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复习四:adj.and adv.的比较级

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复习四:adj.和 adv.的比较级



(一)、adj.和 adv.的比较级的完整结构(4个)

1、adj./adv -er + than 2、more +adj./adv(多音节) 3、less +adj./adv(多音节) 4、as +adj./adv(原级)+as


1、num.+ adj.或 adv.的比较级的完整结构(分数;百分数;倍数;基数词+n)

2、adv. + adj.或 adv.的比较级的完整结构 (much ; a little ;a bit ;a lot ;still; even ;far; any ;no)


1、比较级+and +比较级 2、the +比较级, the +比较级.


*代替前面物体的名词: 1、that 物,单数或不可数名词 2、one 人或物 单数或复数 3、those 物 复数


1、more 2、less 3、fewer

(六)、特指二者中较……(表强调)公式:the +比较级+of the two


1、Which is _________ (heavy), a hen or a chicken?

2、He is ______ (bad) at learning maths. He is much _______ (bad) at Chinese and he is the_________ (bad) at English. 3、A dictionary is much (expensive) than a story-book.

4、An orange ia a little ______ (big) than an apple, but much ________ (small) than a watermelon.

5、My room is not as _________ (big) as my brother' s.

6、Saturday is my _________ (busy) day in a week. 7、Her mother is getting _______(fat) and ______ (fat).

8、I think it' s too expensive. I' d like a _____________ (cheap) one.

9、Your classroom is __________(wide) and ___________(bright) than ours.

10、Winter is _________ season of the years. (cold) 11、There are _______ boys than girls in our class. (few)

12、Now his life is becoming ________ and _____. (difficult)


1、This book is____ that one, but____ than that one.

A. as difficult as; expensive B. as more difficult as; more expensive

C. as difficult as; more expensive D. more difficult as; as expensive

2、than Japanese.

A. much important B. important C. much more important D. more much important

3、My mother is no ___ young. A. shorter B. longer C. little D. few

4、Mrs Black has got____ instead of getting any better.

A. more bad B. a little worse C. much badly D. a lot of worse

5、The earth is about____ as the moon.

A. as fifty time big B. fifty times as big C. as big fifty times D. fifty as times big

6、Your room is than mine.

A. three time big B. three times big C. three times bigger D. bigger three times

7、His father is____than his mother. ;

A. older four years B. as four years older C. four years older D. bigger four years

8、Maths is more popular than____.A. any other subject B. all the subjects C. any subject D. other subject 9、11、 ___ he read the book, ____ he got in it. A. The more; the more interestingB. The less; the more interesting

C. The more; the more interested D. More; more interested

10、 At last he began to cry . A. hard and hard B. more hard and more hard

C. harder and harder D. less hard and less harder

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