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A) 根据句意及所给首字母,完成单词(每题1分,共5分) 1. I need a room with windows f_____ the sea.

2. We have little money, so we should make fund r_____. 3. A s_____ room with double beds costs¥160. 4. Maria looked t_____ the east and smiled. 5. Riding bikes can a_____ air pollution.

B) 根据句意及所给汉语意思,完成句子(每题1分,共5分) 1. Don’t forget to _____ _____ _____(注意) the rules.

2. Some students _____ _____ _____(想出) creative ideas to learn English.

3. We arrived _____ _____ _____ ______(在??山脚下)Mount Tai at 5:00 p.m. yesterday. 4. They _____ _____ _____ (做出决定) together yesterday. 5. I have some _____ _____ (令人兴奋的消息) to tell you. ( ) 1. She wants ______ a doctor when she grows up.

A. to be

B. are

C. is

( ) 2. — I’m going to the post office.

— _____ you’re there, can you get me some stamps? A. As

B. While

C. Because C. turn down. C. a two –week C. to live in C. be host C. stopped C. to C. sold


( ) 3. When there is a sharp turn, your bike must _____.

A. slow down A. two weeks A. live

B. speed up B. two-week B. to live B. stops B. stops B. for

( ) 4. The Greens family will have _____ holiday in China. ( ) 5. They really need a house _____.

( ) 6. We are looking forward to ______ the Beijing Olympics.

A. host A. stop A. so

( ) 7. If the rain ______, we’ll go for a walk.

( ) 8. It’s too far for walking, ______ we’d better take a taxi. ( ) 9. I think the most exciting way is ______ flowers in the evening.

A. to sell — ______ A. It’s a pleasure.

B. We were busy.

C. Good idea.

B. selling

( ) 10. — Let’s visit the island next Saturday.

( ) 11.Maybe I watched the play many years ago, but I can ______ remember it.

A. hardly

B. really B. think of

C. easy C. make sure C. slowly enough C. book, books C. less

( ) 12. Please look over your paper carefully to ______ there are no mistakes.

A. find out A. fast enough A. book, book A. more

( ) 13. Don’t worry, sir. I’m sure I can run ______ to catch up with them.

B. enough fast B. books, book B. least

( ) 14. There are two English _____, and I want to ______ another two. ( ) 15. Bike needs ______ space than cars.

Ⅲ.句型转换:按要求完成下列句子(5分) 1. It’s very hard to work out the math problem.(同义句)

______ ______ ______ the math problem is very har.

2. I would like to come to China for my vacation. (改为一般疑问句) ______ ______ like to come to China for ______ vacation. 3. How about taking him to the Ming Tombs? (作肯定回答) ______ ______!

4. Maria has to finish her homework first. (否定句) Maria ______ ______ to finish her homework first.

5. We can explore the graves of ancient Chinese emperors.(就划线部分提问) ______ ______ we explore?


or, slow down, wear, happy, follow, both, take care, side, through, stop pedestrian has as many rules to as the driver of car. You should walk at the sidewalk or at the of the road. Always look carefully before you walk across the street.

If you ride a bike, don’ red traffic lights. When you ride a bike with a friend, don’t look around to talk. If you drive, you should at the traffic lights. You must always a seat belt(安全带). Without belts the driver and the passengers may be badly hurt in a sudden accident. Someone may be thrown out through the window.

You may not need to drive a bus, but if you have to travel in one. Get in or get off a bus only when it has come to a ’t try to get inside you may fall off.

Ⅴ. 补全对话(5分)

A: Hello, Dong Fang Hotel. B: Yes, A: We have rooms with bathtub, TV, air conditioning and fridge. B: That’s nice. And

A: A standard room with double beds costs ¥120 and a room with a single bed costs ¥100.

B: I want to book 3 rooms with double beds and one room with single bed. A: And your name? B: I’m Li Weijing. Thank you. A. Could you help me? B. It’s quiet here, too.

C. Please pay for the rooms before 17∶30. D. How many tickets do you want to book? E. What can I do for you? F. What about the price? G. I want to book some rooms.

1.________ 2.________


3.________ 5.________


Someone says, “Time is money.” But I think time is important than money. Why? Because when money spent, we can get it back. However, when time is , it’ll never we mustn’t waste time.

It goes without saying that the is usually limited(有限的). Even a second is very important. We should make full use of our time to do useful.

But it is a pity that there are a lot of people who know the importance of time. They spent their limited time smoking, drinking, and playing. They do not know that wasting time .

In a word, we should save time. We shouldn’t today’s work for tomorrow. Remember we have no time to . ( ) 1. A. much ( ) 2. A. cost ( ) 4. A. what

( ) 3. A. return ( ) 5. A. money ( ) 6. A. nothing ( ) 7. A. do not ( ) 8. A. time ( ) 9. A. stop ( ) 10. A. lose

B. less

C. much less C. gone C. take C. because C. day

C. anything C. did not C. money C. let

C. spend

D. even more D. finished D. bring D. why D. food D. everything D. do D. life D. give D. take

B. bought B. carry B. that

B. time B. does not B. food B. leave B. save


B. something

Football is, I think, the most popular sport in the world today. One can go to any of the , shouting for one side or the . One of the most about football is that a small boy can tell you the names of the in most of the important teams. He has pictures of them and knows the result of lots of matches.

own football game.

In 1863, a group of people met in England to this. These rules are the today’s.

Now teams from all over the world take part in the famous World Cup. It is every four years to see which is the best.

