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【2013-2014学年新版】广东清新区“激活课堂、先学后导”课改学案:八年级英语上册Unit3 Topic3 Section B

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Topic 3 Section B


1.Learn some new words and phrases:

agree, so-so, pleasant, agree with sb., brave ,useful

2. Learn some useful sentences:

(1)I thought it was just so-so. (2)I thought he was very brave!

(3) It’s nothing serious. (4) Miss Wang was angry with me.

3. Go on learning the past continuous tense:

—What were you doing at this time last night?

—I was watching a Harry Potter movie.

4. Learn to express agreement and disagreement:

—I think classical music is pleasant.

— I agree with you. / No, I don’t think so. I think it’s too serious.

5. Learn reading phonetic /l/ /n/ , /n/ /?/ and can spell word corresponding example.

Pay attention to English pronunciation even to read.



1) pleasant 2) 勇敢的 3)一般,不怎么样 4)有用的


1) 看电影______________________ 2) 同意某人的看法_________________________

3) I think so.____________________ 4) 我不认为是这样_________________________


1) Isn’t it interesting?

2) I agree with you. / I think so.

3) I don’t agree. / I don’t think so. I think it is just so-so.

4) You are quite right.



2)We discussed for about hours . Finally, We all _________ with each other on that plan.

3) I really enjoy the music. It sounds so ___________.

4) I think Harry Potter is cute and he is very ______________ .


( ) 1. —Who can tell me what Tina was doing from 4:00 to 6:00 yesterday


—She ____.

A. is watching a movie B. was watching a movie

C. watched a movie D. watches a movie

( ) 2. —What did you do last night ? — I _____ TV with my friends.

A. watches B. watch C. am watching D. watched

( ) 3. — I think classical music is pleasant. —______ . I often listen to it.

A. No, it doesn’t. B. I agree with you. C. Yes, it does. D. No, I think


( ) 4. I_____ Jack _____ playing in the garden. He ____ teaching himself at that time.

A. think, wasn’t, was B. don’t think, wasn’t, was

C. don’t think, was, was D. think, was, was

( ) 5. —Didn’t he go to the corner yesterday ?

—____. He had to look after his baby at home.

A. No, he didn’t B. Yes, he did C. No, he did D. Yes, he didn’t

四、复习自测: 补全对话


Maria: I was watching the movie, Harry Potter.

Jane: Maria: I don’t agree. It’s terrible.


Maria: No, I don’ Jane: I agree with you. Do you like Harry Potter? I think he is very brave!

Maria: Yes, he is handsome, too.


1.___________ 2.______________ 3.____________ 4. _______________ 5.______________


1. watch a movie = see a film看电影

2. I agree./I think so. 我同意

3. I don’t agree./ I don’t think so. 我不同意

4. Isn’t it interesting? 否定疑问句,表示肯定意义,特别应注意其回答方式。 e.g. ---- Isn’t it beautiful ? ---- Yes, it is . 不,它漂亮。---- No, it isn’t . 是的,它不漂亮。

5. A: I think classical music is pleasant. 我认为古典音乐令人愉快。

B: I agree with you. / 我同意你的观点。/

No, I don’t think so. I think it’s too serious. 不,我不认为这样。我认为它太严肃了。

“pleasant” 是形容词,意思为“令人愉快的”,其名词形式是pleasure意为“愉快”。 e.g. It’s a pleasant trip.

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