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八年级英语上册Unit1---- 3试卷 ( ) 1.“What are you going to buy?”“I’m going to buy ______ bananas.” A. a little B. a few C. little D. few ( )2. Are you late for class? ________. A.Yes, never B.Yes, sometimes C.No, ever D.No, usually ( )3. She looks______, because she has a_____vacation. A. relaxed , relaxed B. relaxing ,relaxing C. relaxed, relaxing D. relaxing ,relaxed, ( ) 4.You ___ be late for school again next time. A. mustn't B. needn't C. don't have to D. don't need to ( ) 5.He tries _____ English. And he practices _____ English every day. A.to learn, to speak B.learning, speaking C.to learn, speaking D.learning, to speak ( )6.____ it is rainy today, ____ he still works outside. A.Although, but B.But, although C./, although D.Although, / ( )7.________ she ________ a headache? I think she should see a doctor. A.Does,have B.Does,has C.Does,got D.Has,have ( )8.He shouldn’t eat ___ for 24 hours. A.something B.nothing C.anything D.many food ( )9. Would you like to go boating with us? -Yes, ___. A. I'd like B. I want C. I'd like to D. I do ( )10.______ did you stay in Tibet? ----For only a week. A. How often B. How long C. How D. When ( )11. -I feel stressed out. I have so much work to do every day. -You'd better not work too hard. It's good for you to take some________, I think. A. health B. exercise C. lesson D. work ( )12.-May I ask you ___questions? -Of course. A. that B. much C. some D. a little ( ) 13. There is ________with the recorder. A. anything wrong B. wrong anything C. something wrong D. wrong something ( ) 14. Susan often forgets ________her English book. A. bring B. brought C. is bringing D. to bring ( )15.He ________stay at home and look after his mother yesterday. A. needed to B. must C. have to D. has to ( )16.I often ____ my homework after my supper, but yesterday evening I ____TV. A. do, watch B. did, watched C. did, watch. D. do, watched. ( )17. Tom with his brother ____ playing football very much. A. like B. likes C. liking D. are liking

( )18. A lot of vegetables can help you to keep ____ good health.

A. in B. to C. with D. for

( )19. ____ is very interesting ____ in the river in summer.

A. It, to swim B. That, to swim C. It, swim D. This, swim

( )20. I don't like drinking tea ____ milk.

A. have B. to C. with D. for

( )21. The girl ____ to bed until very late last night.

A. went B. go C. didn't go D. don't go

( )22. I have ____ to do today. A. anything important B. something important C. important nothing D. important something ( )23. What’s the matter with you? -I had ______cold and had to stay in

_____bed . A. a, a B. the ,the C. a,/ D./, a

( )24. You are too tired .You _____rest and ______go to work . A .should ,should B. shouldn’t ,shouldn’t C. should , shouldn’t D. shouldn’t should

( )25.He likes reading ____ and he has _____books. A. a lot, a lot. B. lots of, a lot C. a lot, lot of D. a lot, a lot of

( )26._____ can I keep the dictionary? ---A week. A. How soon B. How long C. How often D. How far

( )27.Watching TV too much is not good __ your eyes. A. at B. to C. for D. with ( )28.I'm not feeling _____. A. good B. so C. well D. best ( )29.Robert often asks us _____ his Chinese. A. to help with

B. to help him with C. help him D. helps him with ( )30. You ____ finish your homework before you go to play. A. should B. can C. shouldn't D. may ( ) 31. --- do you shop? ---I shop every week. A. How many B. How much C. How often D. How far ( ) 32. He’s ill. He must go to ______ a doctor in the hospital. A. look B. watch C. see D. read

( ) 33. The woman is ____fat because he eats ___ junk food. A. much too, too much B. much too, much too C. too much, too much D. too much, much too

( ) 34. He is going camping ______ 6:00______ the morning of July 21st . A. in; on B. on; at C. at; on D. at; in

( ) 35. They eat many but little A. vegetable; meat 10. Let me ______ ( help ) you.

B. vegetables; meats C. vegetable; meats D. vegetables; meat 11.The Greens enjoy ________(live)in China. ( ) 36. It’s important ______ a lot of water when you have a cold. 12.He________(go) fishing this week.

A. to drink B. drink C. drinking D. for drinking 13. This bike is ____________________(difference)from that one

( )37. I can’t wait ______ my new bike—my birthday present from my parents. 14. The children have fun _____________(play)games in the park .

A. to see B. see C. to seeing D. seeing ( ) 38. Is her lifestyle _______ yours or different? A. the same B. the same as C. same as D. the same to ( ) 39. He wasn’t feeling well. He had to ______. A. stops working B. stop working C. stops to work D. stop to work ( ) 40. ---My mother is ill in hospital. ---______. A. What’s the matter? B. I’m sorry to hear that. C. I’m not feeling well. D. She’ll be all right soon. ( ) 41. Only ____girls can dance well in our class. A. a few B. a little C. little D .few ( ) 42..---______? ---I have a sore throat, doctor. A. What wrong with you B. What’s matter with you C. What’s the matter D. What’s your question ( ) 43. –--Do you have any plans for your summer vacation? ---I am ______ for London next Sunday. A. going to B. leaving C. will go D. will leave ( ) 44. You shouldn’t drink ______water before sleep. A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too ( ) 45. I often spend one hour and a half ______ my homework. A. do B. doing C. to do D. did ( ) 46.______ vegetables ______good for you. A. Eat, are B. Eating, are C. Eating, is D. Eat, is 二.用括号内所给词的适当形式填空(5分) 1. I have a ______ ( 头痛 ) , so I should see a doctor . 2.I am going to have a long summer ____________ (假期). 3.She often ________ ( 锻炼 ) on weekends .

4.He goes to the south to ____________(探望)his uncle.

5.I think going ____________ (野营)in the forest is a good activity. 6. We walk with our l________.

7. Yesterday I had a bad c________, so I didn’t go to sc 8.They ______(come ) to China two months ago. 9.______ he ______ ( tell ) you a story last Sunday?

15. Molly is going __________(camp)for his summer holiday. 16. Who is the ___________(health)one in your family ?

17. Jim goes swimming _____________( two )a month 18. Look! Lucy and Lily ______ (run) on the playground.

19. Everybody ________ (get) angry or happy sometimes

20. Can you find any ______ (different) between this photo and that one? 21. I think everyone has two ______ (foot). 22. They _______ (go) to visit their grandparents last Sunday.

23. Sue__________ (clean) the windows every day. 24. It’s easy _______(stay) healthy. 25. Here are the ______ (result) of the student activity survey. 26. Please be quiet! My parents _______ (sleep). 27. It is good for us to eat more green ______ (vegetable 句型转换56. Mary eats junk food twice a week. (划线提问) _____ _____ does Mary eat junk food?

57. What's wrong with Bill? (同义句) What’s

58. He leaves for school early every morning. (同义句) He _____ ______ school early every morning.

59. We enjoyed ourselves at the party last night. (同义句) We ______ ______ at the party last night 划线提问) is she for vacation?

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