( ) 1. A. teams ( ) 2. A. same ( ) 4. A. only ( ) 6. A. So ( ) 7. A. their changing

( ) 9. A. difference ( ) 10. A. held

B. different B. holding


A Road Sign

C. same C. to hold

D. same as D. to be held

( ) 3. A. surprise ( ) 5. A. players

B. matches B. team B. just B. But B. it’s

C. cities C. other C. ever C. Then C. it

C. changed

D. places D. players D. surprised D. even D. boxers D. And D. its D.


B. surprising B. runners

C. to surprise C. swimmers

( ) 8. A. change B. changing


( ) 1. The road sign was put up on the road in roder to _______ .

A. make people know that the bridge ahead was being rebuilt B. tell people to be careful while crossing A. tell people to go another way

( ) 2. Why did the man decide to go on when he saw the road sign?

Because _______ .

A. he didn’t see the words on the road sign B. he thought the sign was a kind of joke C. there was another way ahead

( ) 3. The man had to turn back because _______ .

A. he saw the words on the sign’s back side

B. he didn’t want to go to that town any more

C. the bridge was broken

( ) 4. What’s on the road sign’s back side?




( ) 5. Which of the following is wrong?

A. The words on the sign were written in capital letters.

B. There was something wrong with the bridge.

C. The road sign was a kind of joke.



One day when he was crossing the road, Tom was hit by a car. He fell down and broke his arm.

An ambulance(救护车)soon arrived and took Tom to a hospital. A doctor operated on(动手术)his arm and put the arm in a plaster cast(上石膏). Tom could not move it at all.

“You must keep your arm in a cast for six weeks.” the doctor said, “That would give the broken arm a chance to heal(愈合).”

At the end of the six weeks, Tom went back to the hospital. The doctor cut the cast with a large saw(锯)and took the arm out of the cast.

“Will I be able to play the piano?”Tom asked.

The doctor smiled. “Of course, you will.” he said, “You’ll have no problem.” “That is good news.” Tom said, “Because I couldn’t play it at all before.”

( ) 1. How did Tom break his arm?

A. He fell off a tree.

B. He broke it while playing football.

C. He was hit by a car on the road.

( ) 2. How long did he have to keep the arm in the plaster cast?

A. About 40 days.

B. Only for a few days.

C. Almost half a year.

( ) 3. What did the doctor tell Tom to do after the cast was taken off?

A. He asked him not to move his arm.

B. He asked him to exercise the arm.

C. He asked him to play the piano.

( ) 4. Why was Tom pleased?

A. He thought he would be able to play the piano.

B. The doctor would tell him how to play the piano.

C. The driver would give him a piano as a present.

( )5. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. The cast was so hard that the doctor had to cut it open with a special tool.

B. Tom liked playing the piano but he didn’t know how to play it.

C. An operation on Tom’s arm made him be able to play the piano.



Do you remember your dreams? Do people have the same dreams? Why do we dream? There are many questions about dreams. We dream during the REM(rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. We have about five periods of REM sleep during the night. The first REM cycle(周期) lasts about 10 minutes. As the night goes on, the REM cycle gets longer. By early morning, the REM cycle can last up to 90 minutes. Usually, it is in this last REM cycle that we remember our dreams.

It is reported that too much dreaming is bad for our health. The more we sleep, the longer we dream. The mind is hard at work. That is why we may have a long sleep and still feel tired when we wake up.

( ) 1. We dream during the REM stage of sleep.

( ) 2. Children aged eight or nine have the same dremas as people aged thirty.

( ) 3. All the dreams are usually in colour like films.

( ) 4. The longer we dream, the better we sleep.

( ) 5. The passage above is talking about dreams.







Ⅰ. A) 1. facing 2. raising 3. standard 4. towards 5. avoid

B) 1. pay attention to 2. come up with 3. at the foot of 4. made a decision 5. exciting


3. A slow down减速,speed up 加速,turn down拒绝, turn up 到达,根据a sharp turn


4. C

9. A so sell作表语

10. C 根据上下文,用C才符合上下文语境

11. A 此题前后是转折关系,可推测出用hardly

12. C find out 表示“找出,查明真相”, 后面跟从句,think of表示“认为”, 后面跟

名词或V-ing, make sure 表示“确保、确信” 后面跟that引导的从句,try out 表示“想出”,后面跟名词

13. A 该题考查enough修饰形容词或副词的用法,根据句子意思,应用fast,且enough


14. B 第一个book是名词“书”, 第二个book是动词“定购”

15.C 根据自行车和小轿车的形状大小判断,排除答案A,由“than”判断,答案是


Ⅴ. 1. E 2. G 3. B 4. F 5. C

Ⅵ. 1. D 指金钱比时间更重要,从下文可知

2. C time is gone 俗语,时光流逝

3. A 回来,倒流

4. D 不能浪费时间的原因

5. B 时间是有限的

6. B 肯定句,省用的东西

7. A 一般现在时,不知时间的重要性,don’t

8. D 浪费时间就是流费生命 9. B 指不应留下今天的工作到明天做 10. A 指浪费 2. B Because “he looked ahead and saw nothing wrong at all.” 3. C 4. C “he saw these words on its back side …” 5. C 2. C 由每条信息的第四行比较可知

3. A 查找可知该温度下Portland 是八月底九月初,此时位于南半球的New

Zealand 应该是冬季 Ⅶ. (A) 1. C (B) 1. B 由每条信息的第三行比较可知

4. A 通过查询第四条信息的倒数第三行Typical foods crabs, beef, prawn用排除可 5. D 由第三条信息的倒数第于行Popular sports: tennis, fishing, hiking 可知。 以得出 (C) 1. T 2. F 3. F 4. F 5.T

Sunny Oct. 1 Friday Ⅷ.

I went to the Great Wall by bus with my parents. I also brought some food and drinks. When I stood on the top of the Great Wall, I thought of the long history of it. My father told me something about the Great Wall. I met a lot of foreign friends. I had a good time.


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