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1、link-v +adj.而不是adv.


3、感官系动词+like +n.

4、同义句转换:seem, appear, keep


1. —What is Mr. Wang like? —____.

A. He is a teacher B. He is old and kind C. He looks like a balloon D. He likes English

2. What Mr. White said sounds____. A. friendly B. wonderfully C. carefully D. seriously

3. The poor boy ____ blind at the age of three. A. turned B. goes C. became D. went

4.These apples taste_____. A. to he good B. to be well C. well D. good

5.. —Do you like the shirt? —Yes, it ____ very soft. A. feels B. felt C. is feeling D. is felt

6. The moment Mr. Zhang went to bed, he____ asleep. A. kept B. got C. fell D. fall

7.When I went home yesterday, it was ____ dark. A. going B. getting C. running D. coming

8. She____ like her mother in character. A. looks B. seems C. is D. feels

9. He ____ much younger than he really is. A. looks B. turns C. gets D. seems

10. His wish to become a driver has ____true. A. turned B. realized C. come D. grown 系动词的固定搭配。常见的有come true, fall asleep, fall ill/asleep, go bad/mad,等。

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