into a restaurant and sat 2 .

________ at the table. When he looked round, he saw some old people 3. ________

eyeglasses on before 4. ________ their books, so after lunch he went to a shop to buy 5.

________, too. He walked along the road, and soon found a 6. ________.

The man in the shop made him 7. ________ on a lot of glasses, but each time Tom said,

“ No, I can’t read with these. ”

The man became 8 . ________ and more puzzled (困惑) . At last he said, “ Excuse

me, but 9. ________ you read at all?”

“ No, I can’t! ” Tom said, “10. ________ I can read, do you think I will come here to

buy glasses? ”

( 17 )

birthday present. The shop wanted $ 20 for a special design a

T-shirt, so I decided to do it . I bought a white cotton T-shirt $6 and some paints, and I painted a lion on the front. My brother loved it!

Painting T-shirts is great fun. You be a great artist, you can just paint

shapes and lines. The T-shirts are the expensive part of my hobby. Also you have to use special fabric paints and you need to buy good quality brushes.

I love my hobby I can make T-shirts that no-one else has. I give a lot of

them away presents to my family and friends. Sometimes, I sell them. Since I started, I’ve about 60 T-shirts and each one is different.

( 18 )

B: Yes, I’m afraid I my handbag on the taxi this morning!

A: What’s the handbag?

B: About 5000 yuan.


B: Yes, my ID card, I think.

相信自己! 8


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A: By the way, have you for the taxi ticket?

is 3456789.

A: Well, I’ll help you to call the taxi . ( Knocking at the door)

B: Come in, please.

A: Good morning, sir. I found this handbag on my taxi and I it here. There’s

much money

B: Thank you very much. (turning to the woman). Is this your handbag?

A: Yes, it’s . Thank goodness! a kind man! Thank you.

( 19 )

Have you ever been the world,

this park is a fantastic place for them to have fun. When we young, we all have heard Mickey Mouse, Sleeping beauty, Snow White and many Disney characters. Some of us have seen them in cartoons. Actually, you can go to see them all in a theme park. Now, there are four Disneyland amusement parks all over the world. Two are in the United States, one is in Tokyo, and the

is in France. There are not only some amusement attractions there , also many specials with

Disney characters. In Disneyland, you can have a lot of fun watching Disney movies,

in Disney restaurants, and buying Disney

( 20 )

Do you want to be healthier? Then go it’s easy to keep fit.

1) Eat all kinds of foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

You may have a favourite kind of food, but the best is to eat as many

kinds as possible. If you eat foods, you’re more likely to get the nutrients your body needs . Taste new foods that you tried before. Some foods, such as green vegetables, are very important. Have five servings(份) of fruits and three vegetables.

2) Drink water and milk often.

When you are really , cold water is the No. 1 choice. Kids need

calcium(钙) to grow strong, and milk is a great source of this mineral (矿物质) . How much do children ? About three glasses of milk every day.

相信自己! 9 弘瑞教育集团

弘瑞教育 长融街校区 专家热线69188378

3) Limit screen time.

What’s screen time? It’s the

computer games, and using the computer. If you spend much time activities, you may have less time left to take , such as playing basketball, bicycling, and swimming.

( 21 )

I went on a camping trip in the mountains with my classmate. After hiking all day, we

A good place to camp for the whole night. We make a campfire so that we can cook our . We roasted some hot dogs and potatoes and some lemonade.

When it got , we told ghost stories by sitting the campfire.

Later when we lay down to go to , we listened to the sounds of

crickets(蟋蟀) and some moving around in the grass. We there

were some ghosts nearby. “ What?” we asked. “ I think I hear someone walking in the

woods. ” Kathy said. Soon we all footsteps and we were all so that we couldn’t go to sleep.

Of course, there was no one there, but we have very active imagination(想象


( 22 )

A: What are you going to do next weekend?

B: I have no . What about you?

A: I don’t know. Do you want to do something me?

B: Sure. What do you want to do?

A: How about fishing on Saturday?

B: OK. are we going to meet?

A: Let’s meet at my house. My father has a boat. He can us fishing on the


B: What time shall we leave?

A: Let’s leave at 5: 30 in the . Fishing is good at that time.

B: So early? Can we it a little later?

A: Well, no . What about 6:00?

B: Great. We are sure to ourselves. you at 6:00 on Saturday


A: OK. Bye!

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